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wordy wednesday

Thursday, August 28th, 2008


It’s been a busy Wednesday morning around here!  Overall it’s going well… beds made (check), laundry done (check), dinner planned (check), Izzy fed breakfast (check), Izzy with foot splints (check), Izzy in stander 30 minutes (check)…  I have a big stack of CADs I need to work on in a minute and then it will be time to get Izzy to school! YIKES.

To update my review of the WEN product I mentioned… I’ve used it a few more times and I think it is getting better.  I still feel like my hair isn’t as clean as I like.  I normally use biolage which smells so clean to begin with and usually wash and wash again before using conditioner.  I like clean.  Anyway, this stuff smells pretty good, kinda minty.  It doesn’t lather.  At all.  It’s like putting conditioner on your hair.  But you leave it on for the whole time you shower (five minutes or more) and then rinse it off.  You use a lot.  It’s recommended that you use like 24 pumps of it minimum.  It’s hard to use so much of something that was $30 for a small bottle, but I’m giving it a fair shot.  I have had several people say my hair looks smoother than they have ever seen it.  It’s naturally curly and I prefer it straight.  I have been staightening it more and even with the normal humidity of Oklahoma it’s been staying straight without getting frizzy.  I am not sure yet… a)if I’ll re-buy… my hair is going to have to show drastic results to buy more or b) if it is going to drive me crazy feeling like my hair isn’t clean enough.  I’ll keep you updated, I know you are just on the edge of your seat! 😛

I marinated chicken yesterday to grill.  At 4:45 I went out to fire up the grill and noticed the flames were not very high.  Oops… time for a new bottle of propane.  Matt (usually) gets home at five and is hungry, more now that I’ve been starving limiting his portions.  So I opted for plan B which wasn’t a plan at all, but almost an entire pizza left in the fridge from the night before.  I put it in the oven to make it crispy again and fixed a spinach salad and broccoli on the side.  I put the chicken in the fridge because it’s better anyway if it marinates longer, right?  Then Matt calls to say he is working late.  Really late.  So, at 10 p.m. he got what resembled two slices of pizza but has turned into a cracker with dry cheese because it sat in the over (I did remember to turn it off – duh!) for hours & hours!  That’ll teach him to be late!  No not really, I just didn’t have a plan C… Well, I could have a plan C but by ten I wasn’t willing to do a plan C.  He didn’t complain.  He’s a saint.

I was looking through the folder that was sent home from school with Isabelle yesterday evening.  I didn’t read read everything but kinda glanced at everything and thank goodness I noticed the snack schedule!  She is the snack bringer for TODAY!   I had no idea.  She wasn’t on the schedule for last year in pre-k, probably because she doesn’t stay in the room during snack time and doesn’t always partake in snacks… but I don’t mind bringing them… just glad I know to bring them.  So some time before I take her which is only a couple of hours we have to run to the store and find something healthy.  I had bought some chewy fruit things at Sams that say 100% of daily vitamins… for snacks for the big kids.  I think it had about 50 packs inside and thought… I can take out 19 of those and send them.  They are healthy.  After reading the notes from the teacher it said “do not send chewy fruit or candy.”  Okay.  I’ll have to go to the store.  Izzy’s favorite snack is gogurt.  But, I doubt I’ll send that.  We’ll see.  Any suggestions (please don’t tell me to slice fruit! UGH)?

Okay, I’m out!  Too much to do to keep typing your ear off.  Have a great Wednesday!

wordy wednesday

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


It’s Wednesday… half way through another week. Remember being a kid in school and being so excited it was hump-day? It meant that we were on the downhill slide heading right toward two full days of no school! Yay. Yeah, well… not so exciting these days. I guess the main thing that comes to mind on hump-day is the fact that yet another week in my life is half way over. The weeks just come so fast like a pitching machine with the balls set on a speed way too high to deal with!

It’s been raining and raining here. Some flooding. I saw on the news yesterday they were taking people west of the city out of their homes in boats. Crazy. The clouds have passed for now and it should be a dryer day. I got SOAKING wet taking Izzy to school. I had the foresight to put a blanket over her. She stayed dry. But me? I was like a wet rat. I couldn’t maneuver an umbrella while carrying her out… good news though! I dry.

