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menu plan monday

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008


Can you believe it is March? already? Seriously… true story. I was paying for something Saturday and when I wrote the date (March 1, 2008) on my check I spoke outloud, “It’s March already?” and the checker said, “Just wait until you are my age, see how fast the months go then.” I looked at her thinking she wasn’t much older than me and said, “How old do you think I am?” She guessed in my twenties. I refrained from jumping the counter to hug her neck! LOL! So, Happy March!


Monday Matt and I are going to a jazz lounge, Laura’s son plays there (he goes to UCO) and so we’re going … Hopefully we’ll eat at McAllisters, a new place my friend Miki and I ate lunch at last week and I loved it. I’m also hoping we can walk around Mardels for a bit.


Tuesday I am making beans with ham and cornbread. I know there is something planned for Tuesday but can’t remember what at this point. I have lunch plans, but not sure what else.


Wednesday is church night. I plan to make chicken spaghetti in the crock pot.


Thursday we’ll either have carryout pizza or leftovers…


Friday I’ll grill some steak and bake potatoes too.


That’s the week, now I’m off to search for those drawstring bags/backpacks for our next FLO event because I can’t keep my mouth shut!

menu plan monday

Monday, February 18th, 2008


This is going to be a good week. We are having our first flo (for ladies only) service at church Tuesday night. I think it will be really a good thing…

Bailey has been under the weather, but seems better tonight. I think he’ll make it to school tomorrow. It’s been a nice quiet weekend. A lot of running on Saturday, but still a lot of time spent at home. Matt finally got his xm radio all situated after sending me to best buy a few times for different accessories. He likes it a lot already. I personally don’t get it… but it’s okay.

Here’s my menu for this week, I planned to do roast for Sunday lunch… Amanda ended up going out to eat with Lorenzo so I waited because she really likes roast. We had sonic (how healthy huh?) for lunch and subway for dinner! Subway was yummy!


roast with new potatoes & carrots

ww rolls




for ladies only at church

menu is chicken enchiladas

Subway for Matt and Bailey



taco chicken




sloppy joes

ww buns

oven fries







Visit Org. Junkie to share your menu.

Don’t forget to come back for time travel tuesday! This week we are traveling back to a babysitting experience. Did you have any interesting, extra fun, or scary experiences while babysitting kids? Come back and share tomorrow!



menu plan monday!

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I started weight watchers online this week. I haven’t actually thought about the menu this week until now! Today after church we had a great lunch. I put potatoes in the crock pot overnight and cooked some steaks and rolls and corn. Amanda’s boyfriend probably told me 20X how good lunch was LOL! I guess I know what he likes now… We had a wonderful morning at church. It was … well… different and life changing. Anyway, after church and after lunch and after feeding Izzy and even after cleaning the kitchen and starting laundry I went to the park to walk/run. I needed the extra 2 activity points for ww for dinner! I walked and ran a little for 30 minutes. I used bailey’s ipod (he and his friend were with me) and decided to have my own music next time! His music was too loud and loud. He’s such a sweet kid, I just ? him! (I ? all my kids of course!). We had a potluck tonight at church. The theme was surf & turf. I took some pizzas. LOL! They were gone faster than anything else. I guess kids prefer pizza to “clam chowder”… I had one (tiny) slice of pizza, one shrimp, and three hushpuppies to finish off my points for the day including my activity points! I wanted a brownie so bad but was strong!

I’ve been wanting to try quinoa. I have this recipe bookmarked and will make it this week if I can find the quinoa around here. It’s supposed to be super healthy!

I may make this giant ww omelet (or something similar) one night!

I think Monday night we’ll do Mazzio’s because one topping pizzas are $6, and the kids love mazzios!

And one night I plan to make this ww salsa crock pot chicken!

We had subway last night and enjoyed it so much I think we’ll have subway Wednesday night.

So… that wasn’t too hard! voila…. my menu is complete 🙂

Oh, some other things from this weekend… we went to the memorial service. It was at an episcopal church. That was very interesting. I have never been to a service like that before. I guess it is similar to the catholic church. I really liked some of the things they did though, and the lesson was very good. The preacher reminded me and Matt of his grandmother (marmar).

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menu plan monday

Monday, December 31st, 2007

I’ll be glad when these holidays are OVER… except after Tuesday it is going to be DIET time! I’m so excited about the new year… I just have an overall excitement! Next week is national week of prayer & fasting. Here are my plans so far for this week’s meals…

sloppy joes

Party food…
texas caviar
black eyed pea dip

Subs before church
with fresh veggies

crock pot chicken spaghetti
garlic toast
ww pasta


Visit Org. Junkie to sign mr. linky and share your menu.

You have to have black eyed peas on New Years… it’s tradition. Growing up I hated them and was forced to eat a spoonful every year. Now they aren’t too bad, and the two recipes I am making are so doctored up you can’t even tell what they are.

Come back later (or Tuesday) for time travel tuesday! We’re traveling back to the most special moment over Christmas… was there a time that you had to bite your lip not to tear up? Did someone do something so kind it was moving, or maybe just finding that special thing your kiddo wanted really bad… maybe a church service you attended?

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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menu plan monday

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Here’s my menu for this week…

Monday ~ leftover turkey with dressing & twice baked potatoes!

Tuesday ~ chicken stew mexican style from Michelle

Wednesday ~ little ceasers pizza!

