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happy christmas.

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Well… we’re snowed in.  Seriously.  14.5″ was reportedly a new record at the Will Rogers Airport.  Mom and dad came for dinner last night.  When I took them home I almost didn’t make it back and they only live about a block away!  We had planned to go to Bethany to have Christmas Eve with Matt’s paternal family last night, but that was postponed due to weather.  Today’s plans were also cancelled today.  Instead we are going to mom & dad’s house for lunch and then my brother’s house for dinner.  They are both close enough…  Matt and Bailey are out shoveling snow and distributing ice melt. 

I bought a baby doll for Isabelle this year.  She held on to her all day!  So sweet :)…

izzy doll

I went to Sam’s when the blizzard began… stopped at Panera and then realized it wasn’t good weather to be out in.  By the time I got home I was stopping at every stop sign to beat off my windshield wipers and scrape the window just to see the road.  Some miles I could not see at all for about the last half.  It was really scary.  Once the heavy snow stopped it was easier to drive around.  Matt and I went to the store in Choctaw and that wasn’t so bad but people were getting stuck everywhere. I love security cameras.


Merry Christmas!!!!