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monday monday…

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I’m awake before six a.m. watching Amazing Race tivo’d from last night before I hit the ground running!  Lots and lots of plans for the day!

Amanda, Mom, and I went shopping (quickly) Saturday for a prom dress… We found a really pretty purple one and purple shoes and then some nice spring dresses for awards assemblies and senior breakfast…  While checking out (Macy’s) I was quickly perusing a sale rack and found a beautiful black short formal that was just very basic and nice looking.  Amanda tried it on and it looked so good on her we got that for under her grad. gown.  We’ve received her announcements, but the white cap and gown (for valedictorians) have yet to be delivered.  It was a big relief to find so many pretty things Saturday. She feels ready for the next couple of months now. 

The diet & exercise are going great.  Don’t think I need a diet pill. I made the most delicious glazed ham for dinner last night.  Did I mention it was delicious?  I also wrapped frozen corn cobs salted in foil and stood on end in baking dish to bake with the ham while we went to church.  They were so good and tasted roasted.  Definitely easier than the boil method and tastier than the microwave.  I just remembered I forgot to cook the fresh asparagus… oh well, there’s always tonight. 

Speaking of tonight, I plan to have leftovers but add some baked potatoes and the asparagus.  I made a big batch of this salad Saturday and have been hoarding it all weekend with my meals.  It’s my favorite…

1 pkg. dry ranch dressing mix with 1 c skim milk & 1 c mayo, blend well & refridgerate

1 head cauliflour

2 heads of broccoli

several green onions

2 cans sliced black olives

I cut just the florets off the caul. & broc. and chop the green onions, add drained olives and then cover with dressing and stir.  Refridgerate to let the flavors blend.  So good!

I plan to roast chicken with carrots and potatoes tomorrow, and then make beans Wednesday with the remaining ham.  Thats as far as I’ve thought out the week. 

I have to work later today and have tons of things to do, it’s going to be a crazy busy week. 

Some things to remember from this weekend…

Matt spoke at the men’s dinner Friday night…. I heard he did a good job, I wasn’t there since it was a men’s dinner and all.

Isabelle had a good weekend, her pressure spot is just almost gone.  I got the fixed afo in the mail and will put it on asap! 

Bailey spent most of the weekend sick in bed… he was dizzy and had a headache.  Hope he feels better today!

Emelia got to go to Incredible Pizza with the kids from church yesterday.  She had a blast. 


Is it not annoying that 60 minutes runs into the AR time and if you tivo it you miss the last 20 minutes of the show????? UGH.  I’m just glad I also recorded cold case just in case and guess what?  I’m now watching the first 20 minutes to cold case to see the last 20 minutes of Amazing Race.  I heart tivo.  You can watch an entire hour show in about 20 minutes tops.


Happy Monday!