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? Well first… are you a sucker for an infomercial? I’m not. At all! Matt sorta is. Well one morning on a weekend there was an infomercial on for a hair product. Cleansing conditioner. I was busy doing other things and didn’t change the channel and it sounded pretty good. Matt piped in with, “I’ll buy you that.” Okay. You got me. I ordered the “wen” product that morning and it finally came yesterday. I’m pretty hooked on biolage, but this product promised it would dramatically change the structure of your hair. My hair is naturally curly and can be frizzy if not handled with lots of care, chi-ing, products, etc. I brought the box straight to my room and we got in the shower together… me and the Wen… I had to read the instructions about three times. I still need to read them again. It’s a little more than lather. rinse. repeat. Verdict? I hope that it improves with time and I don’t feel like it’s fair to judge the product when it was raining. My hair is curlier than ever and will hopefully have a chi date later this morning. We’ll see. I will let you know how it turns out. They did say they promise that your hair will be better within two weeks. But they did say that some people had dramatic results on the first try. I did not have dramatic results. Not of the good kind anyway!

So… I’m guest blogging over at CWO’s Internet Cafe today. Just click on the button to join me over there! Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts.


Well, bad news…. my shark I got for my birthday… that I really love. It won’t charge. I used it for several days. Daily. Loved it. And yesterday I had it all charged up and it wouldn’t really work. I’m going later this morning to exchange it for another one. I am really hoping I just got a bad “one.” and that a new “one” will work and for a long time!

OH! I got a pantech duo phone several months ago.

I had a blackberry.

I was excited. It has a little slider keyboard. I have absolutely hated that phone from day one. Hated it. Yesterday I found my little blackberry and got it all set up and called ATT and had them fix my plan back for it. It’s like being reunited with an old friend. I heart that phone. Pantech Duo’s are awful. Never get one! Well, maybe if you are a teen and like cool gadget stuff that isn’t practical get one… otherwise. Just don’t.

One more thing… my bloggy buddy Jodi gave me this sweet award. Thanks Jodi!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

wordy wednesday!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008


Another scorching hot day!!! Good news is some predicted rain in our near future with highs only in the 90s. Not too bad. We’ve been dealing with car drama. Amanda drives a honda CRV and it has been overheating. The radiator cap broke. It was replaced. We thought it was fixed. It wasn’t. It was still leaking fluid and getting hot, which in this heat isn’t surprising. After many replaced hoses etc. and trips to the honda parts store it was discovered that there was a small hole in the radiator that had been “patched” with silicone… yep! silicone… So, it’s been repaired and hopefully we won’t have any issues for a while. The AC had to be replaced last month.

We’re getting ready for the 2008-2009 school year. School supplies are purchased, and ready for back to school night. I need to take Amanda to buy books for her college courses. Bailey’s schedule pick up is Thursday. I think we’re pretty much ready. I almost dread the end of Summer. For a few reasons. I enjoy having the kids around. They are fun and funny… and Summer is just a more relaxed time. Another reason is that there is a little more freedom. With three kids here if I need to run to the store I can. It makes life a little simpler.

I had lunch with Melody Tuesday after Bailey’s ortho appointment. We were in the city, close to the state capital where she works so we just went ahead and met her. Bailey wasn’t thrilled to hear us talk about Shark sweepers and recipes… but he was a good sport. We went to Ted’s which is always delicious! I brought half of my lunch home. Hello breakfast! LOL.

Matt and I ran to Lowe’s last night and bought supplies to make a clothesline. He is going green on me :)… I think I’ll enjoy it, especially for the mountains of towels (from all the swimmers) and for bedding. He has agreed to help with this so I’m willing to try it. I’m not very green… I do use those black bags at walmart… that’s something I guess.

I’m hoping to clean out my closet today. A friend’s husband is in charge of a military garage sale for a good cause so I’m going to purge, purge, purge!

Annie and Sandra asked for my potato salad recipe. I don’t use a recipe, but here’s how I make it… It’s not diet guys. At all! But it’s so good.

1 five lb. of yukon gold potatoes.

kraft real mayonnaise

dill pickles chopped

4-6 eggs, hard boiled and chopped with about 3/4 of yolks removed.

a little of the pickle juice

some dill weed (probably a tablespoon)





I cube and boil the potatoes until tender. Drain them and put some butter and salt over them. I add the chopped pickles and green onions, the eggs and pickle juice (just a dash), the dill weed and stir in enough mayo to coat and cover the whole mess… then I squirt in about a tablespoonish of mustard for flavor and stir again. Refrigerate and eat it … for days and days.

The girls have been wanting this every meal. It’s so good. I hope I didn’t forget anything like those ladies who have a special recipe and never give you all the ingredients and it’s never quite as good. If I remember anything else I promise to update :)…

One last thing…

Happy Birthday Marcia!!!

