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week in review

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

week in review text


Week’s Weather Rainy and warm.

Sunday Sermon Walk in Love.

Life lessons Think before you speak!

Favorite Meal(s) Schnitzel at mom’s

Treasured Moment(s) Eating dinner outside with Matt

Simple Pleasures coke with sonic ice, a clean house, the smell of candles burning, bath & body hand soap (eucalyptus)!

Talked with Julie, Melody

Impacting News

World Chinese Gymnasts Underage?

National Hurricane FAE

Local Train Derailed Friday in Luther

Things I Read Healing Journey’s by Gloria Copeland

TV We Watched 7th Heaven, Project Runway, Shear Genius, BB10

Interesting Internet got the ladies church website up with Kellie’s help!

Places We Went church, sams, kohls

Budget Savers/Busters Saver:replaced shark for better purple one, had coupons and gift card and only paid 18 extra dollars including a pair of capris for emelia, a stack of 12 washclothes, and a few little things. Buster: gas!!

Blessings good health, healthy & happy kids, school, family, home!

Challenges Just getting it all done in the hours given.

Accomplishments Got a lot of organizing and cleaning done throughout the week, Got my car cleaned and swept, Organized kitchen cabinets and desk.

Family Happenings Matt’s mom Paula and John came for the day Saturday. We grilled brats. I made a pasta broccoli salad. Spent the rest of the day shopping with my mom.

Tried Something New I made up a new pasta salad. I used the dressing recipe from a paula deen recipe and then added random stuff…(broccoli, corkscrew pasta, grated cheddar cheese, red onion) I also used the new olive oil mayo in it.



week in review

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … !

Sunday Sermon … Why are you here? (walk in love)

Life lessons … Summer goes too fast.

Favorite Meal(s) We’ve been grilling something every night, it’s all great. Especially the grilled corn on the cob!

Treasured Moment(s)…Going shopping for books with Amanda, Izzy rolling over to give me a kiss.

Simple Pleasures… having all the beds made. smelling a yummy candle.

Talked with melody jana julie miki.

Impacting National News… olympics.

Personal made it through week 1 of school with the kids. They’re all happy.

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Bailey has started on the second book and is really pushing me! Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos nothing…

Places We Went Me & Amanda had lunch at City Bites, Me & Emelia had lunch at Chili’s…

Budget Savers/Busters savers/gas is down a little. I paid 3.34 a gallon! got two new (to me) chairs for the kitchen … they are so cute! at a little antique shop for $6 each!

Blessings: rain!

Challenges keeping up with everything, although it’s been going good this week… getting back on track with weight loss after a great week of birthday meals and desserts!

Accomplishments: Got my closet cleaned out! All the rooms are clean and organized at the same time and all the laundry is DONE! Cut 10″ off izzy’s hair for locks of love.

Family Happenings Me and Matt were rolling Izzy last night and then we put her on her tummy and I told her to roll over and give me a kiss (she hates being on her tummy) so she rolled over to let me kiss her… we did it a few more times and she rolled again. It was amazing to see her try so hard and be so intent on doing it! We did some assisted crawling and she did great with that too. We also did some kneeling on the bolster and indian sitting while playing with toys. She did great.






week in review

Monday, August 11th, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … !

Sunday Sermon special guest from Australia.

Life lessons … Summer goes too fast.

Favorite Meal(s) Baja chicken tacos with rice and corn cakes at Cheesecake Factory thanks to my sweet brother Mike who treated me for my birthday!

Treasured Moment(s)…Lunch with Mike, lunch with mom, lunch with melody.

Simple Pleasures… snuggling and kissing izzy, hanging clothes on the line.

Talked with mom, melody, julie, miki, matt, amanda, bailey, emelia, antoinette, edna.

Impacting National News… edward’s indiscretions, Summer olympics starting.

Personal my birthday, getting ready for school to start.

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Bailey has started on the second book and is really pushing me! Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos the stranger “mary & martha.”

Places We Went Ted’s (melody & bailey), orthodontist for bailey, cheesecake factory (mike), sante fe (mom).

Budget Savers/Busters savers/gas is down a little. I paid 3.37 a gallon! got $100 lamp for 14!

Blessings: people who love me.

Challenges getting my closet cleaned out! yikes!

Accomplishments: Did more hair… another girl from church needed hair done for school and couldn’t afford going anywhere so I highlighted and cut it for her. It turned out really cute! went five days without using dryer.

Family Happenings SIL’s father in hospital, school starts monday!


my pedicure… yes, the tips of my toes are pink with white polka dots… what about it?


Mike took this when we were on our way to lunch…


Some fun mail I got today from Nancy, Jodi, and the Internet Cafe girls! Thank you so much!!!


