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last days of summer.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

It’s been a fun & busy week.  Wednesday my friend Melody took me to lunch at the Paseo Grill. 


 They had tons of vegan choices (well… fourish).  I had pasta with veggies and it was delish.  We shared some fried green beans too.  She gave me a card welcoming me to the “club.”  I said, “No thanks :).”  She also gave me some fun things like this book…



and a shape magazine.  I told her I thought she was trying to tell me something :)… she said she just knew I was on a health kick lately. 

I worked Tuesday and Thursday, but driving home both days I stopped off at the Edmond Walmart who happened to have some morningstar products our local walmart doesn’t carry.  I had to get one of each to try.  They had mushroom burgers, italian herb chicken patties, and asian burgers.  We really liked all of these.  They are all vegan.  Matt liked the asian patties best.  There is a recipe for spring rolls using them I imagine I’ll try soon.  The italian chicken patties were good on buns with marinara.  We had the mushroom burgers on french bread with sliced avocados.  Yum! 

Today started early with a trip to Kohl’s for Emelia.  We had some Kohl’s cash and coupons mixed with tax free weekend… She got three jeans, six tops, and a belt for $60.  Pretty good deal huh?  Afterwards we stopped at Rue21 and Bailey got a new belt.  He is so thin he almost has to wear a belt just to keep his jeans up.  Poor kid 😛 … 

The next stop was my brother’s office at the department of public safety for Bailey’s learner’s permit.  He was able to take the test there and barely passed.  He did pass so that’s all that counts and I wouldn’t have known the shape of the railroad signs either.  We all had to go celebrate the permit with Falcone’s pizza afterwards.  Mike and Bailey chose the restaurant.   (I had to snap a pic with my phone of his first attempt to drive).


I came home to feed Isabelle lunch and then had to run errands with Amanda.  Her car had a low tire so we took it to have it checked and the tire shop was running behind.  We walked to the auto parts store and bought windshield wiper blades (which she has been needing to replace) and put them on all by ourselves.  I was so proud.  I have always had the guy at the auto store do it for me, but since we had walked there rather than drive…  They were still working on the tire so we went in a local diner called, “Harley’s,” which we had never been into and had a coke and snack.  It was fun and spontaneous just to walk around and do whatever we wanted.  We went to get her license renewed after they finished looking at her tire and then picked up her pictures at CVS. We didn’t go to Circuit City.  It was a fun afternoon!

And look what was delivered when I got home…


Pretty flowers from my friend Jacki.  So sweet of her!

I’ve also been getting the strangest cards from Tulsa, OK.  One had been signed “Happy Birthday,” one was signed “Matt P.”  I’m on to you John Tiefenthaler!!!!! 

Tomorrow is slip and slide at church.  Giving away like 500 backpacks full of school supplies to the kids in our community.  After that we’ll be getting packed up for our trip to Missouri.  I’m taking the kids to Roaring River and am very excited to get away for my dreaded birthday. 

On the strike front (AT&T), district 4 settled on a contract today at 5 p.m.  This is a good sign!  Matt wasn’t thrilled because they settled but I am very glad and will be happy to be off strike watch.  Hopefully district 6 will settle soon as well.  I saw the reports of a slight decrease in unemployment rates this morning.  It was like a tenth of a point, but in true Pollyanna fashion I just have to say I’m glad it went down instead of up!

saturday stuff…

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Dad’s brother Bill died today.  I remember spending weeks at a time in the Summers at Bill & Jean’s house with my cousin Janet.  They live in a small town that was safe enough to walk to the public pool three times a day and to the store.  We would eat, swim, eat, swim, eat and swim more.  So much fun.  What I wouldn’t give for a week like that now.  You take those carefree times for granted when you are free of responsibility.  Too bad.  My aunt Jean is a retired 2nd grade school teacher and is seriously one of the sweetest ladies… reminds me a lot of Matt’s grandmother (Marmar). 

We’ve had lots of things to get done today.  Matt did some maintenance on my suburban.  We planted our seedlings in the square foot garden… and I had noticed the bathroom in our bedroom had some kind of water leak so Matt removed the toilet, found the problem, and after many trips (made by me) to the lumber store is fixed.  Matt got the yard mowed too. Very productive day.  Me & Izzy are under the weather today but still plugging along.  I got a call from Sean (the oil guy I work for) telling me that 35 spill plans are due by the end of the week.  After almost being sick, then hyperventilating, I have wrapped my brain around it and it will be fine.  I hope.  This on top of cads and topos for each of those 35 all in one week!!!!  I also have billing to do for about 30 other facilities in Kansas so I’m thinking I will get zero recreational computer time next week.  UGH.  I hope I can get it all done.

Our church is having a play tomorrow.  Amanda, Bailey and Emelia are all in it.  I look forward to seeing it!  I imagine it will be work right after church.  I made a batch of chili and spaghetti today.  The spaghetti will be lunch tomorrow with garlic toast.  I also made another big batch of brocolli, cauliflour salad.  We had frito chili pie for our meal today.  I’ve been eating one meal a day lately… I bought some peanut butter cookie dough from a girl at church so I scooped out a pan of cookies and topped each with a hershey square of chocolate.  I’m skipping the cookies, but they look delish.


We are officially on strike watch tonight at midnight.  It’s rumored they will call a strike (AT&T/Matt’s employer) tonight.  I’m not worried.  I just really hope they resolve the contract negotiations quickly and everything works out.  Like always I know everything is in God’s hands and He takes care of us.  I think to strike now with the current economic status would be crazy and frankly if I were CEO of ATT considering his ridiculous salary I would want to stay off the radar! 

That’s all for now, what’s new in your world?