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Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Matt and I took izzy to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon Wednesday morning.  The primary reason for scheduling this appointment was reports of increasing hip pain and discomfort.  The secondary reason was a discussion I had with her orthotist about doing some tendon release to get her feet where they need to be (flat.).  It’s no secret that Izzy’s diagnosis is not something that doctors can “fix” or even know what to do about.  The brain is a mystery.  The body parts are not such a mystery, and Dr. Herndon felt very confident in the surgery he is suggesting as very necessary.  I zoned out after I heard incisions and bone cutting so I’m not sure about the exact details but I do know that it is a long surgery requiring a partner to work on opposite hip at same time for six hours total.  It will require a blood transfusion.  She will be put in a cast from chest to toes for six weeks.  Yesterday was very overwhelming.  We live in a protective cocoon… believing Izzy will get better… not seeing her through physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes.  Listening to a doctor make proclamations about her condition is and always has been disheartening.  Don’t misunderstand, our God is bigger than those words… but we are human and words hurt.  These particular words seemed to hurt a little too much yesterday. 

I continue to stand on the scriptures of promise that are tabbed above.  I am so thankful for family and for friends who are supportive and encouraging at times like this when we face uncertainty, and yet know where all certainty comes from.  Sounds like a double existance, and honestly sometimes feels like one.  I think that is just another way the enemy inhabits our thoughts and tries to cause our faith to decrease.  I was especially thankful for Matt yesterday.  I remembered how good we are as a team yesterday.  The reason I think we stayed sane (or partially sane 🙂 ) through Izzy’s accident and hospital stay.  He is strong where I am weak.  I’d like to think visa-versa as well. 

We could sure use prayers (of faith) right now.  Our church is having a 24 hour prayer vigil for Iz.  I keep thinking someone is praying for her right now.  What a comfort. 

I have an appointment Monday for her to see the hospital orthotist to have a brace made for her back to try to keep her back straight(er) while sitting up.  The next step will be an appt. with the orthopedic surgeon for xrays again to make sure the brace is effective.


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

iz pt
Lots of stuff going on lately with izzy. I prayerfully made an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to see what our options are with her hips. She is showing a lot of pain/discomfort in her right hip. While I have been against anything invasive, I certainly do not want her to be in pain. Enough is enough. I know God is the healer, and ask that you pray for direction for both us and the doctors… and especially for Izzy to be relieved of pain.

She is doing great in school with Melanie back. Melanie is using fun incentive to keep her communicating. She brought an orange heart box and puts tokens in when Izzy communicates her answers to different school work. Melanie said Izzy became much more communicative when she brought out her heart.

The AFO’s (foot braces) and shoes are in at the orthotist so we will make a trip to Norman Monday morning for a fitting. I heard Michele mentioning they are going to get her back on the bike when she gets her AFOs! yay!

job search

life. update.

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Lately everytime (about weekly) I log into the blog and think about updating it says not found. I then have to go through tons of hoops to find out that they have reassigned my nameservers on my dns settings so I have to figure out the correct nameservers and reassign them and then wait for it to work. UGH. Not sure what the deal is with that.

I have been cooking tonight… Mom is having a sister party (she has gobs of sisters 🙂 ) … and they are doing a cookie exchange and dirty santa tomorrow.  I made about a thousand no bake cookies, a double batch of spinach dip… and some oyster crackers (saw this on kelly’s corner recipes).  (see recipes below):


oyster crackers

• 1/2 c. butter
• 1 (1 ounce) package dry Ranch-style dressing mix
• 1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
• 1/4 teaspoon lemon pepper
• 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
• 1 (12 ounce) package oyster crackers
1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees F (135 degrees C).
2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together vegetable oil, ranch-style dressing mix, dill weed, lemon pepper and garlic powder. Pour this spice mixture over the crackers in a medium bowl, and stir until the crackers are coated. Arrange the crackers on a large baking sheet.
Bake in the preheated 275 degrees F (135 degrees C) oven for 15 to 20 minutes.


no bake cookies.

