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Happy Birthday Matt!!!!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


happy birthday mom!

Sunday, June 8th, 2008


this and that…

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

It’s not only Amanda’s (OhAmanda) birthday, she is also finding out what kind of baby she has cooking in her tummy… pink or blue? She has a fun contest going on over at her blog so head over and guess what it is.

I took Izzy to Bear this morning and now we have to hurry and get her fed and ready for school!

I got to visit with Julie for a little bit this morning and hope to see her when she visits OK for Memorial Day…

Miki got home from Mexico late late last night after flight delays! I’m glad she’s back!

I have a hair appointment at 5:30 p.m. today, nothing drastic… just the usual. I heart Jill!

Ok, that’s all for now.

One more thing…  guess what I just ordered from Amazon?

I hope it’s as good as all you guys have been saying!

Happy 10th Birthday Emelia!!!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


Emelia came third into our family. She was different from the very beginning. I remember the day she was born, ten years ago, she had the most black hair I’ve ever seen on a baby.

The first two (amanda and bailey) were both born with light hair and not much of it. I would not have believed she was my child if I hadn’t seen her come from me! I literally sat and laughed for at least an hour… maybe too much medication? I just couldn’t believe she was mine. She was so beautiful. (still is.) The nurses would take her during the night so I could sleep for a little bit and she would come back with a new hairstyle. I don’t think many newborns had enough hair for the nurses to fix with little doggy ears and bows. I breastfed her for too long in my opinion.

I realized it when it was a little too late. Matt had to help get her to sleep for almost a month so that she could be weaned. It was tough, for us both! She had a case of RSV when she was about a year old. We had to use the nebulizer. It was scary. When she was about three she came out of her room to show me she had cut her hair. She had the most beautiful hair I had ever seen and I loved it! She had cut a complete doggy ear off. To the nub. Let’s just say I was creative with her hairstyles for the next year or two. We did a lot of side pony tails until I could even it out. I refused to cut it short!

She was so excited when Isabelle was born. Finally a playmate! Amanda was eight years older and although Bailey was a playmate for her, he was a boy and wouldn’t play dolls. She was in kindergarten when Izzy had her near drowning accident. When the accident happened, Matt and I were right outside the back door on the ground doing cpr on izzy. We told the kids to go inside (and pray) as we worked on her waiting for paramedics to arrive. They took Izzy around the side of the house and away in the ambulance. When we talked to Emelia on the phone later that night she thought we were burying Isabelle in the ground. She just didn’t understand. It made me so sad that she thought that. I guess she had seen animals buried and just thought that was what you did when something died. (of course you know that Isabelle was resuscitated and is alive – praise God.)

Emelia is a stubborn little girl who doesn’t take no for an answer. She is smarter than most, but will argue for 2 hours about doing something that will only take her five minutes. Creative parenting has been very useful for Emelia. She has a huge heart and would give away everything she has, without question. At church they are raising money for a missionary group called speed the light. She had $8.00 in her purse. She gave all she had. Without thought. Tonight was her bible school teacher’s birthday, she made her jewelry with the beads she received as a gift. She tucked money into the card (money she had been given for her birthday) and I told her I thought the jewelry was enough. She shrugged and said, “okay.” She’s never selfish and always thinking of others.


She is on the phone 24/7! While it might appear that I am a “cool mom” by giving her a cell phone at ten, truth is I just wanted mine back. She always had it. She is the epitome of a social butterfly! Happy tenth birthday! It’s been a fun 10 years and I look forward to what the next ten years bring (please be a sweet teenager, please be a sweet teenager…)



early mornings!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

After church last night, and after I had my pj’s on… Emelia tells me she wants to take cookies for her class.

I told her if she got up extra early we could go to the store. She did, and we did. It was weird going out while it was still dark!

We found the exact cookies she wanted and she was happy!

All’s well that ends well huh?

this, that, and a party!

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Whew, what a day! Take a bunch of 10 year old girls and have them for a whole afternoon and you will be left with… exhaustion! Fortunately I am better. I got all my errands finished for the party yesterday. Emelia called home around noon to tell me she hurt her wrist during gym. She went with me to get the cake etc.

When Matt came home he decided we should run to Mardels (fav. store!). Matt bought me this awesome Bible cover!

Miki texted me on the way and we ended up meeting her & Kenny for dinner at McAllisters. I wanted some sweet tea ya’ll! It was pretty good, considering I can’t taste ANYTHING! We had a fun time eating with M & K and the conversation was great too! I love when things just work out with out a lot of planning.

