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my four graduates…

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Senior graduate & Valedictorian Amanda!


9th grade graduate Bailey!


Elementary graduate Emelia!


Kindergarten graduate Isabelle!


So Summer begins.  Tomorrow.

food… and work…

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Matt took today (and Monday) off.  Monday because that is the day of Amanda’s graduation… and today just because.  We compiled a lengthy to-do list for the day.  I started by going to the variety show emelia was performing in at her school.   I’ll try to post it later tonight…. She’s on the left btw. 

After I got Izzy to school I started mowing and Matt started trimming tree branches.  He ended up cutting down two trees that were almost dead.  I went to get the propane tank for the grill refilled and came home to vacuum the pool.  I got a really painful sunburn which is odd because I didn’t even realize it was that hot. 

I got this cool calphalon pot for $10 at Marshall’s last week that was just begging to be used… So I made homemade scalloped potatoes.

I sliced yukon gold potatoes thin, put a layer of potatoes… salt, pepper, chives, grated cheddar sliced onions, then another layer of potatoes, etc. about four or five layers deep and then poured half and half over the top and more cheese.  Delish. 

The potatoes cooked while I was picking izzy up and running errands, I came home and wrapped corn on the cob seasoned and onions and garlic head with butter salt pepper and a little sugar on the grill.  Later I added burgers.  I don’t know if it was the one meal a day thing or what but everything was so good.  Seriously.  I think they were the best burgers I have ever had.  I need to do a post on Colonix program

Matt and the kids went for a swim while I was being the grillmaster 🙂 … 

Yesterday was Amanda’s last day of High School. Ever.  Sad huh?  Not to her 🙂 …

Couple of prayer requests… a friend from church has a baby who was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.  He is just a few months old and obviously this is quite a shock.  Also my oldest brother, Jody, had surgery on his back Wednesday and is in a great amount of pain. 

Here’s a pic from the Tulsa World of Paula, Matt’s mom (and my fav. mil) volunteering at the Special Olympics.  You can tell her heart was in it huh?

izzy’s makeover…

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Saturday Matt and I ran an errand and while we were gone I got a picture text from Emelia… iz-makeoverApparently they played makeover while we were gone… Amanda suggested Izzy start wearing makeup to school, but also thought maybe a little less lipstick.  I agree she looks gorgeous, but think we’ll stick with the natural look for at least a few more years.

Izzy is still pushing the orange thing.  She apparently loves oranges to eat too.  I just can’t imagine why she is so into orange 🙂 !!! I think of Texas or OSU when I see orange… reminds me of the post on auto insurance quotes Texas I need to finish.

a rainy day…

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I headed to Norman to take Isabelle to the orthotist this morning.  When we arrived about forty minutes later it was beginning to rain!  This orthotist is really great.  He is so much more knowlegable than the past orthotists we have gone to.  Izzy’s AFO on her left foot was causing some pressure spots that until last week had just been red spots.  She woke up (I think last Tuesday) with a black spot on her foot.  We stopped the AFO’s at that point to let the spot heal and then made an appointment to have the splints adjusted.  I could see that the pressure was coming from two bolts used to make the tension on the sides of the afo.  The orthotist agreed and is going to redo the afo and move the bolts to the bottom of the foot away from that bony area.  We will give the foot a week or so to completely heal.  I’ve been told it’s best to err on the side of caution to avoid a pressure sore that would keep her from being able to wear her AFOs for a longer time.  So… she is very close to measuring up to having casts made for the day time AFO’s which has been our original goal from the beginning.  The plan now is to call for an appointment one month out from the day we put splints back on to schedule the fitting/casting to have them made.   I talked to Gary about the SWASH, Camilla was wondering if it needed adjustments made, but he checked it and based on the position of her hip bone felt it was still good.  I asked him to order replacement cuffs and parts so it can be switched to wash.  He is going to mail those parts along with her corrected AFO so we don’t have to go back to pick them up. 

I think Izzy is the only one of the kids missing school this week.  I explained to her that this is spring break and she would be going back next week.  She really does seem to enjoy school.  She wasn’t thrilled with her time in the kid walk yesterday.  She didn’t complain too much, but she just wasn’t thrilled. 


