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Monday, November 9th, 2009

Life is busy… as usual.

We had a nice weekend.  Amanda came home Saturday and spent the day learning to make cinnamon rolls (from the master – nini).  She came home with three big pans of cinnamon rolls.  Just what we need.  🙂  She took some back to school with her.  They also made a chocolate cake.  Yikes!  I’m have been really watching my points so will-power was a must this weekend!  The kids enjoyed playing bball with Matt Saturday afternoon.  Me and Matt went for a long walk Saturday morning.  We had dinner at Goporum Saturday evening.  It was pretty good, hot but good. fulfillment house.

Sunday was mostly church … and basketball playing.  I made bacon cheese burgers for lunch.  Meatless.  Morningstar prime grillers and morningstar (fake) bacon on the one point thin whole wheat buns (love those). 

I have been drinking a lot more water, mostly with crystal light packets (lemonade, rasberry lemonade, and wild strawberry) because I really don’t like water.  I made a new rule for myself to only have water with meals.  It’s not that bad really.  Then I get one coke a day… I save it for after dinner, something to look forward to!

Tori ( died this weekend.  She had a near drowning accident four years ago… She had the same birthday as me and was only 19 when she passed.  Very sad.  I’m praying for her family, I can’t imagine the loss they feel right now. 

We have  a meeting in the morning with Camilla and the equipment guy to look over bath chair and car seat options.  Hoping that goes well.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the team at school.  I really couldn’t do it without them… they are great.  Melanie sent home izzy’s sight words today to work on and said that the OT Barbara wants to be a back up to feed iz at school.   God has really blessed us with them!