If I were in South Africa we’d probably do lunch or something! 🙂

Have a great day.


wordy wednesday

Thursday, July 31st, 2008


Yesterday. What a mess. We moved our furniture (well most of it anyway…) out of our room and moved furniture in the room. Whew. I dreaded that so much and it really wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed purging in an extreme way. I love getting rid of things! I transferred my things from one dresser to another, and it’s all just so organized and right. Today I have to do Matt’s dresser and work on some more purging. I would have stayed up late last night (we stayed up til midnight) but Matt informed me I was done for the day. Oh well. I need to go today to find a few things for the room… and may or may not need to go buy a bed skirt. Our old bed was a huge king sized contemporary low bed from Ikea. This bed is very high and needs a bed skirt. I have a coupon for bed bath & beyond so that’s a possibility… or maybe just Marshalls because it’s closer and easier to get to.

Matt took off to help. He spent the entire day frustrated with some computer things he was trying to do and the lack of work we were getting done. I had lunch plans and then it takes a while to get things to the point of dissassembly. You know? It wall worked out in the end though.

Me and Miki had German food. Yum. I love German food!

I ended up running to the store about 7 p.m. to buy something to grill for dinner. We usually eat way earlier than that and I usually have a plan, but with all the stuff going on we just didn’t take time to think about it until Matt said he was hungry. Hey, I had german for lunch… I was good! :)… Saw a text from Amanda saying her and Lorenzo were eating here so I grabbed a bunch of rib eye steaks and Emelia helped me grill. I grilled some corn on the cob too.

One more thing… yesterday when I was in the store (buying steak) it came a weird downpour. I was a little surprised. I looked out to the East and there was the most beautiful rainbow ever! I wanted to tell everyone, “LOOK!” It was overwhelming not only because it was so big and beautiful, but because it was a physical reminder of God’s promises. What a sweet blessing.

Have a great Wednesday.

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wordy wednesday

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008


I have been having one of those weeks (so far) where I am not even sure what day it is… I have proof. Yesterday was Tuesday. I noticed that the trash was not picked up. I guess I thought it was Wednesday. I went as far as calling the City of Choctaw to make sure they came back around to pick up our trash. The girl who answered the phone said, “It’s Tuesday.” like, duh! Okay. I’m a goofball.

Monday was a whirlwind day. I had a wonderful lunch with Susan! Ran a few errands with Matt and then the four of us (matt, me, bailey, and emelia) went to see “Mama Mia.” It was so much fun! I laughed a lot watching the movie and totally didn’t know what to expect. I don’t go to movies in the theater much. If I’m really interested I’ll watch the dvd or see it when it finally hits the television. There are a few (usually musicals like Hairspray and Dreamgirls) that I go see. Matt takes the kids to see movies when they come out, I usually enjoy a quiet house for a few hours! I have to say that the main thing that struck me watching Mama Mia was the intense beauty of Greece. Oh my! The water was such a rich blue and the beauty of the place they filmed was breathtaking! I want to visit Greece now more than ever. The next thing that impressed me was Meryl Streep. She doesn’t look like she’s had much “work” done, but she looked beautiful. Age appropriately beautiful. She really was in good shape too, the running and climbing stairs made me feel tired just watching. Matt mostly enjoyed the painful look on Pierce Brosnan’s face as he “attempted” singing. I thought he was great too. I want to see it again. In the theater. If not for anything else than the beautiful scenery. Thank goodness I have a friend in Greece (Irene) :)…


Yesterday after a little gentle nudging, I went over and spent a few hours with Julie. I put highlights in her hair, a few in her 10 year old son’s hair… and put some pink in her daughter’s hair! It was fun and it all turned out really good. Emelia ended up staying to play and swim so we saw each other again later (much later) when I went back to pick her up. That would be after an emergency visit to get dad’s tv to cooperate. He has DISH and has constant problems. Fortunately this one was a pretty easy fix. I like when I can solve a problem like that and make him happy. It was a two-for-1… I helped mom get her internet going (simple as restarting her router). Again, it’s nice to be needed and solve easy problems that can be so frustrating if you don’t know how to solve them.

I could tell you about an early birthday present I got. It’s FAB!!! (I don’t know why I said fab, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before…) Here’s a little hint…

I have a huge to do list today that does not have blogging in it anywhere! With the last few days of fun and adventure I haven’t gotten much done. Hope your Wednesday is productive!


wordy wednesday

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008



I think I’m going to take Emelia to see the American Girl movie today. I think. She has a little friend spending the night so it will pretty much depend on if they go to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early enough to go. I heard the movie was pretty good. Emelia has another friend (Audrey) who she spent the night with Sunday after church. Her mother is from Germany and hasn’t lived in the US long. Her husband is now working in Germany so she is left here for six months with five children. Four of which are wild little boys! I thought little Audrey could use a girl day :).