Emelia enjoyed driving by the University of Oklahoma stadium… we can’t pass up a chance to grab some to-go pasta from my all time favorite Victoria’s Pasta.  Yummy.  Thanks to Matt’s mother, Emelia is a fan of OSU (black and orange) but was still impressed with the OU campus.  We parked in front of a yoga studio and emelia discreetly watched and snapped pics with her phone.  She was impressed by their limberness… We saw many interesting sites while in Norman. 


I was sad to hear about the death of actress Natasha Richardson.  There is so much unknown about the brain and brain injuries.  There are so many children who have suffered near drowning accidents and may have the same injury but the results are very different.   The doctors can replace organs, make artificial limbs, knock out infections… but when the brain is involved they have a huge ?.  This has caused us to place all our hope regarding Izzy’s healing into God’s hands.  He is the great healer.

It is really warming up here in Oklahoma.  Yesterday it was in the 80’s.  The rain has cooled it off a little, but it definitely feels like spring!  I’m going to have to do some shopping for Iz.  All her cute outfits are long sleeved and long pants.  Well, all but two 🙂 !  She’s grown so much over the past year I doubt she’ll be able to wear last years warm weather clothes.  She is really getting chunky legs and arms.  Her feet seem to be growing too.  I put her little tennis shoes on yesterday to get into the kid walk and they were too small.  Her feet have been small in relation to her body probably because she isn’t walking on them.

Tuesday night I was walking outside and stepped down off the deck wrong and fell. It was funny, a yell escaped my lips before I realized and I just knew Matt (who was in the den) would come rushing out to check on me. I sat on the ground gaining my composure, ready for my rescue (didn’t happen)… and so then got up and hobbled in the house. I said, “did you hear me scream?” He said, “no.” I said, “I thought you’d come rushing out to help me.” and his reply was, “sorry, I didn’t hear anything.” Oh well, it seemed like a minor fall until this morning. I’m glad I didn’t need a shoulder pain pump. I woke up with a very sore foot. My ankle feels strained and the bottom of my heel feels bruised or something, making it very hard to walk. My hip on the same side I fell on has a huge gorgeous black and blue bruise on it. Lovely. I’m a mess.

lost and found…

Monday, August 4th, 2008

I found a couple of kodak photo cd’s while looking for something else this afternoon. They were both from spring 2004. Right before Izzy’s accident. Here are a few…







emelia’s room redo…

Sunday, July 6th, 2008




Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Today was Emelia’s awards assembly at school.

She got several awards.

A medal for following life principles, honor roll, honor choir…

You can tell from her smile she was proud of herself.


music and a tornado!

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Whew… what a night. I took Emelia to her honor choir concert at her school. I heard a noise that sounded like heavy rain or maybe … hail.

It was hail. So loud it was hard to hear the singing. A boy brought in a piece of hail the size of his palm.

They kept singing.

I texted Amanda and asked what the weather was doing.
She said, “tornado warning.”
I said “where?”
She said, “10th and Hiwassee.”
That is where the school is at. Exactly!

They are still singing.

Finally someone from the audience went to the front and told them the sirens were going off. They told all the students to find their parents and get in a hall. It was really frightening. We stayed in the hall until the storm passed. I called Matt and he said it was in our back yard. It actually did damage in the mile behind out house. What an experience!

This is the cloud after it passed the school.


Emelia is on the back row on the far right.
(I removed the video because it knocked my sidebars off!)

weekend stuff

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Again I’m sitting here, eyes half opened wondering, “Is it really Monday, already?” I do know that it is really Monday, but it seems like they come so fast! It was a busy weekend, busier than most. Now it’s Spring break! I was so glad Jenny was okay, you know she was at the Georgia dome thing when that tornado hit? Very scary! I heard (on Matt’s XM radio) early Saturday morning that a tornado had hit there and I knew she was there even though I didn’t.

Annie was great. Crowded, but great. There was not an open seat in the entire place. It was a little too crowded for my taste, but it was really good so I suppose it was worth it. My favorite character was Ms. Hannigan. She did such a great job. The song “Little Girls,” was great! The lead did a great job as Annie. She had a strong voice and was enjoyable. Me & Emelia got red “Annie” t-shirts and wore them to church last night. Fun stuff.

