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Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Matt took me to eat at Gopuram Taste of India tonight… we were mostly interested in their vegan menu choices.  They have a buffet, but we both ordered off the menu.  This was a little scary considering we had no idea what we would be eating.  There were brief descriptions, but nothing could prepare me for my food!  It was HOT!  The waiter asked if I wanted it spicy and I said, “sure.”  My sinuses are officially clear.  It was good and the indian bread was so good and cut the heat.  I had Malai kofta.  Which was vegetable dumplings cooked in a mild cream & almond sauce with rice.  The sauce was not mild at all though.  It was curry with red pepper and masala.  Matt helped me eat it while we waited for his weird order to come.  He was interested in a carrot pudding and LOVED it!  I had gulab junum.  It was pastry balls in warm sugar sauce.  Not at all what I expected.  It was like donut soup or something, but pretty good.  Next time we will probably try the buffet so we can try more things.

We waited for a what seemed like forever while they cooked our food…


There were interestng decorations there…


After we finished dinner we stopped at the Asian supermarket to get some different varieties of mushrooms.  I got a huge can of wasabi peas (yum!)… I was stuffed from the spicy Indian food and the awful fish smell at the asian market almost sent me over the edge 🙂 !

Then to Baskin Robbins for a special ice cream cake for Izzy’s birthday tomorrow!  I know she’ll love it.

Matt got me pretty red roses today.  I put half on my nightstand, and the other half in the pretty blue glass pitcher mom brought to me from her trip last week.








Emelia had another sewing class today at the artz place.  She made a doll thing (?) and an apron.  She is sewing up a storm now… Bailey went to a birthday party today at the skating rink for a girl from school.  Amanda just worked all day, the chapel had two weddings.  I’m off to find free insurance quotes.

food… and work…

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Matt took today (and Monday) off.  Monday because that is the day of Amanda’s graduation… and today just because.  We compiled a lengthy to-do list for the day.  I started by going to the variety show emelia was performing in at her school.   I’ll try to post it later tonight…. She’s on the left btw. 

After I got Izzy to school I started mowing and Matt started trimming tree branches.  He ended up cutting down two trees that were almost dead.  I went to get the propane tank for the grill refilled and came home to vacuum the pool.  I got a really painful sunburn which is odd because I didn’t even realize it was that hot. 

I got this cool calphalon pot for $10 at Marshall’s last week that was just begging to be used… So I made homemade scalloped potatoes.

I sliced yukon gold potatoes thin, put a layer of potatoes… salt, pepper, chives, grated cheddar sliced onions, then another layer of potatoes, etc. about four or five layers deep and then poured half and half over the top and more cheese.  Delish. 

The potatoes cooked while I was picking izzy up and running errands, I came home and wrapped corn on the cob seasoned and onions and garlic head with butter salt pepper and a little sugar on the grill.  Later I added burgers.  I don’t know if it was the one meal a day thing or what but everything was so good.  Seriously.  I think they were the best burgers I have ever had.  I need to do a post on Colonix program

Matt and the kids went for a swim while I was being the grillmaster 🙂 … 

Yesterday was Amanda’s last day of High School. Ever.  Sad huh?  Not to her 🙂 …

Couple of prayer requests… a friend from church has a baby who was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.  He is just a few months old and obviously this is quite a shock.  Also my oldest brother, Jody, had surgery on his back Wednesday and is in a great amount of pain. 

Here’s a pic from the Tulsa World of Paula, Matt’s mom (and my fav. mil) volunteering at the Special Olympics.  You can tell her heart was in it huh?

fondue and stuff.

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I mentioned matt & I went to melting pot last weekend?  After that Matt became very obsessed interested in acquiring a fondue pot and melting pot cookbook to recreate the experience at home.   The fondue pot (from arrived Friday afternoon and I went to the store for a few a million lots of ingredients for the three courses we would try.




It was a hit!  I made up a few sauces for the meat because the many sauces really made th e meal.  The sauces were surprisingly just like the ones at the melting pot.  I made a carribean sauce and a spicy horseradish sauce.   I marinated steak, pork, and chicken.  We made the cheddar garlic cheese and flambeed chocolate with caramel. YUM.

The end of this school year is coming quickly.  Less than three weeks.  Amanda has two awards assemblies this week and Isabelle is going on a field trip to the zoo Thursday (me too!).

Matt and I had Logan’s Roadhouse for lunch today after church… here we are arriving…


I copied a recipe (claiming to be healthy) from the southern living on the table beside the chair I sat in while getting a pedicure Friday.  It is a chicken taco with mexican corn and black beans on ww tortillas but the interesting part was the sauce you make with lf sour cream, jalepenos and cilantro.  I’m making it for dinner tomorrow, if it’s good I’ll post the recipe!

Oh… one more thing… we’ve been asking iz tons of questions and watching her yes/no answers.  It’s been interesting to get such clear answers from her!

melting pot…

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009