This evening is night one of the teen vbs type event. Tonight there will be a really dynamic speaker and crafts and outside games. Tomorrow night is a Polaroid scavenger hunt. I am supposed to drive a team around. Friday is carnival night and they have rented a lot of inflatables and have fun stuff planned. I think it will be fun. My friend Julie is in town this week (and next)… she dropped by today and visited just for a few minutes. I think she is going with me tonight and then her oldest daughter will go with us the other nights. My friend Melody’s son Matthew may go with us Thursday night too!


We babysat mom and dad’s dog “mojo,” last night. They were out of town. Mom still is. Mojo gets nervous when he is away from dad and sticks to me like glue. This is what he looks like …

He’s a sweetie. I wasn’t too sad when dad picked him up last night. He (dad) also ate dinner with us.


I’ve got some bloggy meetings planned in the next couple of weeks. I’m so excited! I’ll take my camera and tell you all about it when it happens.




wordy wednesday

Friday, July 11th, 2008


First food stuff… the bean burritos on my MPM were delish! I was actually dreading them, and didn’t think I would like them but was pleasantly surprised as was everyone else! They will definitely be made again and again! Tonight didn’t work out like I planned. I ended up being gone so I didn’t get the taco chicken in the crock pot early enough… I made quesadillas instead. I cooked sliced onions, had fajita chicken, black beans, cheese and sour cream and salsa for dipping. They were so good. A great thing about quesadillas is that you can make them to order… like Amanda and Lorenzo were chicken & cheese only. Matt was everything! I was cheese… Even Bailey can eat them! Emelia was gone to VBS with Nini so she missed out. Anyway, two thumbs up for both recipes. Matt actually requested that I make a batch of the black bean burritos to freeze for snacking or quick meals.

Sunday I took the girls in my teen class for breakfast. They learned the books of the NT song and I promised them a reward. We had a good time. These girls (most of them…) are not from Christian families. They are brought to church and they appreciate the attention and want to learn so badly. I heart them. Here’s a few pics from our outing!


Guess what showed up at my house this weekend? Well, not really my house…. but my yard. Well, not really my YARD, but the outer area of our yard that Matt’s goats are on. Here’s a hint…


So a lady who helps clean up at the church had this cool thing called a “SHARK.” I want one!!!

We worked on reorganizing and painting Bailey’s room all day yesterday. What a job! His room is a little smaller and I thought it would be much easier, that’s what I get for thinking! It was tough! But it looks so good now! I just keep going in there to look at it. I haven’t taken pics yet, but when I do I’ll post them. Bailey is such a sweet kid. I heart him so much.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be another busy blog free day. Izzy has therapy (hi Camilla!) in the morning, then I have to bring her home, feed her lunch, and then head to Edmond to finalize some CAD’s at the office. I have a batch to finish up right now and should be doing them rather than typing this post, but it’s now or never :).

One more thing, I posted this pic on Izzy’s blog… but it’s so cute I’m posting it here too. Nini bought this dress for Izzy to wear for the fourth. She’s so cute! Today after her bath I was brushing her hair and her bangs can touch her legs. It’s crazy how long they are! I mentioned too that I want to donate 10″ of her hair to locks of love. Amanda doesn’t want me to cut it, but it will grow back and trust me … she has enough hair that it will still be long.

Have a great Wednesday!


wordy wednesday

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008


Yesterday was a productive day beginning to end. Have you ever noticed that some days are just like that? You get so much done and are on top of the world, while other days aren’t so much. I have what I like to call “clumsy days.” These are the days that I spend fixing things I break, and cleaning things I spill. All Day Long. You know, the days you wonder why you got out of bed, because your contribution to the universe is basically sitting at a 0%.

After my busy morning, I made it to prayer and on to all the errands on my list. I took that stupid fence back to Lowes. I am so thrilled that I won’t be hearing it bang against Izzy’s stroller ever again. While there I bought a cheap moderately priced weed eater because I cannot find the charger for our other one anywhere and I know it’s here. I know it is. Where would it go? I’m the only one who actively throws things away and I know that I would never throw it away. I hope not anyway. So guess what? Turns out Emelia loves to weed eat. She practically cried when I asked for a “turn.” She was a weed eating fool. It was a happy moment in my life. Bailey mowing, Emelia weed eating, Matt reading quietly inside. Izzy sleeping. Me orchestrating. All was well with the world.