Yesterday morning at church (Palm Sunday) there was an Easter egg hunt planned for the children. Before services were over I was called out to find Izzy crying (hysterically) in her class. I am really not sure what the problem was. I took her out of her chair and she seemed to calm down. They had taken the Easter bunny in to see her and found her upset. I really don’t think she was afraid of the bunny because later she was taking pictures right beside the bunny and not afraid at all. Not a great pic of Iz, but she had been so upset. She smiled when Miki took the first pictures (while I was waiting for my camera) so hopefully I’ll get those too.

They had a fun time hunting eggs. Me and Izzy were slow, we only found one egg by the time all the others had been picked up but we decided one egg was perfect for us. I stopped to let her hold the egg and to help her put it into her basket. That took a few minutes!

There’s so much more that happened this weekend, from the training from my old friend Jacki and seeing Clayton (who was a near drowning and completely healed around the time of izzy’s accident). He’s so cute. She had an oil company and wants me to do topos for her. I’ve never done topos? but I guess I will now! Then there was the trip to taco bell with the whole youth group… fun times! I’ll spare all those details and be back later to (hopefully) post a menu.

One last thought… Amanda is getting all four wisdom teeth cut out at 1 p.m. today.

Okay… updated because I thought of something else! Stacy send me a box of truffles! She was having a truffles book giveaway and I was so surprised to find chocolate in the mail! Thanks Stacy!!! ALSO I got a huge box in the mail on Saturday and it was full of the new bathroom stuff I ordered for the hall bathroom. It says believe on it and it is so pretty. Little fleur de lis shower curtain hooks even! cute!

Happy 10th Birthday Emelia!!!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


Emelia came third into our family. She was different from the very beginning. I remember the day she was born, ten years ago, she had the most black hair I’ve ever seen on a baby.

The first two (amanda and bailey) were both born with light hair and not much of it. I would not have believed she was my child if I hadn’t seen her come from me! I literally sat and laughed for at least an hour… maybe too much medication? I just couldn’t believe she was mine. She was so beautiful. (still is.) The nurses would take her during the night so I could sleep for a little bit and she would come back with a new hairstyle. I don’t think many newborns had enough hair for the nurses to fix with little doggy ears and bows. I breastfed her for too long in my opinion.

I realized it when it was a little too late. Matt had to help get her to sleep for almost a month so that she could be weaned. It was tough, for us both! She had a case of RSV when she was about a year old. We had to use the nebulizer. It was scary. When she was about three she came out of her room to show me she had cut her hair. She had the most beautiful hair I had ever seen and I loved it! She had cut a complete doggy ear off. To the nub. Let’s just say I was creative with her hairstyles for the next year or two. We did a lot of side pony tails until I could even it out. I refused to cut it short!

She was so excited when Isabelle was born. Finally a playmate! Amanda was eight years older and although Bailey was a playmate for her, he was a boy and wouldn’t play dolls. She was in kindergarten when Izzy had her near drowning accident. When the accident happened, Matt and I were right outside the back door on the ground doing cpr on izzy. We told the kids to go inside (and pray) as we worked on her waiting for paramedics to arrive. They took Izzy around the side of the house and away in the ambulance. When we talked to Emelia on the phone later that night she thought we were burying Isabelle in the ground. She just didn’t understand. It made me so sad that she thought that. I guess she had seen animals buried and just thought that was what you did when something died. (of course you know that Isabelle was resuscitated and is alive – praise God.)

Emelia is a stubborn little girl who doesn’t take no for an answer. She is smarter than most, but will argue for 2 hours about doing something that will only take her five minutes. Creative parenting has been very useful for Emelia. She has a huge heart and would give away everything she has, without question. At church they are raising money for a missionary group called speed the light. She had $8.00 in her purse. She gave all she had. Without thought. Tonight was her bible school teacher’s birthday, she made her jewelry with the beads she received as a gift. She tucked money into the card (money she had been given for her birthday) and I told her I thought the jewelry was enough. She shrugged and said, “okay.” She’s never selfish and always thinking of others.


She is on the phone 24/7! While it might appear that I am a “cool mom” by giving her a cell phone at ten, truth is I just wanted mine back. She always had it. She is the epitome of a social butterfly! Happy tenth birthday! It’s been a fun 10 years and I look forward to what the next ten years bring (please be a sweet teenager, please be a sweet teenager…)