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bloggy carnival!!! giveaway!!!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I’m joining in the bloggy carnival! I’m giving away a surprise because who doesn’t like a surprise… right? So link up, sign up blah blah blah and I’ll do the random number generator thingie when the party is over and pick a winner… or two!

Happy Blogging!

siggy winners

Friday, July 27th, 2007

**If you see your name and not your siggy here… it means you haven’t emailed me your information.

I told my daughter to give me 5 random numbers from 1-129. These are the blogs she chose by number….

crafty carolina girl

ribbon rock star

loving annie

simple abundance

palm tree fanatic

and for good measure…

my life as mama jodi

mommy of three

our story

monkey giggles

karen’s ramblings

momma roar

scamp’s place

big blueberry eyes

taking the challenge



Unfortunately I only know the codes to put in blogger so the siggy is at the end of each post automatically, so if you have a different blog I will just email you the signature and you can either figure it out, or manually add it at the end of your post.

Please email me at anniepettigrew at yahoo dot com asap with details of how you would like your siggy to look… color, any little icons beside like heart or ? and if you like the cursive etc. You can use the ones I showed as examples of fonts but I have others too.

And… because I love to share the love… if your name wasn’t drawn or on the list, the first five people who comment and then email me the information will also get one too.

bloggy giveaway…

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

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I keep seeing so many fun giveaways all over blogville and I have a few things and in the works to give away, but in the meantime… I don’t want to miss out on the party!

So I am playing right now with a starter, kinda an appetizer give away…

Leave a comment to be entered and I will draw five winners on Friday, July 27.

The winner will recieve a bloggy signature made by MOI! You can tell me how you would like your sig to look and I’ll do my best with it. If you have a blog design from a blog designer (like mine) you won’t be needing this giveaway. So, just say hello and enjoy the party music. If you do want a signature, please let me know in your comment.

Here are a few examples of the sigs I’ve done lately…

Favorite Ingredient Friday ~ Tortilla Soup

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I don’t have a written recipe for this soup, but it is so good!!!!
Tortilla Soup…
Chicken (I usually buy frozen fajita meat at Sams or a roasted chicken and pull off and shred the meat.)
large can of chicken broth (40ish ounces)
green chilis, 4 oz.
onion chopped
canola oil
cup of salsa
heaping teaspoon of chili powder & ground cumin
cheddar cheese
corn tortillas
Saute the chicken with onion and green chilis, add in broth, salsa, & spices. Salt to taste. Let simmer …. Bring oil to boil, roll up a few corn tortillas at a time and slice them making strips, fry them in the canola oil until crispy… lightly browned. Take out and salt, set aside… Cut the avocado into chunks.
To serve, place your cooked tortillas in the bottom of the bowl, lay in some avocado chunks, pour soup over and add cheese to the top.
I served this soup to the Australians when they were here in the Summer. They took the recipe home, it is just sooo good. I think making your own tortillas makes the difference.
Enjoy! For more FIF go to Overwhelmed with Joy!
If the thought of this yummy soup puts you in the “party” mood, there is a big party going on over at 5 Minutes for Mom. So, welcome to my blog … sit down and stay for a while!