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Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Dad’s brother Bill died today.  I remember spending weeks at a time in the Summers at Bill & Jean’s house with my cousin Janet.  They live in a small town that was safe enough to walk to the public pool three times a day and to the store.  We would eat, swim, eat, swim, eat and swim more.  So much fun.  What I wouldn’t give for a week like that now.  You take those carefree times for granted when you are free of responsibility.  Too bad.  My aunt Jean is a retired 2nd grade school teacher and is seriously one of the sweetest ladies… reminds me a lot of Matt’s grandmother (Marmar). 

We’ve had lots of things to get done today.  Matt did some maintenance on my suburban.  We planted our seedlings in the square foot garden… and I had noticed the bathroom in our bedroom had some kind of water leak so Matt removed the toilet, found the problem, and after many trips (made by me) to the lumber store is fixed.  Matt got the yard mowed too. Very productive day.  Me & Izzy are under the weather today but still plugging along.  I got a call from Sean (the oil guy I work for) telling me that 35 spill plans are due by the end of the week.  After almost being sick, then hyperventilating, I have wrapped my brain around it and it will be fine.  I hope.  This on top of cads and topos for each of those 35 all in one week!!!!  I also have billing to do for about 30 other facilities in Kansas so I’m thinking I will get zero recreational computer time next week.  UGH.  I hope I can get it all done.

Our church is having a play tomorrow.  Amanda, Bailey and Emelia are all in it.  I look forward to seeing it!  I imagine it will be work right after church.  I made a batch of chili and spaghetti today.  The spaghetti will be lunch tomorrow with garlic toast.  I also made another big batch of brocolli, cauliflour salad.  We had frito chili pie for our meal today.  I’ve been eating one meal a day lately… I bought some peanut butter cookie dough from a girl at church so I scooped out a pan of cookies and topped each with a hershey square of chocolate.  I’m skipping the cookies, but they look delish.


We are officially on strike watch tonight at midnight.  It’s rumored they will call a strike (AT&T/Matt’s employer) tonight.  I’m not worried.  I just really hope they resolve the contract negotiations quickly and everything works out.  Like always I know everything is in God’s hands and He takes care of us.  I think to strike now with the current economic status would be crazy and frankly if I were CEO of ATT considering his ridiculous salary I would want to stay off the radar! 

That’s all for now, what’s new in your world?