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time travel tuesday ~ high school graduation

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

It’s that time of year… graduation! Which made this week’s time travel theme very easy to decide. So, what do you remember about graduating from high school? Was there anything special about the actual ceremony you remember? What did you do after graduation?

I remember bits and pieces from my graduation night. I remember wearing a light turquoise strapless dress that my mom made for me (under the cap & gown). I remember walking across the stage and waiting in a big room to line up. Our graduation was at the Myriad Convention Center. I remember my bff Darla finding me and crying. I remember taking a picture with my twin friends (Shelli & Kelli), they are under 5′ tall and I was towering between the two of them. The picture below is shortly after my graduation. I was dating Matt at the time. My graduation was a bit of a blur, and then we came home to have a party with family and friends.



This picture is one of my senior pictures. Check out the 80’s hair! Yikes!


Next year I will watch my baby daughter walk across that stage! Amazing. Where does time go?

time travel tuesday ~ cooking mishap edition…

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

So, I was thinking about not doing a time travel this week… because I hadn’t really thought about it and I don’t have any thoughts right now. BUT, the first thing that popped in my head is funny cooking mishaps. I don’t have many of those these days, but in the beginning there were some laughs.

How about you? Did you have any crazy cooking mishaps when you were learning to cook? Can you remember the first meal you attempted to make? Was it a success or a joke? Link up and share your story as you travel back to your cooking mishap.

The funniest cooking mishap that I can remember happened before Matt and I were married. He was at my parents house and I decided to make gravy. I don’t think I had ever made gravy before. I knew the ingredients from watching mom make it, but not the amounts. So, I’m feeling pretty confident as I add my flour to the pan and then some milk… until I pour it into a bowl. It came out like a jello mold. In one piece. We both got a good laugh out of that gravy and I’m happy to report I can now make gravy! One of my oldest friends, Mendy, has had the best cooking mishaps of anyone I can think of. She doesn’t blog, and really doesn’t even visit blogs… but she is hilarious and her mistakes were always the hit of the party. She asked for my lemon chicken recipe to make her family when she was still living at home. The key to that recipe is the touch of brown sugar at the end to cut the sour lemon juice. Of course Mendy forgot the brown sugar and her family puckered as they tried to eat the meal. Mendy made fudge for a get together we had and we all enjoyed eating it, with a spoon!

time travel tuesday ~ prom

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008


Yes, I obviously have prom on the brain!

This week travel back to your junior or senior high prom…

Did you go all out like Amanda? What did your dress look like?

Who did you go with? Any special memories from prom night?



I didn’t go to prom. Sad huh? Growing up in a very conservative church I was not allowed to go to school dances. Ever. I remember trying to convince my parents they were harmless but they didn’t go for it. I thought that this was the reason I didn’t attend my high school prom. My mom set the record straight the other night… I was dating Matt during both my junior and senior years of high school. He was older and living in a dorm room at college. Mom said she took me shopping, we bought a prom dress and everything and that Matt wasn’t interested in going to the prom so I just didn’t go. I guess I suppressed that memory. I would doubt mom’s memory about it, but she even described the dress we bought and then returned. So, I have no prom memories to share.



time travel tuesday ~ fight edition!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “why would anyone want to go back and remember a fight?” Well, I’ll tell you… When we were at the anniversary dinner Saturday evening the topic of a last fight before the big wedding came up. Seemed like everyone had one. I guess getting ready to be married is a stressful time, causing all sorts of fighting (sorry Lauren… I’m sure you and Ted won’t fight before your wedding). So, how about it? Did you and your beloved have a blowout before exchanging vows? Come back and tell us about it, or brag about how sweet you were to each other and how you never had a single fight (before marriage of course!)…

I’ll share the fight I shared with the group at the party… Not that there were more than one, well maybe there were. Anyway, Matt had made only a couple of requests regarding the actual wedding. He wanted to wear a black tux, red tie and red cumber bun, and he wanted a particular song played. I had to over rule the tux request because a) it was the 80’s and b) teal and mauve were the colors of the wedding! Yep, I made him wear an ivory tux and his groomsmen wore teal ties and cumber buns…

He sorta didn’t find out about my color choices until the day before the wedding. He also didn’t find out I didn’t get the song he requested worked out that day too. It got ugly. I was all like, “I’m sorry… I didn’t think you cared that much…” and he was all like, “I only asked for two things, just two things!”

We obviously made up, and will be married 19 years this June (17th)…

time travel tuesday ~ dishes edition!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Today we’re traveling back to our childhood, what did the dishes you ate off of everyday look like? Did you have a favorite cup or plate? Did your mother have fancy dishes for company? Tell us all about those special dishes while you travel back in time!

My mama had those pyrex or corningware dishes that scream the 70s when I was growning up.  You know the ones, white with brown flowers around the edges…

I was told they were so strong they were on the tip of the space shuttle.  You know you CAN break one of those plates when you drop them in just the right way on the floor?  Not too reassuring for NASA.  We even had brown glasses to drink out of.