1/2 c butter
1/4 c cocoa
1/2 c milk
dash salt

bring to boil, let boil one minute. turn off heat and add:
1/2 c peanut butter
1/2 c coconut flakes (optional)
1 t vanilla
3 c old fashioned oats

stir and scoop out onto waxed paper to set. (this makes about three dozen small cookies)

spinach dip.
10 oz. chopped frozen spinach
8 oz cream cheese
8 oz sour cream
8 oz mayo
1 package knorr vegetable soup mix
5-6 chopped green onions

rinse and drain spinach well. Mix cc, sc, and mayo until smooth… add soup mix and then onions and spinach. Let set at least an hour in fridge. Great served with crackers or with hawaiian bread…



It’s been a busy but good week.  Monday I was home all day and really decorated the kitchen for Christmas.  It was FUN! 

Tuesday I went to help set up for FLO and had lunch with the “group” at a place called bandana reds.  LOL.  The veggie plate wasn’t bad.  FLO went really well. It was PJ night and I had new cute owl pjs to wear.  They were pretty LOUD, but it worked out.  Emelia had bball practice right after FLO so we were rushing out to get  to practice. 

Wednesday I went with dad to shop for mom’s Christmas present.  It wasn’t a Wii.  We went to Shawnee Mall and I can’t say what we got but I think she’ll love it!  We ate at Sante Fe Cattle Co. and headed home.  Dad noticed my (NEW) tire was low so we stopped at the tire center to have it checked… they pulled out a huge nail! 

Thursday I had a “date” 🙂 with my friends Miki and Debbie.  We went to PF Changs in Edmond.  I had not been there.  It was really good.  They serve the food family style so you can try a little of everyone’s stuff.  I ordered curried coconut veggies with tofu.  It was so good. I brought home more than half and had it for dinner.  I made a big pot of veggie stew for home but ate my leftovers instead. 

Today I had my Christmas lunch with Melody at Pepperoni Grill.  It was fun and we ran all over the mall looking for a personal shower gift for her SIL after we ate.  I stopped for supplies for above recipes, got Isabelle and then colored and cut mom’s hair.  I came home and made grilled cheese to go with the leftover soup.  After I got Izzy all fed and ready for bed I got all the cooking done.  Whew.  Long day 🙂  

Tomorrow I’m going to the party at moms.  Should be FUN.  Emelia has a ballgame and I am signed up to work the concession stand for the hour after her game.  I also take score for her team. 

Sunday the kids all have play practice at church all afternoon.  The three are in the church play and Emelia is singing a solo. . .

looking ahead.

Emelia has a choir concert Monday night.

Bailey is starring in a play Friday night at the high school.

Friday is the last day of school for all the kids for the year!

Amanda will be home for about 4 weeks, minus a chi alpha retreat to Texas.



Isabelle is doing good.  She has had a quiet week.  Her teacher, Melanie, is off work with her surgery recovery until after the holidays and we are missing her.  She really pushes Izzy and expects a lot from her.  Michele is Izzy’s para and takes great care of Iz… Camilla and Barbara are great too!  She is back in C Hall which is nice.  It’s like family in that hall :)… 

Here she is in her earmuffs, coat and gloves ready for school. 

cold iz

Well… that’s about all the news around here!  What’s up with YOU?

smiles, babies and turkeys.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


am iz2

Izzy is really happy to have Amanda here for the weekend.  The three of us had fun playing with Iz this morning!  Lots of happy smiles!  Izzy is doing great at school!  She is learning her spelling words so fast!  She is a really smart girl.  I’m sad that Melanie, Izzy’s teacher, is having surgery on her shoulder again.  Melanie is like sunshine in a person… and that sunshine has been pretty cloudy lately because she is in so much pain.  Her shoulder really needs a touch from God and a prayer for a successful procedure on Monday.  We need the sunshine back at school. (Miss YOU Melanie!).  In the meantime, Michele is holding things down and being a really good school mom for Iz.  We have an appointment for new AFO’s this Wednesday.  Casting is fun. Casting is fun… trying to convince myself 🙂 … 

em twins

Here is Emelia aka baby follower in the church nursery with twins Makenna and Jasmine.  They are so cute! 

ba tur

At FLO Tuesday night there were so many single mothers and widows who came to get their turkeys and other food items for thanksgiving!  My sweet Bailey was there helping hand out the turkeys and carried them to the cars.  They may need to find apartments for rent/ I think it had an impact on him to see so many people so thankful for the food and help.  He came home and mentioned that he wanted to donate some of his own Christmas gift money to help others.   I asked why he wanted to and he said that he had enough and there were so many people who need things.  Made my mother heart proud!  He didn’t really want me to mention that to anyone, but I know you’ll keep it to yourself. 