Thursday ~ spaghetti & garlic bread with broccoli/cauliflower salad

Friday ~ sloppy joes

Visit Org. Junkie to link up with the menu planners!

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menu plan monday

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Here’s my menu this week…

I made a HUGE pot of yummy chili, it was dinner Saturday night and then we had leftovers Sunday. I’m going to use the rest for Matt’s taquitos and then freeze what’s left for next time we have hot dogs! Today I plan to make a big batch of broccoli/cauliflower salad to munch on. I made pumpkin bread and caramel corn last night for the church snack night. Jenna, I made one batch with chocolate chips like you mentioned~ Bailey loves it! I just had caramel corn for breakfast and feel like I won’t eat again for a week (I’m sure that’ll change :o)…

OH I forgot to tell you, I made up a recipe Friday night! I started with chicken breasts and sauteed them with seasonings, I took it out and made a sauce… served over rice. IT was yummy.

Tonight is $6 large pizza night at Mazzios… i’m there!

Tuesday night is half priced burgers at Sonic…

Wednesday: chicken spaghetti in crockpot

Thursday: sloppy joes

Friday: Church Ladies Dinner!

*All subject to change :o)!

Hope you have a yummy week!

MPM (well, sort of…)

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Hi guys.
Well… yesterday’s lunch went off very very well!  I got up very early and started peeling potatoes and got everything done just in time to get to church.  Dad came down for lunch (mom was gone out of town to see her dad) and Amanda’s friend was here too.  We had a nice quiet afternoon and then headed back to church.  
I have black beans cooking away right now for dinner… they’ll be served over rice with salsa over the top.  I have tons of leftover potato salad but it doesn’t seem too appetizing with black beans and rice :o).
Tomorrow I am going to make chicken spaghetti because it’s easy.  I have Melody penciled in for lunch after I get Izzy to school.  She’s been a bit stuffy the past few days so hopefully she’ll be up to school tomorrow.  
Wednesday I think we’ll have sloppy joes with ground turkey (because we’re health nuts you know?) for supper, they are quick and a great easy before church meal.
Thursday I am thinking something mexican-ish.  Either chicken enchiladas or chicken tacos. Something like that.  I’ll have refried beans and spanish rice for sides…
Friday I hope we’ll get pizza or something like that.  
I ran to Macy’s with mom this morning and she got me the prettiest big jade ring, I’d post a pic but …  Anyway, trust me … it’s pretty!  
One last thought (before I race to stir my black beans and clean the laundry area because my washer has decided to drop water from underneath and has to be looked at (ERG!!!) … It looks like Christmas at the stores ALREADY!  

Oh… if you want to see real menus from really organized people :o) go over to Org. Junkie!

menu plan monday ~ september 10

Monday, September 10th, 2007


Cheesy Mostaccioli
(thanks Lauren)
garlic toast


Barbecue chicken
scalloped potatoes
baked beans


refried beans


curry chicken


date night!

Okay, I’ve written three full paragraphs about things going on… Amanda’s adventure and scary text message last night; my latest weight news; etc… but keep finding myself backspacing the whole thing.

Matt’s uncle Eddie was found dead in his home last night. When we first started dating, Eddie and his lovely family were always around. We watched his children Bryce and Evva grow up. Somewhere along the way his path of life took a detour and he made some wrong choices. I’m sad for him. When Izzy was in the PICU for so long, Eddie was there every day. He would just sit and visit with us and was very helpful. He was really a funny and warm man. For many years he owned the funeral home in his home town and so he always had a funeral story to share, which I never particularly enjoyed… but it was just Eddie. A few months ago when Matt’s grandmother died, it was Eddie who saw to every detail, even fixing her hair to look “like marmar always looked.” My next line of thoughts is something like… the devil can really lead your life in the wrong direction and ultimately ends in death… but, we all know that. I just pray for his children, who are essentially grown now… but it was still their dad.

I’m not sure why I have a very heavy heart today, I think maybe some time on my knees rather than at the keyboard is a good idea.

Be blessed.

mpm~september 3

Monday, September 3rd, 2007


grilled burgers
chocolate chip oatmeal cookies


chicken fried rice
beef egg rolls (new recipe)

chicken spaghetti
whole wheat linguine
garlic bread


frito chili pie
bundt cake


taco chicken
over chips with cheese
green beans

Laura, Organizing Junkie hosts menu plan Monday each week.

mpm ~ august 27

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Why am I up at 11:55 p.m. writing my menu???
Well to answer that question you would have to address it to my sidekick Isabelle, who will not go to sleep!!! She must be excited about pre-k tomorrow, I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned it as I was laying her down to sleep, huh? She’s much too cute to be irritated with, so I am trying to make productive use of this time that I would normally (and happily) be dreaming of ice cream and unicorns…

refried beans (fat free)
mexican corn


unbelievable spinach calzones


Jenna’s Teriyaki glazed chicken

what else do you serve with this Jenna?


Taco meatloaf
spanish rice




Paula & John coming and cooking my favorite pasta because John was at a golf tournament my birthday weekend and offered a raincheck on my meal! woo hoo!!!

Pot luck at church
Italian in theme
Taking Barb’s spinach pasta… don’t know if it is italian, but it is yummy!

To join in on mpm, head over to org. junkie!