We had nicer dishes too, but they stayed in the china cabinet… reserved for very special occasions.

time travel tuesday ~ to grandmother’s house we go!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Travel back to grandmother’s (or aunt… or ?) house.

What are the smells you remember walking in when you were young?

What are things you remember seeing everytime you were there?

Any special things you always did with or at grandmother’s house?

I remember going to my grandma’s house on Sundays. Not every Sunday because it was about a 90 minute drive… but a lot of Sundays. We would spend the night sometimes on the weekend too. I remember tons of cousins to play with! I remember my grandpa always had juicy fruit gum in his pocket to give out and grandma always had vanilla sandwich cookies and coke. It tasted better at her house as did everything. She could even make simple things taste good! I remember there was always lots of food and running in and out playing and playing!


time travel tuesday ~ smells?

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I actually forgot to do a time travel for Tuesday… I mentioned that I would be open to suggestions…

So, today we are going to take one of those suggestions.

Jenny said,

” A smell that brings you back? (I know that when I put on Jergens’ lotion I am brought back to a little girl watching my mom put lotion on her hands)”

Thanks for the suggestion Jenny!

So how about it? Any smells that take you back to a different time and place?


My first smell is l’air de temps perfume!

My mother used to wear this all the time before she developed allergies that made her have a headache when she wears any fragrance (or really when anyone around her wears perfume… including me.. who forgets… then she has a headache… oops!) I digress. Anyway, I remember sitting by her and smelling that smell. It’s a good memory!


Another smell is Grey Flannel cologne!


(I’m not remembering perfume on purpose, it’s just they are easiest to identify. There are the smells you smell walking into school halls that take you back to fifth grade, or the smell of the soap in a bathroom that reminds you of junior high. The smell of chlorine takes me back to childhood vacations and hotels…)

The grey flannel smell memory isn’t great.

Matt had a ferret when we were dating and he was living in a dorm room in college.

He would bathe and then spray the grey flannel on this ferret! ICK.

Wet ferret and grey flannel = yuck.


Don’t forget to sign mr. linky and share your smell story!


time travel tuesday ~ “where did you get that?” edition

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008


Time traveling assignment for today:

Look around your house and find an object of interest.

Where did it come from?

Was it a gift from someone special or a gift for yourself?

Tell all about it!


post a picture of your item!


Here are my two identical objects…

I have one in the dining room and one in the front room aka Izzy’s therapy room.

I love them both!

I received the first one from my sweet friend Jenny last year on my birthday.


The second one came a couple of days after my birthday and was from my other sweet friend JennaG! They live in the same town and didn’t discuss what they were sending.

It worked out well though because I love having two!

When JennaG emailed after I posted the picture of the gift from Jenny, she said I HAD to call her when her gift arrived.

It was so funny.


time travel tuesday ~ Easter

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Growing up, Easter was _________________.


Share your Easter traditions. Did you have egg hunts every year? A new dress? Was it a spiritual event in your family, or just a fun day?


Growing up, Easter was a day filled with egg hunts, new dresses & yummy food.

We either had a egg hunt at church or at home with family or friends. It was always different each year. Funny story… for several years we were at a specific church that had a egg hunt after Sunday services. I always won the big chocolate bunny because I always gathered the most eggs. One year my mother suggested I be gracious enough to let someone else win. I was careful to pick up only a few eggs. When they awarded the big chocolate bunny this year there was a twist, it was awarded to the person with the least eggs and that just happened to be ME!

I remember coloring eggs and writing on them with crayon first. I remember hunting those real eggs and then eating them! Now we seem to only hunt the plastic ones but still always color a few dozen.

I remember searching for a perfect Easter dress!

Lunch was always glazed ham with potato salad and homemade rolls. YUM!

Here are the kids last Easter 2007

Easter 2006



time travel tuesday ~ babysitting experience

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


Travel back to your first few babysitting jobs, were you a teenager?

Were there any interesting, scary, or neat experiences you remember?


I think I started babysitting before I was actually a ‘teenager,’ I think the first victim was a baby across the street. She was a newborn and her parents decided to go out on a date. I stayed at her house and she started coughing worse and worse. I ended up bringing her to my house and having mom help with her. Apparently she had pneumonia! Scary!

But even more memorable than that was my many babysitting experiences for a lady at church who was a Mary Kay director… complete with the pink Cadillac! She would either bring me along to parties and stick me in a room with 8-10 screaming kids, or leave me at her house to care for her two children. I kid you not, the only food in her home was unsalted butter and cream of celery soup… I made it work 🙂

The other fun part about that was that no matter how many hours of torture fun I had with however many kids I always ended up getting paid in makeup, usually mary kay lipgloss. I am not sure why I kept going back, I guess I didn’t like to say no or something?