Monday, November 9th, 2009

Life is busy… as usual.

We had a nice weekend.  Amanda came home Saturday and spent the day learning to make cinnamon rolls (from the master – nini).  She came home with three big pans of cinnamon rolls.  Just what we need.  🙂  She took some back to school with her.  They also made a chocolate cake.  Yikes!  I’m have been really watching my points so will-power was a must this weekend!  The kids enjoyed playing bball with Matt Saturday afternoon.  Me and Matt went for a long walk Saturday morning.  We had dinner at Goporum Saturday evening.  It was pretty good, hot but good. fulfillment house.

Sunday was mostly church … and basketball playing.  I made bacon cheese burgers for lunch.  Meatless.  Morningstar prime grillers and morningstar (fake) bacon on the one point thin whole wheat buns (love those). 

I have been drinking a lot more water, mostly with crystal light packets (lemonade, rasberry lemonade, and wild strawberry) because I really don’t like water.  I made a new rule for myself to only have water with meals.  It’s not that bad really.  Then I get one coke a day… I save it for after dinner, something to look forward to!

Tori ( died this weekend.  She had a near drowning accident four years ago… She had the same birthday as me and was only 19 when she passed.  Very sad.  I’m praying for her family, I can’t imagine the loss they feel right now. 

We have  a meeting in the morning with Camilla and the equipment guy to look over bath chair and car seat options.  Hoping that goes well.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the team at school.  I really couldn’t do it without them… they are great.  Melanie sent home izzy’s sight words today to work on and said that the OT Barbara wants to be a back up to feed iz at school.   God has really blessed us with them!

trick or treat.

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

I took the girls (Em & Iz) to trick or treat tonight. I planned to take Iz out for a bit and then let her hang with my brother, but she ended up staying out with us. It was fun to see all the cute costumes and how some people really go all out to decorate for the occasion!  Emelia was a pirate princess and Iz was a princess… she carried Mike’s light sword so the other kids walking around thought she was princess leah (star wars) with her dark dress and braids. 






This is the tired princess pic!  She was pooped when we finally got home (so was I).

This is the first year Amanda didn’t participate in our Halloween adventures, she loves to dress up! But she was at the OU game tonight with Lorenzo.  Bailey felt like he was too old this year.

home bound.

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Izzy and I are home today.  Izzy’s sweet teacher, Melanie, had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago and is home getting better.  Please pray that she gets well soon! We miss her!  Michele, Izzy’s para and school mom is home with her son who is sick today.  The two of them absent means Izzy gets to be home with me.  It’s a rainy day and nice day to stay in, but Izzy does love school.

We’ve been busy with Kid’s Krusade all week at church.  Last night was the last night.  Brent Pickens came from Arkansas and did puppets and chalk drawings etc.  Emelia was excited to get to help with puppets the last two nights.  Izzy enjoyed the program a lot and listened very intently.  She was so vocal Tuesday night I tried to slip out with her but the Pastor insisted I stay in, saying she was fine.  At the end of the service Brent invites the children up to pray.  When he asked them to raise their hand if they wanted to have Jesus in their hearts Izzy’s hand went up way high.  (her YES hand).  Here she is with her cool lighted sunglasses (a treat for the kids last night).

iz kk

Bailey has been really busy with competitive drama.  He isn’t performing (yet) but is a stage hand.  He is planning to enroll in competitive drama to perform next semester and seems to really love being involved in drama.   I love that my brother Mike bought a new home in the addition very close to the high school.  Bailey walks there after practice and Mike brings him home.  Works out really well.  They are best buds 🙂 …

I just got a text from Amanda saying she needs a flu shot.  She had a cold last week but fortunately got over it quickly.  Her car is fixed. YAY.  After having the time belt off and water pump replaced the distributor went out (cha-ching) and finally it is all together and she took it back to OU Sunday evening.   She may need some online backup. She went on a retreat last weekend and had a great time.  She has been so focused on studying and stressed I think it did her a lot of good to get away for a couple of days.

