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note to self…

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Next time you think it’s clever and a fun challenge to make an almost impossible deadlines for yourself THINK again!  It is neither clever nor fun!!! 

Next time you get to go to bed at a decent hour and not wake up at 6:00 a.m. to start working again be HAPPY!

Next time you open the computer for something other than work ENJOY it!!!

It’s been a crazy hectic week.  I decided to say I would have a batch of spill plans done by the end of the week.  I am on the last few and have to head to the office to print them sometime today after I finish up. 

I put a pork tenderloin (2 actually) in the slow cooker with a couple of sliced onions and a can of cream of mush soup tuesday.  I came home tues. night and made rice … grabbed some salads at mazzios.  Wednesday there was lots left so I made mashed pot. quickly and picked up a veggie tray and a baguette from Panera… Thursday there was still some left so I chopped it and added bbq sauce.  We had it with nachos and veggies.  Matt and I are both doing the one meal a day diet plan so dinner is important to us both 🙂 …  I’m kinda sad it’s all gone, it has been a good food week.  I bought a package of steak-ums at the store and am going to make them tonight after I do a phenphedrine review.

Izzy is doing good this week.  She’s been going to school at 11 a.m. to slowly increase her time there.  She loves school and has had lots of happy days this week with her friends.  I’ve been told she has new friends all the time, but her first grade friend Grace is her best friend. 

Matt’s taking me to the Melting Pot tomorrow.  I have wanted to go there for a long time so that will be exciting.  I am going to try to only do a little work this weekend and get things caught up around home…

my day.

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Started with a very unfortunate computer accident.  I had a spill plan with a “superclip” attached sitting inside my laptop.  I reached for the computer to do some proofing of my work and heard a pop.  Not good.  The superclip had slipped under the screen and when I lifted it, the screen busted.  As in can’t see the screen at all.  As in broken computer.  Mom saved the day on that one… she brought her laptop down for me to work on.  I had backed up all my work up until Saturday night so only lost access to four very hard to do cads.  Mom and dad dropped my computer off at the computer repair place along with my instructions to PLEASE retrieve my data.

Emelia missed the bus because she was busy trying to get eyeliner on her eyes.  Yes, eyeliner and yes, she is still only eleven years old.  I know.  Ugh. 

I got Izzy fed and ready for school, showered and dressed, gathered up my work and got files installed on mom’s laptop… took Izzy to school.

Drove across town to work… Printed the spill plans I completed over the weekend. 

Drove to Office Depot for supplies to finish processing the spill plans, the bank for work stuff, and then to the computer place to pick up my flash drive that has my documents.  Raced back to pick up my work and headed home.  I brought home eight facility specifics to CAD and process spill plans for.

Stopped on the way home when I noticed my low fuel light shining brightly. 

Came in and warmed up some corn casserole and carrots, made crescent rolls and enjoyed the taco chicken mom dropped off along with yummy cookies. 

Drove to Walmart with Amanda to stock up on her weight watcher necessity food:  nutrigrain ww blueberry waffles, coke zero, baked chips, and beans so I can make them tomorrow with the leftover ham.  I saw our old friends Marv and Yanni at Walmart.  I haven’t seen them in forever!  I loved catching up and hope we get to see them again soon.  Their neighborhood was greatly affected by the fire.  A lot of their neighbors lost their homes, and they spent the evening watering hot spots in the back of their house.  They lost Yanni’s very beautiful flower garden, but feel thankful that they didn’t lose their home.  Yanni wrecked her car trying to evacuate the neighborhood.  What a mess. Did a post for Westgate.

Came home and quickly changed into my sweats, went to the park for a walk with matt…

Came home and cleaned the kitchen, dishes, did load of laundry, fixed izzy’s food, bathed the dog (princess) and now am going to feed iz and start working to get these spill plans done asap. 

What did you do today???

saturday stuff…

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Dad’s brother Bill died today.  I remember spending weeks at a time in the Summers at Bill & Jean’s house with my cousin Janet.  They live in a small town that was safe enough to walk to the public pool three times a day and to the store.  We would eat, swim, eat, swim, eat and swim more.  So much fun.  What I wouldn’t give for a week like that now.  You take those carefree times for granted when you are free of responsibility.  Too bad.  My aunt Jean is a retired 2nd grade school teacher and is seriously one of the sweetest ladies… reminds me a lot of Matt’s grandmother (Marmar). 

