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thursday 13

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

  1. It’s not raining today. That’s a good thing.
  2. Mom made schnitzel for me last night. It’s my favorite!
  3. I brought home some to warm up for lunch today.
  4. I’m on a diet again.
  5. Schnitzel doesn’t go with a diet.
  6. I did skip the mashed new potatoes.
  7. I didn’t skip the fried okra.
  8. … or cake.
  9. Thanks Mom!
  10. No really, thanks Mom.
  11. Amanda saw an olympian with her hair french braided across the front and remembered we did her hair that way when she was growing her bangs out years ago. So we did that to her hair.
  12. dscf5474.JPG

  13. Emelia saw it and wanted her hair done the same way.
  14. They both looked very cute! I should have taken a pic of the two of them… maybe later today 🙁

Here’s Izzy, just out of the bath…


Hair combed!


All dressed for school!


Have a great day!

13 thursday… with random thoughts… and awards etc.

Friday, August 15th, 2008
  1. I just wrote about five of the 13 items and somehow it got erased. UGH.
  2. Izzy started school yesterday! She went to kindergarten but only for about 45 minutes because the other Isabelle in her class was being busy and the teacher was loud on her headset. She spent the remainder of the day doing vision stuff with a lightboard. She did well I was told.
  3. I got my closet clean. In one hour! I thought it would take all day.
  4. Emelia’s room is still perfectly clean since her room redo. It’s amazing! I think the no food in your room policy has greatly helped.
  5. Bailey’s room is not still clean. I may tackle that today.
  6. Along with the freezer.
  7. And the medicine cabinet.
  8. I’m taking Amanda to get her books for college this afternoon while Izzy is in school.
  9. Amanda is doing SAS (students assisting students) at Izzy’s school but in the mornings. She loves it and they love her!
  10. Jen got her first award. And passed it on. And I was one of the ones she passed it to. Cool huh?
  11. Tina also got the award and also passed it on. To me! Yay. They say pass to 7 bloggers… I’m passing this one to Nancy, Yvonne, Dawn, Julie, Natalie, Kim, Kari, and Sandra.
  12. Nancy gave me an award today too! Thanks Nancy. This one goes to five bloggers… I pass this to Susan, Susanne, Julie, Amanda, Hope and Jessica. Okay so I gave it to six… truth be told I could give it to about 26!
  13. Since it’s Thursday… and I’m thankful for so many things I want to add a few of those things. I’m thankful for Izzy’s teachers, and therapists. I’m thankful for my kids, they are truly the best. I’m thankful for blogging, and my friends here on the www. I heart you.


thursday thirteen… a to do list!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008
  1. Get more space bags, put Matt’s winter comfy clothes in one and store.
  2. Look for a nightstand that is different, yet coordinates with the bedroom. Remove all the books from the bookshelf/nightstand and reorganize the two lined baskets holding Izzy’s hair stuff and lotions. Maybe an under the bed type basket or something. Put away suction machine that is on same shelf because I don’t use it for Izzy anymore and it is ugly and takes up space. Sort through books on the shelf and put into categories in other bookshelves throughout the house.
  3. Go to marshall’s and look at bedding sets/dust ruffles/bed skirts. (found bed skirt at target)
  4. Look for new hamper for bathroom in my bedroom.
  5. Look for new hamper for hall bathroom while looking anyway…
  6. Go to grocery store and get ingredients to make brocolli salad and chicken to marinate and grill (using Kim’s sticky coconut chicken recipe). (that chicken was wonderful!!!)
  7. Finish doing several loads of laundry.
  8. Put clothes on hangers into appropriate closets.
  9. Take down birthday sign!
  10. Clean my shower.
  11. Pay car payment.
  12. Do pool maintenance.
  13. Give away chest of drawers that used to be in my room.

Okay… enough talking about doing what I need to do, now I’m off to actually do it!

Have a great Thursday!


thursday thirteen ~ a list.

Thursday, July 24th, 2008
  1. I took Izzy to school/therapy yesterday.  She was very vocal.  The O.T. commented about how vocal she was getting.
  2. While Izzy was in therapy I ran to the local nail place and had this done:toes.jpg
  3. I realize my feet are not very pretty… but it’s always fun when the nail person is feeling creative.
  4. I left my watch at Julie’s.  I was going to look for it this morning.  I got a text that said, “don’t come this morning.”  Apparently one of the kids is sick today and she knows I’m a germ phobe and she is wiped out from a night without sleep.  Get well soon N!
  5. I went to a new little boutique (well new to me…) in our area yesterday and got some cute stuff.  I got Izzy this cute bracelet and some other fun little like a cute bracelet for me that Amanda is trying to claim!bracelet.jpg
  6. I should be working on a to-do list rather than a thirteen thursday list.  Sad but true.
  7. Emelia was supposed to stay the night with her friend Teresa last night, but texted me at 10:30 saying, “wanna come home.”  So I went and picked her up.  She did the same thing last time she went there which is unusual for her so I think overnight plans at Teresa’s house are going to be put on hold for several months.
  8. Izzy’s getting mostly clothes for her birthday.  Matt’s mom, aunt, and sista usually send gym gift cert. I add it with gymbucks and buy a bunch of clothes for school.  Her box should be arriving tomorrow.
  9. Izzy will turn six Saturday.
  10. Amanda will turn eighteen years old Monday.
  11. I can’t be that old.
  12. I guess I am.
  13. I turn “?” on Aug. 9.