I have been walking/running most days.  I love how pretty the weather has been and enjoy the park!  Here is the little pond… and the finishing scene! When I see my suburban I know I’m almost done and that is a good feeling 🙂 .



I made some veggie stew Monday and then again yesterday.  I filled up the pot that was Marmars to the brim 🙂 …  I love that pot!  It is so good. Emelia has had it as an after school snack each day and even said it was the best soup in the world. And to do a post ondisability appeal.


Veggie soup.

large sweet onion diced

1 T olive oil

2 lbs carrots chopped

2 lbs potatoes chopped

2 bags assorted mixed frozen veggies

1 lg can italian green beans

1 lg can whole tomatoes

1 lg can diced tomatoes

1 can rotel

2 cans veg broth

water (salted to cover veggies)

1 pkg. williams chili seasoning

salt & pepper to taste

Saute onions in olive oil, add remainder of ingredients, stir, cover and cook on medium heat until veggies are cooked.

I plan to try this next:

cowboy caviar
• 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can pinto beans
• 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can white shoepeg corn
• 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can black-eyed peas
• 1 red bell pepper, chopped
• 1 green bell pepper, chopped
• 3-4 green onions, chopped
• 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can tiny peas
• 1/4 cup oil
• 1/4 cup vinegar
• 1/3 cup sugar
Rinse starch off beans. Drain vegetables.Mix 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/3 cup sugar. Boil until sugar is dissolved. Pour over the drained vegetables. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate at least 24 hours, stirring occasionally. Serve with Fritos or other dipping chips.

Question: I saw on dr. oz yesterday a lady made breakfast wraps with high fiber wraps… has anyone bought those and where and what section?  TIA.


Sunday, October 18th, 2009

So this is day FOUR down.  I did something to my back and it has hurt like no other pain I’ve ever known! Seriously.  I went running Thursday morning, came home to get the kids off to meet mom for pizza… showered and fixed hair and reached to pick something up when the shooting pain began.  I went ahead and got iz to the car with Bailey’s help and took them to mom.  I got home and realized I could not walk from intense pain, like pass out pain.  It took me almost 20 minutes to get izzy into her chair and then into the house.  I got her in and then just pulled her onto my bed with me where we just layed until I could move.  I got up to find some tyl 3 I had put away and knew it was time to feed her lunch.  Seriously shed some tears during this hour or two! 

Friday was a stay in and try not to move day.  Saturday I got a call from Bear (I had left a message at his office Friday) and he said he could see me, so mom drove me to Edmond.  He worked on me for an hour or so… said my left hip was a bit out of socket (he popped it back and it felt weird), and that there were large knots on my lower back each side (sciatica).  So I left there feeling a little relief. 

I hoped to wake up this morning (Sunday) and be fine.  Didn’t happen which really discouraged me.  I had to put on my big girl panties and just deal with it.  Matt has been a great helper.  He did laundry and has been sweet to bring me things and carry Iz when needed.  Amanda came home for a bit and went to get us lunch today.  Pat (from church) brought spaghetti and lemon bundt cake over yesterday… good thing I won’t go hungry. 🙂

Amanda is going to see U2 in concert tonight.  The concert is at the stadium near her dorm.  She hadn’t planned to go but a friend called this afternoon to ask if she wanted a ticket! She told her no, she needed to study.  (she is very dedicated!)  Matt and I both encouraged her to go and maybe not stay that long just to experience it.  She studied at home until very late last night.  Mike came by and gave her a flu and b12 shot before she left. 

So, that’s about it around here… Melanie is back at school and me and Iz couldn’t be happier.  We missed her!  Izzy made the cutest pumpkin at school Wednesday that I would show a pic of if I could walk to take the pic etc. but just believe me when I say it is precious! 