Speaking of throwing things away… guess what I have planned today? Day one of “the emelia room project.” I could not dread any one thing more. Nope. I’d rather go in for back to back pap smears. I dread it that much. Her room can be clean one minute and then look like a bomb went off the next. My solution to this problem was to plan a few days to devote to the purging, cleaning, painting, and reorganization of her room. This is day 1. I’m not running in there to start even though I’m up at the crack of dawn. No way sister. I’m waiting until after I’ve had both caffeine and at least a cup of sugar. Maybe even some ibuprofen to soften the pain. These are the days you really wish you had the ability to twitch your nose and make it all go away, like Samantha on bewitched. Just once. A week.

So that’s my day. A lot of cleaning. I know that it will be worth it when the week comes to a close and it’s done and pretty and pink and clean. If she messes it up this time, she’s moving to the pantry. On second thought, I just got it organized… she’ll have to stay where she’s at. God love her.

Have a great Wednesday.


wordy (almost) wednesday…

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

It’s been a busy beginning of the week! Monday we took Izzy to Bear… and ran by Jason’s Deli to pick up some broccoli soup for Emelia (& Izzy). I got a sandwich and fixed a salad to have for dinner. I love that place btw.

I stayed up way too late last night working on CAD’s. As a result I am having trouble staying awake. Seriously. I tried to sneak off to bed an hour ago when I took Izzy to bed, but Matt came and found me 🙂 and so I got up. I ran by to pick up another batch of CAD’s to work on… while I was out I dropped by Steinmart and Tuesday Morning. Found a really cute comforter set for Amanda… I came home and worked for a while and realized they gave me a duplicate batch of CAD’s. So not only did I waste my time driving 30 miles to get them… at 12 mpg I wasted a lot of money too! Oh well.

Tomorrow Izzy has school/therapy in the morning, then I’m doing Melody’s hair. VBS starts tomorrow night. The theme is High School Musical. It’s called vacation Bible schoolsical. Instead of centers, it’s like school… homeroom (bible lesson), lunchroom (snack), music class, art class etc… fun huh? Thursday night after vbs they have reserved a pool for a few hours, and Friday night they are having a frog/turtle race! It’s going to be awesome! I signed up to help with crafts.

I haven’t mentioned the teen girl bible class I’ve been teaching lately huh? Well, it’s going great! I heart those girls. We always have such a good class and I learn a lot from teaching them! They have learned the books of the NT in the last couple of weeks so next Sunday I’m taking them out to breakfast during class as their reward. Should be fun! Sunday night was praise & worship at church. The pastor suggested everyone come to the front for prayer time. I was praying quietly and felt hands around me. The girls from my class had come over and were praying with me. They are so sweet.


wordy wednesday!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

So… yesterday was our 19th anniversary. It started with a big thunderstorm early in the morning. Matt couldn’t find his personal keys. We looked everywhere (he has a special basket he unloads all his keys and phones and pagers etc. into every evening)… I ended up taking him to his office where he picked up his company vehicle (it’s only a mile from home). He was aggravated, it is not fun losing things. I don’t think he even remembered what the day was at this point. I wasn’t about to remind him :)… Anyway, I found the keys later in the day. Outside. In the rain. I guess he dropped them when he was doing some chores outside. He had a really hard/bad/wet day. Came home tired and hot and frustrated. I fixed grilled chicken, some broc salad, etc.

I rearranged Izzy’s therapy room/our front room. It took me all day! It looks much better and I wish I had taken before pictures. I still haven’t taken after pics. I moved the therapy table to the other side of the room so it isn’t the first thing you see when entering. It’s much better!

I finished up camp laundry and then went outside to do pool maintenance and pull some weeds. Let me tell you, it was quite a day.

I think we’ll probably go out to celebrate those 19 years sometime this weekend… and if not, it’s ok. There have been plenty of celebrations.

Mom dropped by to bring the sweetest little dress for Izzy for her to wear for 4th of July…

and also brought roses for our anniv. Sweet huh? AND my secret sister at church left a card and a pretty plaque for us … and a $20 with a note saying to go eat on her. It was a thoughtful gift! I ordered Matt a book he wanted and some other things.

The kids are recuperating from camp. Emelia had fever last night but is fine today. I think she is just exhausted. Bailey didn’t feel well when he got home, but he is better now. I think he’s had a friend over almost every day since he got home. I think they both need to sleep for a week!