thursday thirteen… and thankful list.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

  1. I’m thankful that I got my tire fixed today. I noticed my back tire was completely flat this morning. I got it fixed and had the tires rotated while I was there.
  2. I’m thankful for the teen vbs this week. It’s lots of fun!
  3. I’m thankful for the girls in my class. They are really special girls.
  4. I’m thankful that I got my shopping done for Amanda’s birthday! I can’t tell you what I got because she reads my blog …
  5. I’m thankful that they found the thing I went to the store to buy for her birthday. First they said they were sold out. They found one!
  6. I’m also thankful that I looked over and noticed a pink sony vaio on sale there! It was the laptop Amanda wanted.
    She’s happy!
  7. I’m thankful she’s happy.
  8. I’m thankful for matt’s mom who got amanda’s laptop for her to use in College (which she is starting this Fall concurrent with High School).
  9. I am thankful for my mom and dad who are watching izzy during teen vbs.
  10. I’m thankful that Emelia just told me I don’t have any wrinkles yet. (kids!)
  11. I’m thankful for my friends.
  12. I’m thankful for a God that fills all the voids in my heard. Perfectly.
  13. I’m thankful for you.


thursday thirteen random thoughts… or happenings…

Friday, July 11th, 2008

  1. Remember this guy?
  2. horse1.jpg

    Well… he’s mine! The owner came and “found” him yesterday! He was trying to find a new home for him so he is ours now! We heart him already.

  3. Hank (the ferret) has been returned to his previous owner. Too high maintenance, wild animalish, stinky… He was a sweet guy, but not for me. I’m so happy he’s gone. Emelia is not. At least she has the horse.
  4. The horse doesn’t technically have a name. We’ve been calling him buttercup. Someone at church told us you cannot call a brown horse buttercup. So, back to the drawing board… any suggestions?
  5. I made quesadillas again… should I buy a quesadilla maker, (anyone use one) or just keep using the pan? I think we’ll continue to have them often. Easy + Healthy + Yummy = Dinner Success!
  6. Izzy had a great day at school/therapy yesterday. Camilla had lots of good things to say. Me & Iz heart Camilla!
  7. I have three CAD’s to finish ASAP!
  8. I am supposed to be somewhere in 18 minutes.
  9. I am still in my boxers and t-shirt slept in…
  10. With all the work on the kid’s rooms, mine is neglected… it’s on today’s schedule (this afternoon anyway!)… I hope…
  11. I had a horrible tragic experience yesterday. I was walking through the Super Target in edmond. I love that store. I found a few really cute tops on clearance (like $4 each!!!), anyway that wasn’t the tragedy. I walked to produce to get garlic and felt like I stepped through a small water puddle (sandals), so I looked back and realized I had waded through a smooshed grape mess. Knowing my disdain for fruit I was mortified. Seriously. I walked straight back to the wet wipes, opened them and cleaned my foot trying not to gag. Yes. I did buy the wet wipes. I’m psychotic, not a felon :).
  12. It rained a lot yesterday!!! My flowers were happy about that.
  13. Do you watch Shear Genius? I do.
  14. Tonight is the girl’s night out at church. They are going to IHOP late! I’m going after Amanda gets home from a rehearsal and I get Iz to bed. Fun huh?

Happy Thursday!


thankful thursday ~ thirteen reasons to be thankful today…

Thursday, June 19th, 2008


  1. I’m thankful for another anniversary. 19 now in all. Looking forward to number 20!
  2. It’s Summer!  I am thankful for long summer days.
  3. I got the front room cleaned and rearranged, I’m thankful for finished projects!
  4. We studied about Stephen last night… and Saul/Paul.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to fear being stoned for my beliefs.
  5. I finished up the broccoli salad last night.  I’m thankful for yummy healthy food!
  6. 29 pounds lost. I’m thankful for weight loss success!
  7. I slept great last night, I’m thankful for sleep!
  8. Quiet mornings are so peaceful.  I’m thankful for these quiet times.
  9. Finished all but one new load of laundry. I’m thankful for fun kids who make laundry, and for finishing it for a minute!
  10. Matt took the trash out before I woke up this morning.  I’m thankful I don’t have to do it. (I hate trash!)
  11. We’ve been watching 7th Heaven each night.  I’m thankful for shows that are wholesome enough to watch with family… and there are years of reruns!
  12. Blogging! I was telling Amanda how cool it is to have friends all over the place (she suggested I get some sun shine and fresh air)… but I heart you all.
  13. Shopping!  I’m going to the mall today.  I’m thankful that I can go shop for fun stuff! (mylistincludes: get pedi, check sale at b&b … aromatherapy stuff is on sale and I love it for Izzy, Kirklands… need lamp shade and small rug for front room, Victoria’s secret annual sale, spend Macy’s gift cards, look for a few birthday presents)