Oh, one more thing!  Emelia gave Izzy a makeover while I was gone to bear.  She straightened her hair and put makeup (including mascara) on her.  Here’s the pic…

iz makeup

I really hope my back is better tomorrow because all my helpers and lifters will be gone!

mystery solved and craft time.

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I took Iz to the orthotist Monday to have her SWASH checked and see about her AFO’s which she would not tolerate more than one hour.  She wore them while sleeping when we first got them for a few months and we saw such great gains in her feet but then she got a pressure spot and things went downhill from there.  It was one of those one step forward, two steps back moments.  So after Gary and I thought and talked about the situation we both agreed it could be an issue with the SWASH.  He said the tone starts at the hip and goes down to the foot.  So he adjusted out the SWASH which had really stopped working to abduct her hips like it had in the beginning.  Camilla had mentioned it but when we went to the Orthotist he just worked on the AFOs.  I am happy to report that Iz has slept in her AFO’s all night the past two nights!  The first night she woke up after three hours and I took them off, but since then she has slept fine!  So lesson learned and we will keep an eye on that swash to make sure it stays where it needs to be. 

I have a cold. 

I wanted to make this.

flowers pb

I saw them in the Pottary Barn window and loved them!  They are $59 each.  I couldn’t find the teddy bear sunflowers, or the pots like that… so I ended up making this.


 I still plan to go out to find the right supplies for the original plan as soon as I feel better.  I put this on facebook and several asked about cost and how to…

The flowers were 10.99 for two bunches at half price at hob lob

The pot was $4 at walmart

peats moss was .99 at hob lob

styrofoam was about $4

The peats moss would make many of these… so I would say I saved about $41.00.  Although it isn’t exactly what I wanted.  I pulled the flowers off the stems and hot glued them on the styrofoam ball.  I cut a piece of bamboo outside and stuck it into styrofoam in the pot to secure.  Covered styrofoam in pot with the moss.  Took about 10 minutes all together.

I’ve been walking/running daily. I’m really interested in fitness equipment.

school and more school.

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

First… a tour of Izzy’s new classroom!  We went last Friday to see her room before school started Monday.  Melanie showed us around 🙂 … Here is the communication device table.  Look at all those cool devices! (oooh…ahhh!)


Here is the CRV (I think that’s right and not sure what it stands for, but Melanie checks it out from the library for the blind for Izzy).  It is so cool and Izzy loves it!


Here is Izzy’s office!  Notice all the orange?


Melanie had a present for MOI!  I heart her.


This is the rest station!  See the cute soft comfy orange and pink pillows.  They have been enjoying this area daily this week!


Izzy has been doing great at school.  First grade is GREAT!  Here are a couple of notes from her teacher (Melanie).


Izzy had a great first day.  During Mrs. Weber’s class she was extra attentive.  She completed a page on syllables and sat by Isabelle (a friend from last year) during story time.  During the story Mrs. Weber asked what kind of ice cream they liked and Izzy raised her right hand for chocolate!  The next story was about Molly the shortest girl in her class.  Molly loved her grandma and when Mrs. Weber asked the class who loved their grandmas Izzy raised her right hand! How cool is that!  A grand day!


Another great day in 1st grade!  Izzy was very verbal all day today.  She raised her no hand for Mrs. Weber when asked if anyone had a question.  She raised her right hand (yes) when I came to July for her birthday month! In music she sang!  She was very attentive and had a great day!

Bailey started high school this year and Emelia started middle school.  They are both having a great first week too!


I helped Amanda move into her dorm today at OU.  We had lunch at Victoria’s and then faced chaos like you cannot imagine at the campus!  So many people, so much stuff, so many lines.  It was insane.  But she is moved in and her room is small but cute.  Her new roommate (Rachel) seems really nice and her family was very helpful and nice too.  I already miss having her here, but am so excited for her.  I’m thinking it’s going to hit me tomorrow morning when she’s not here to say, “good morning ma.”  I’ll really miss that.  She is the official door locker and checks all the doors every night.  She has already texted me to remind me to lock up.  🙂 She has big amounts of concern :).