A few of the girls at the slip n slide!



week in review

Monday, August 4th, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … It’s gonna be a hot one!

Sunday Sermon … the prodigal son…

Life lessons … hard work pays off!

Favorite Meal(s) Sticky chicken from Kim’s food blog!

Treasured Moment(s)…Amanda’s 18th birthday party; lunch with Kari; lunch with Miki; lunch with Melody.

Simple Pleasures bubble yum bubble gum, sonic ice, watering the flowers.

Talked with Kari IRL!… Melody… Jana.

Impacting News

National … anthrax!

Local… infant mutilated and killed by pet in backyard swing.

Personal Amanda turned 18!!! Matt passed final ministry exam!

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos none!

Places We Went panera with kari… old germany with miki… sante fe with melody… with matt to take his test!… and to the mall…

Budget Savers/Busters savers/gas is down a little. I paid 3.39 a gallon! tax free weekend at the mall! Got really good deals. NY & Co. 30 off 75 coupon. Bath & Body coupon.

Blessings: good health, good friends, family.

Challenges getting furniture organized!

Accomplishments: Got my room all redone! Lots of decluttering! did brother’s hair today and Ashley (a girl in my teen girl’s class) asked me if I could highlight and cut her hair. I did and it’s so cute. She spent the day with us Saturday. We grilled brats and sat by the pool.

Family Happenings Family party for the girl’s (amanda & izzy) birthdays…






week in review

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … It’s gonna be a hot one!

Sunday Sermon … tba…

Life lessons … Everything always works out!

Favorite Meal(s) John’s penne pasta with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, greek olives, and zucchini, with garlic bread YUM!

Treasured Moment(s) Shopping with Amanda for her birthday outfit after breakfast at Panera, swimming with Bailey and Isabelle, movie with Matt Bailey and Emelia, time spent with Julie, lunch with Susan & Mickey at Cheesecake Factory.

Simple Pleasures sonic ice, baby wash and a loofah, summer tan, cinnamon rolls.

Talked with Julie while doing her hair, Matt’s mom, aunt and sister during their overnight visit here.

Impacting News

National … the hurricane (dolly).


Personal Izzy had her birthday July 26! She is 6

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos mama mia, bucket list

Places We Went lunch with Susan & Mickey at Cheesecake Factory! Movie “mama mia” with matt, bailey and emelia…

Budget Savers/Busters movies are expensive… plus cokes and popcorn… ouch! gas is ridiculous. . . saved money on Izzy’s clothes from Gymboree by using gymbucks!

Blessings: good health, good friends, family.

Challenges getting everything done!

Accomplishments: Did a lot of yard work! Organized and cleaned pool area. De-weeded the gardens, cleaned oven and stove!

Family Happenings party for all the July birthdays with Matt’s family and a party tomorrow night for Amanda and Izzy with my family.






week in review

Monday, July 21st, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … It’s gonna be a hot one!

Sunday Sermon … Left after class… izzy was crying and my eyes were swollen shut (allergies) this morning so I had to keep my sunglasses on during class…

Life lessons … teens = drama. (not mine…)

Favorite Meal(s) quesadillas with chicken fajitas and guac!

Treasured Moment(s) A day spent with Amanda! We had lunch and shopped. It was nice to spend time alone with her. Three evenings at teen vbs.

Simple Pleasures Texts from teens saying, “i love you!” … driving around having a serious talk with Bailey… floating in the pool with matt.

Talked with Julie! (she’s in town and I’ve seen her twice.)… Melody… lunch with Miki and the gang.

Impacting News

National …


Personal Amanda got a new laptop!!!

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos NONE! We’ve been so busy with church/vbs we haven’t watched anything!

Interesting Internet Wikipedia continues to impress me!

Places We Went shopping, lunch at Chequers…

Budget Savers/Busters gas is still too high.

Blessings: good health, good friends, family.

Challenges Situation with girls in class.

Accomplishments: Did a lot of yard work! Organized and cleaned pool area. De-weeded the gardens.

Family Happenings planning for Amanda and Izzy’s birthdays next week!



me & amanda at teen vbs with glow-necklaces.


Our scavenger group at braums taking a pic with the clerk!


All of us on a swing (scavenger hunt!)


Silly boys!


week in review

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

week in review text


Week’s Weather… another hot week…

Sunday Sermon Elisha and the ax handle… 

Life lessons Blessings come in unusual ways.

Favorite Meal(s) Quesadillas… and black bean burritoes.

Treasured Moment(s) Prayer time at church, getting mani/pedi with Emelia, swimming with the fam.

Simple Pleasures* sonic ice & coke, getting fun mail, hugs & kisses.

Impacting News:

National fires in California!!!