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thursday 13 ~ random

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Thirteen random things…

  1. I have done several posts tonight for pay.  I had a list of posts to complete and wanted to get them all done.  Sorry in advance.
  2. Emelia slammed her finger in the door this morning while leaving for swimming classes.  She was hysterical.  I know it hurt really bad, but she screamed so loud I really thought she had cut off a limb or something.
  3. Amanda loves her new (not so much anymore) job!  She enjoys going and it’s pretty close to home.  I’m thankful for that job for her!
  4. I’ve been enjoying the pool this year!  I think I’ve been swimming every day for the past several days.  I am a little sunburned.  We have been taking Izzy swimming in the evenings and she likes it too.
  5. We didn’t go to church Wednesday night.  The preacher stopped by at 9:50 p.m. to check on us!  Matt was already asleep.  That is the main reason we didn’t go, he was really tired.
  6. Bailey & Emelia are leaving for church camp Sunday morning.  I need to start shopping for things like bug spray and flashlights… you know, fun stuff!
  7. Emelia has won the Christlike award at basketball camp every day this week.
  8. Izzy’s hair is so long, I was brushing it after her bath and it’s crazy long and so beautiful.
  9. I’ve been doing cad’s again this week.  I have so many to do I should be doing them now instead of typing this silly post!… but my brain needed a break.
  10. Emelia wanted (and got) lunchables to take to eat between swimming and basketball camps this week.  She insists on unpacking the box and putting all the parts into a lunch box!  That’s the whole reason you pay $3.50 for a little box of food, because it is self contained.  Oh well.
  11. Amanda has been working on her room.  She had the walls (and ceiling) covered in pictures and posters.  She took down all the posters and stuff and has touched up her walls.  She has been going through all her clothes.  I bought ten boxes yesterday for her to pack away winter clothes.  Her room is really looking better.
  12. I’m hoping to do a complete clean out in Emelia’s room and paint it pink with pretty silver flour de lis on the walls (or something along that line).
  13. My mother’s birthday is Sunday.  I need to think of something to get for her. Quick!  Matt’s is Tuesday.  Then father’s day.  Then our 19th anniversary.  All in the next week or two.

thursday thirteen ~ 13 shows on my tivo

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

1.  Sesame Street (Izzy)

2.  Ghosthunters (Matt)

3.  Hell’s Kitchen (me & Matt)

4.  Andrew Wommack Ministries (me & Matt)

5.  MonsterQuest (Matt!)

6.  TapouT (Matt)

7.  The Naked Archaeologist (Matt)

8.  Invention Nation (Matt)

9.  Juno (me & Matt)

10.  Top Chef (me)

11.  Flipping Out (?)

12.  Clean House (me)

13.   7th Heaven (me)

thursday 13 ~ last day of school

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Thirteen thoughts about the last day of school…

1.  This is the last day Amanda will be a junior, Bailey will be an eighth grader, Emelia a fourth grader, Izzy in pre-k.

2.  Starting tomorrow the morning rush will be a memory.

3.  I’m thinking “chore chart!”

4.  Lots to go and do… msnbc predicts gas will be as high as $10 per gallon.  Maybe lots to do at home?

5.  Summer school on wednesdays for Iz.  Starting June 11.

6.  Feels like a beginning, makes me want to do all kinds of things like paint, clean, etc.

7.  I love Summer, but by August I’ll love school again!

8.  Three months to keep four kids entertained… including two teens.

9.  Amanda’s boyfriend’s family is moving closer this weekend.  Instead of 20 miles away they will be about 5 miles away from us.

10.  Bailey broke up with his girlfriend “chloe” yesterday.

11.  Emelia has been fussing with friends, I think 10 years old is the time for that!  I’m glad they will now all have a break from each other and hope we can work on our attitudes during this break.

12.  Izzy’s bff from pre-k was supposed to go to a different school in the fall for kindergarten, but because of Iz her mom is going to continue bringing her to CE.  She thinks she is in charge of Izzy.  She’s cute.

13.  I’ll miss Izzy’s teachers and therapists most probably, they are people I visit with everyday when I take and pick up Izzy from school.  They are wonderful people.  All of them.