We’ve had lots of things to get done today.  Matt did some maintenance on my suburban.  We planted our seedlings in the square foot garden… and I had noticed the bathroom in our bedroom had some kind of water leak so Matt removed the toilet, found the problem, and after many trips (made by me) to the lumber store is fixed.  Matt got the yard mowed too. Very productive day.  Me & Izzy are under the weather today but still plugging along.  I got a call from Sean (the oil guy I work for) telling me that 35 spill plans are due by the end of the week.  After almost being sick, then hyperventilating, I have wrapped my brain around it and it will be fine.  I hope.  This on top of cads and topos for each of those 35 all in one week!!!!  I also have billing to do for about 30 other facilities in Kansas so I’m thinking I will get zero recreational computer time next week.  UGH.  I hope I can get it all done.

Our church is having a play tomorrow.  Amanda, Bailey and Emelia are all in it.  I look forward to seeing it!  I imagine it will be work right after church.  I made a batch of chili and spaghetti today.  The spaghetti will be lunch tomorrow with garlic toast.  I also made another big batch of brocolli, cauliflour salad.  We had frito chili pie for our meal today.  I’ve been eating one meal a day lately… I bought some peanut butter cookie dough from a girl at church so I scooped out a pan of cookies and topped each with a hershey square of chocolate.  I’m skipping the cookies, but they look delish.


We are officially on strike watch tonight at midnight.  It’s rumored they will call a strike (AT&T/Matt’s employer) tonight.  I’m not worried.  I just really hope they resolve the contract negotiations quickly and everything works out.  Like always I know everything is in God’s hands and He takes care of us.  I think to strike now with the current economic status would be crazy and frankly if I were CEO of ATT considering his ridiculous salary I would want to stay off the radar! 

That’s all for now, what’s new in your world?

stop this crazy ride…

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

No… I enjoy the ride, it’s just busy.  I took Izzy with me to work yesterday because we were preparing for some out of town work and I needed to be away longer than the usual couple of afternoon hours.  We were able to get several things done and today I am left here with tons of work to keep busy with.  Izzy did good with me and I think enjoyed the change of scenery.  Today was pt conf. day so I went and finished up things and raced back to enroll bailey in HIGH SCHOOL!  Yikes! 

We took a brisk walk at the park after dinner.  Don’t think I need a diet supplement.

Did I mention I have tons of work to do?  To begin with I have to figure out some billing stuff since I am now the sole book keeper.  Somehow the funds were deposited into the operating account only and I paid out a lot of things from the expense account.  So, although I completed a signature form it hadn’t been posted as of today and I couldn’t tranfer funds.  That’s my priority for first thing in the morning.  UGH!  I have to drive to the bank across town to also make another deposit and do some other business things… and then spend the afternoon trying to process my first spill plan all by my little self.  I have about 100 to do… in the next two weeks.  They are 20 pages each.  Can you say PANIC?  I am about there…not to mention I have to do the cads and topos for each facility (100).  I am considering hiring amanda to do cads and bailey to do topos, but am not sure training them would save time in the long run?  I’ll have to just do what I can do.  I also need to go back to the office and get the files sorted out while “he” is out of town for the week.  This is just the tip of the work stuff… I hope I can keep up and get it done.  More than that, I hope I can do a good job and keep it all together.  It’s slightly distracting all the other things going on called LIFE so I really have to make myself concentrate.  I didn’t exactly ask for this new responsibility, it sorta just happened and I will do my best to rise to the occasion.  Matt’s employer (ATT) is having contract renegotiations now, and there is a pretty big possibility of a strike in the near future. 

So, that’s what’s going on here…


Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I’ve been a little busy lately… the oil spill plan business has taken a different turn and I’ve been in the trenches trying to help get things going which has meant a lot of computer work! This makes it almost impossible to do fun computer stuff because of time and other things that need to be done… but it should get better soon and it is a blessing because I can do it on my own schedule and a lot of it at home.

Spring Break is over. A blink and we will be entering Summer break! Time is going faster and faster. As the end of this school year comes closer and closer I am amazed to realize I have a daughter graduating from high school. I’m so proud of her. She is really a great girl in every way!

We started our plantings for the square foot garden. They are all sprouting well, I’m excited to see how it produces. We’ve planted tons of good stuff!

Obama spoke tonight which pre-empted Biggest Loser and AI. UGH!

I’ve spent the past two afternoons working, and hopefully will be able to stay home tomorrow and catch up around here.

We’ve been walking, I went running a few times… but my heel/ankle injury from falling really hurts to run (or walk) on! We walked forever tonight. I’m pooped!

That’s all for now.