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school and more school.

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

First… a tour of Izzy’s new classroom!  We went last Friday to see her room before school started Monday.  Melanie showed us around 🙂 … Here is the communication device table.  Look at all those cool devices! (oooh…ahhh!)


Here is the CRV (I think that’s right and not sure what it stands for, but Melanie checks it out from the library for the blind for Izzy).  It is so cool and Izzy loves it!


Here is Izzy’s office!  Notice all the orange?


Melanie had a present for MOI!  I heart her.


This is the rest station!  See the cute soft comfy orange and pink pillows.  They have been enjoying this area daily this week!


Izzy has been doing great at school.  First grade is GREAT!  Here are a couple of notes from her teacher (Melanie).


Izzy had a great first day.  During Mrs. Weber’s class she was extra attentive.  She completed a page on syllables and sat by Isabelle (a friend from last year) during story time.  During the story Mrs. Weber asked what kind of ice cream they liked and Izzy raised her right hand for chocolate!  The next story was about Molly the shortest girl in her class.  Molly loved her grandma and when Mrs. Weber asked the class who loved their grandmas Izzy raised her right hand! How cool is that!  A grand day!


Another great day in 1st grade!  Izzy was very verbal all day today.  She raised her no hand for Mrs. Weber when asked if anyone had a question.  She raised her right hand (yes) when I came to July for her birthday month! In music she sang!  She was very attentive and had a great day!

Bailey started high school this year and Emelia started middle school.  They are both having a great first week too!


I helped Amanda move into her dorm today at OU.  We had lunch at Victoria’s and then faced chaos like you cannot imagine at the campus!  So many people, so much stuff, so many lines.  It was insane.  But she is moved in and her room is small but cute.  Her new roommate (Rachel) seems really nice and her family was very helpful and nice too.  I already miss having her here, but am so excited for her.  I’m thinking it’s going to hit me tomorrow morning when she’s not here to say, “good morning ma.”  I’ll really miss that.  She is the official door locker and checks all the doors every night.  She has already texted me to remind me to lock up.  🙂 She has big amounts of concern :).


a surprise!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Today was Izzy’s day for ESY … which is Summer school.  She has been missing Melanie (her favorite teacher)!  Today Melanie came to surprise Izzy!  She brought balloons… and one was ORANGE.  Izzy grabbed the orange balloon when Melanie showed them to her.  Word was that Iz did better with Karen and Camilla than she has all Summer.  Melanie is a great motivator.  Lots of exciting things to look forward to this school year including a new classroom of their very own that is bigger and can accommodate all the things needed to make school perfect!  So great. 

Thank you Melanie for coming to school today to surprise Izzy.  She was so happy to see you!  (so was I) 🙂




orange … and zoo.

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Yesterday when I was picking up Isabelle from school, they were letting her choose the color of her new hand splints. I usually just order pink or purple when we get any type of splints or orthotics… anyway, with her new found ability to make choices using her left hand for no and right for yes… they were eliminating choices and had it narrowed down to three. Pink, neon green, and orange. I watched as they showed her each color several times and she chose orange! I couldn’t believe it! Gram and her love of OSU has obviously had more affect on Iz than I had thought! So she’ll be sporting fancy orange hand splints.

Today was the zoo field trip. After an early morning State Honor Society breakfast, me and Izzy headed to the zoo. We actually beat the school buses by almost an hour! I was happy to see a few old friends from church and then a couple of “girls” I graduated with not many years ago 🙂 … It was nice catching up and then we hit the zoo!

It was a very humid day. My hair is the biggest evidence of that!!!

Izzy and Emelia (Izzy’s school para/mom’s daughter) got airbrushed tatoos at the zoo. They chose butterflies.

We braved the stinky snake house! Here’s Izzy checking out a tortoise!

The snakes were icky! But we looked at them all!

There were two things I didn’t exactly enjoy about the timing of our zoo trip. 1. It was feeding time which meant there were a lot of animals gnawing on a lot of nasty bones and other things… and 2. Those things have to come out of those animals and the gorillas made quite a show of that. I will spare you the details, but lets just say some things should NEVER be eaten!  Like cattle supplies.

This is teacher appreciation week and me and Izzy sure do appreciate these two girls!!! Michele and Melanie are the most awesomest bestest para and teacher ever!!!

Here’s Izzy and Michele’s daughter Emily. They had fun zoo-ing together today!

This is what kept me and izzy hydrated! Our favorite drink!

fondue and stuff.

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I mentioned matt & I went to melting pot last weekend?  After that Matt became very obsessed interested in acquiring a fondue pot and melting pot cookbook to recreate the experience at home.   The fondue pot (from arrived Friday afternoon and I went to the store for a few a million lots of ingredients for the three courses we would try.




It was a hit!  I made up a few sauces for the meat because the many sauces really made th e meal.  The sauces were surprisingly just like the ones at the melting pot.  I made a carribean sauce and a spicy horseradish sauce.   I marinated steak, pork, and chicken.  We made the cheddar garlic cheese and flambeed chocolate with caramel. YUM.

The end of this school year is coming quickly.  Less than three weeks.  Amanda has two awards assemblies this week and Isabelle is going on a field trip to the zoo Thursday (me too!).

Matt and I had Logan’s Roadhouse for lunch today after church… here we are arriving…


I copied a recipe (claiming to be healthy) from the southern living on the table beside the chair I sat in while getting a pedicure Friday.  It is a chicken taco with mexican corn and black beans on ww tortillas but the interesting part was the sauce you make with lf sour cream, jalepenos and cilantro.  I’m making it for dinner tomorrow, if it’s good I’ll post the recipe!

Oh… one more thing… we’ve been asking iz tons of questions and watching her yes/no answers.  It’s been interesting to get such clear answers from her!

izzy’s other great day…

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Iz had another great day at school yesterday (Wednesday)… She used her yes/no to answer lots of questions (correctly) and… Margaret said if she keeps it up she’ll be talking in no time. Apparently they were discussing animals in speech therapy and she attempted all the sounds presented to her. Way to go Izzy!!!

izzy’s great day.

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009



Izzy had a great “blogworthy” day at school…

(here’s the note that came home with her today)

Special times in Isabelle’s Day


1.  Ate lemon pudding in the cafeteria with kids and opened mouth wide!!! 🙂

2.  Used yes/no response cards for lessons (and got them all right) for 30 minutes!

3.  Sang all through music.


Told Margaret, “I want to go.”  after Melanie left the room.  Margaret said, “you can go when say Melanie” SO IZZY SAID (drum roll) elanie!!! Yes she got to go back to Melanie!


Sat in Michele’s lap after a lot of hard work and smiled BIG!

A+ day – showed us how smart she is today – made Michele cry, (happy tears)!