Things I Read Twilight… slow… but sure.

Interesting Internet blog about a year of crock pot cooking, BLOGGY GIVEAWAY SPOILER!!! I’ll be posting about a Precious Moment’s figurine (retails for 44.99) giveaway in the next day or two. stay tuned…

Places We Went Edmond, shopping, girl’s night out/mini-FLO at church and then IHOP. Made frames (see pic) and hung out with the teen girls (pic).



Budget Savers/Busters Saver: got bailey’s new bedding on sale at JCPenney. Buster: gas!

Blessings family, health, home!

Challenges getting bailey’s room cleaned, painted, and organized.

Accomplishments Finished bailey’s room!!!! YAY!!!

Family Happenings niece katie’s birthday party, new horse “pinky.”



week in review

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

week in review text


Week’s Weather… not bad, see:

Sunday Sermon America has lost it’s shame… we need prayer in school… etc!

Life lessons You can do a lot in one day.

Favorite Meal(s) Baja chicken tacos at Cheesecake Factory… with yummy hot fudge sundae cheesecake for dessert.

this was our view!


Treasured Moment(s) family cookout celebrating fourth of july.


Simple Pleasures* floating in the pool, watching fireworks explode in the sky, helping emelia make her bed, reading “I love you stinky face.” to Isabelle.

Talked with mom when we spent the afternoon together Thursday.

Impacting News

National Haven’t had time to watch any news this week!!!


Personal Amanda got enrolled at college for concurrent enrollment this Fall.

Things I Read Twilight… while taking Bailey to the dr. for poison ivy.

Interesting Internet Blog about a family who lost their child in a drowning accident very recently … I’ve been reading their daily updates about sadness and the loss of the baby. So sad.

Places We Went shopping, cheesecake factory, more shopping, Mike’s house, Miki’s house.

Budget Savers/Busters Saver: Got all of Emelia’s room stuff at great prices… All the fresh corn from dad’s garden that is put up in the freezer now! Buster: gas!

Blessings family, health, home!

Challenges Getting Emelia’s room all emptied, painted, and then replaced… and dealing with the aftermath of the project.

Accomplishments Finished Emelia’s room!!!! YAY!!! Now Bailey wants to do his… ugh 🙂


Family Happenings SIL Terri’s birthday at mom’s… 4th of July cookout…

Amanda, Terri, Lucy, and Emelia!



week in review

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather mostly 90’s, windy, some rain & thunderstorms.

Sunday Sermon Joshua 24:15

Life lessons Turn off the tv and think about what you listen to.

Favorite Meal(s) chicken taco quiche, german food with Laura.

Treasured Moment(s) seeing Jackie Gore, lunch with Laura, swimming with church family!

Impacting News

National flooding in Missouri

Local woman burned and murdered.

Things I Read Jesus (Beth Moore), Bible

*Interesting Internet playing with facebook!

Talked with Jackie Gore, Laura, Miki, Melody and Julie.

Places We Went – vbs!… swimming at regional pool… german with laura

Budget Savers/Busters Buster: several trips made unnecessarily to edmond (with gas prices, definitely a buster!) Saver: n/a

Blessings my job doing cads. healthy kids. fun Summer days. great friends.

Challenges emelia’s room organization project (to be done this coming week!), getting it all done every day and having time to do something fun too.

Accomplishments caught up on work, made it another week 🙂

Family Happenings brought home ferret named Hank. (yes, a ferret!), a lot of the same… cooking, cleaning, running kids everywhere, church, playing, swimming, laughing, loving, and fun!




week in review

Monday, June 23rd, 2008


week in review text

Week’s Weather… lots of rain! some sunshine too! temps in 80’s and 90’s mostly.

Sunday Sermon…

12 “See, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, to repay all according to their deeds. 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Revelation 22

Life lessons… never tell your hub you don’t feel loved.

Favorite Meal(s)… roast with potatoes and squash (fried… I know, I know) from dad’s garden.

Treasured Moment(s)… Girl time with my girls, makeover from Amanda, shopping with all three girls.

Impacting News

National… five feet found in MS? Flooding in Iowa

Personal… Amanda got a scholarship for her concurrent enrollment.

Things I Read… “Beth Moore – Jesus 90 Days with the One and Only”

Movies We Watched… Bruce Almighty. RV.

Places We Went… Penn Square Mall. Old Navy.

Budget Savers/Busters… used $100 gc from rewards bank program for macy’s on lots of cute clothes 50% off and 15% more off!

Blessings… 19th Wedding Anniversary.

Challenges… getting all my projects finished started!

Accomplishments… got front room cleaned and rearranged. Organized pantry! Yay!

Family Happenings… Anniversary!