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wordy wednesday

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

So yesterday was the funeral I mentioned. Matt took off work to go to the funeral. He got to know Louis while we were dating and then in the early years of our marriage. He was instrumental in Matt’s baptism, and Matt really thought a lot of him. The funeral was short. And sweet. I only got upset once during the funeral during congregational singing of the song, “His Grace Reaches Me.” I remembered somewhere in my mind that Louis loved that song.

I had a funny memory of Louis in my mind during that song … We (the youth group and several sponsors including my parents) were in Clyde, KS for a missions trip. We had a VBS in the small town, did a lot of door knocking etc. The town was/is very old with a main street of two story buildings. We stayed above the church and had access to the American Legion Hall next door. That room was mostly used for meals and playing games in the evenings. Some of the boys set up a trap in a doorway with flour. Meant for someone else I’m sure. Louis’ wife Ann got out of bed for some reason and was the recipient of all that flour. She looked like a ghost. It made Louis so mad (he was very protective of his wife) that he chased them around that building at full speed. I laughed so hard. The whole thing was unforgettably funny.

The interesting thing about the funeral was how many people from my past I saw. I find it a little sad that I only seem to see people at funerals these days. We always say, “Let’s get together sometime when it’s not a funeral.” And then don’t. I saw so many people from my old youth group including an old boyfriend, “Robbie.” Matt was really patient as I visited with all those people. He finally waited in the car telling me he didn’t feel like a funeral was a place to work the crowd. I told him it was the only chance to see all those people and I wanted to speak to them, hug them, etc. He was just upset I think, there have been too many funerals lately. I guess that’s part of getting older.

wordy wednesday

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

The wii fit is a huge hit around here!  The kids are taking turns on it pretty much constantly which is a good thing considering it is actual exercise.  I haven’t had time to “play” it today, I did do the balance exercises yesterday though.  I didn’t do as bad as I expected…  They are all working to beat the previous first place winner.  I don’t have a chance with this group but it’s okay…

I’ve been b u s y today!  I cleaned out my car, washed the floor mats and carpet, swept it, washed it… worked on vacuuming the pool and then had to go buy a replacement vacuum brush because somehow ours broke.  Now my arms are super sunburned from being out so long.

I’m watching Emelia right now, she’s doing boxing on the wii fit and it’s pretty funny!    I’ve given them all chore lists for the Summer, they were not thrilled about it… but are doing their jobs pretty well.   I added brush teeth, make bed, and gather any laundry from your rooms to their list.

Well, I’m off to fold a load of clothes and put away another load…  and then start dinner… and then church…

wordy wednesday

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

I’m playing with my template… Well I did this morning a bit. It is so much harder than the blogger template! Nan mentioned the template she was working with (thanks nan!) and I found it, downloaded it and then had to figure out how to load it up????? I finally figured out I had to download a ftp server and load it onto the wp themes or something? It finally worked and now I don’t have time or brain power to work on the actual template, so it’ll look like this for a bit 🙂

I made the Greek tacos, they were good. Matt thought they lacked flavor, but I didn’t. I guess he is just used to piling really hot sauce on tacos. I couldn’t find “greek spices” so I made a mixture and I think it could have been better if I could find them. I made herbed potatoes on the side. The potatoes were a hit…

Yvonne gave me this sweet award…

Thank you Yvonne, I think you are a wonderful woman of the web too! Nancy kinda passed it on to me as well (she passed it to all her blog friends) and I think I’ll do the same. You are all wonderful women of the web!

The drawing for the candles is tomorrow. I have found a random integer website to draw the numbers from so it will be fair. I’m going to look at everyone’s postings and comments later tonight and then draw tomorrow. If you are chosen, I would ask that you email me your address for mailing and any scent preferences and scent dislikes. I will purchase the candles tomorrow afternoon and mail them Friday. I know there are some scents that give people headaches and some people like flowery where others like the ones that smell like you are baking cookies or something… I like both~ I’ll try to list the choices on my results post.

I got Amanda and Bailey enrolled for next year today. Amanda has signed up for SAS which is students assisting students. There are SAS kids helping at Izzy’s class which probably influenced her choice, although it also goes along with her career goals (occupational therapist). I can’t believe she’ll be a senior next year and Bailey will be a freshman! She is doing concurrent enrollment and will take half college classes and half h.s. classes. I think she wants to be a sophmore in college in the Fall following her graduation. With a 4.0 gpa she is looking at Valedictorian! I hope that her Senior year is successful for her academically as well. I think she is going to visit with Izzy’s p.t. (yep, you Camilla) to see if she can volunteer this Summer for some NHS hours. They have to have a certain number of community service hours.

I guess I better stop being wordy this Wednesday morning! Izzy has been bathed, dressed, hair braided and now it’s time to feed her lunch and get to school! Happy Wednesday.

something(s) borrowed…

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Well, as I’m lacking originality and something blogworthy I am borrowing a few things I’ve seen around blogville today. Lauren posted her agenda from yesterday… here’s mine.6:50 a.m. heard Matt turn the shower on, my queue to get up, make breakfast, pack his lunch and water and coffee thermos… get izzy out of her bed, make her breakfast, distribute money for everyone’s school activities and then one by one say goodbye leaving me and Izzy. Today Amanda also stayed home…

9:00 a.m. jump in shower and begin getting ready while doing laundry, dishes, picking up etc.

10:00 a.m. go to church for prayer

11:30 a.m. home and time for Izzy’s lunch and quick bath before school.

12:30 p.m. leave to take Izzy to school.

1:00 p.m. swing back to pick up Amanda who wants to ride with me to shop for Easter tablecloths. Stop and eat a quick bite at Old Chicago, run in Kohls (found one of two tablecloths and placemats, amanda found two pairs of shoes on sale she had to have and a new bra…) run in Marshalls (bingo, found second tablecloth, more placemats, amanda found shirt and backpack).

3:00 p.m. time to head home.

3:15 p.m. drop amanda home and run by store for a few groceries on the way to

3:45 p.m. pick up Izzy (it’s her late day with Camilla)

4:15 p.m. drop Izzy off with Amanda and run to mail Nancy’s package, and then to the car wash where I used the package of armor all wipes to clean the interior while the car wash is cleaning my exterior… did a quick sweep job and then

4:50 p.m. time to pick Emelia up from tutoring and

5:00 p.m. time to pick Bailey up from golf at the golf course…

5:03 p.m. realize bailey forgot his backpack so head back to golf course…

5:15 p.m. start making burgers for dinner.

5:30 p.m. eat dinner.

6:00 p.m. feed Iz and begin therapy shortly after

7:30 p.m. get Izzy ready for bed and do laundry and lay out clothes and pick up…

9:00 p.m. tired of hearing presidential debate so I lay in my bed listening to some other boring tv show!

Agenda… boring huh? Now I saw this over at Julie’s blog (she does this often)…

Beauty in the Common Things: pretty crisp Easter tablecloths with pretty bunnies and baskets!
Listen In: the dryer
Supper Plans: pork chops with onions and potatoes (with cream of mush soup) in crockpot.
Today I Plan To: get all the Easter stuff out, get my room cleaned… all the usual.
View From the Kitchen Window: silly dogs playing…

And finally I saw this meme over at Vadar’s mom:

The Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

The closest book is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

“After my abuse of Charlie, I wasn’t sure whether Pete and Patsy would still want to take me to the airport the next day or if they would have any further interest in me. However, my fears vanished, when after the seminar Pete said, “Dr Chapman, I have been to may seminars, but I have never heard anyone describe Patsy and me as clearly as you. That love language idea is true, I can’t wait to tell you our story.”

I won’t tag anyone, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

I’m done being a copycat (for today anyway) … hopefully I’ll be back to my usual monotonous self soon 🙂

PS… I’m going here tomorrow night! Fun huh?