Anyway, today was the big 10th birthday party for Emelia…

Here is the cake.

We had the crafts I mentioned… making flip-flops and beaded things… Here are some pics of the girls busy making their flip-flops…

here is a picture of Emelia with McKenzie and her flip-flops she made…

Emelia had a great time… here she is with her friend Madison and cousin Brooke:

 blowing out candles…

Opening presents!


She loved her  new pink CELLPHONE!!!



It was a fun party.



saturday… etc.

Monday, February 25th, 2008

It’s almost Sunday (10:54 p.m. to be exact).

Today I started by picking Emelia up from the Embassy Suites Hotel. Matt’s cousin (and my friend) Jana had her daughter Brooke’s 9th birthday party there. They had a suite, close to the pool (indoors) and had a blast! Emelia had such red eyes even with the goggles that were part of her party favors! Brooke loved the bag of goodies we sent which included a huge stamping kit (she’s very crafty) and some little pet thinkamajigs that all the little girls like I hear. I also got a bunch of the cute stuff at Target’s one spot and saved some things to tuck in Emelia’s luggage for late night activities… like the black felt art projects and fake leopard print fingernails. They had so much fun!

After a quick lunch at chickfila, we then got ready for party #2 & 3! These girls (Erica and Taylor) had a Hannah Montana bash at the local skating rink. It was great fun. I even skated for a bit with Emelia. There was a HM cake, singing balloons and everything HM you can imagine! Emelia was running out of steam before this party was over.

While we were gone, Matt and Bailey were doing something to his PSP which has resulted in a broken battery. They are so into taking things apart and hacking systems… very computer smart these guys! I just try to stay away from it all!

I put on a HUGE pot of stew! I started with sirloin steak. I cubed it and sprinkled liberally with salt, pepper and flour… browned in canola oil along with a sliced onion… added two cans of diced tomatoes, one can of rotel, and a can of crushed tomatoes… give or take a quartish of hot water, quartered a pound of new red potatoes, one pound bag of baby carrots, a bag of frozen veggies (white & yellow corn, asparagus, and more baby carrots), and a bag of cut green beans. I add in about a half package of williams chili seasoning and then more salt. It just simmered on medium for a couple of hours! DELISH! Dad came down for a few bowls because mom was out of town for her father’s birthday party. I made cornbread and picked up jiffy because it was on an end cap in the front of the store close to the register and I didn’t want to go all the way back to that aisle (it was a busy days, come on!) AND anyway, started making two boxes realizing I only had one egg. I added a touch extra milk and everyone said that it was the best cornbread ever! Who would have known eliminating an egg would have a good affect? I have to admit there was one more difference, I keep kosher salt in a small bowl and use it instead of a shaker (mostly) I dusted the unbaked muffins with a pinch of the kosher salt right before putting them in the oven.

Well, that’s all for this day. Emelia fell asleep really early. Bailey is asleep too. Amanda is sick but a little better and hopefully not talking on the phone, but sleeping! Goodnight!

P.S. My sweet special funny friend NANCY FACE is having a birthday in about an hour!!!

Happy Birthday Nancy!


happy birthday carrie!

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

to Carrie!!!

great minds think alike…

Friday, August 10th, 2007

I have the best bloggy friends and they are so funny!!!

My friend Jenny who happens to live in the same town as my friend Jenna… no coincidence, they are good irl friends… anyway, I posted on my birthday about things I had received in the mail. You might remember this picture of my birthday gift sent by Jenny? After I posted that Jenna emailed and said to let her know when her gift came because she thought I would get a kick out of it. I was searching my brain with curiosity over what I would get a ‘kick’ out of. Jenna knows me pretty well so I figured if she thought I would get a kick, I would indeed get a kick… she was right!!!

Look what came today from Jenna!!!!

I love it enough to have two, it’s precious! Thanks Jenna & Jenny for making my birthday double the fun!

thursday thirteen ~ thirteen birthday blessings!

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
13 birthday blessings!

1. bookmark and card
Look what came in the mail from South Africa!
Thanks Marcia!
2 & 3
Purse & wallet from bro & parents…
My all time favorite perfume from my hubbie, Laugh by Brighton!5
A new clock! It’s big … love it!
Look what came from Greece today, thanks Irene!
JennieBoo sent me some good birthday mail!
& a cute e-card!!! Thanks JB!!!
Look what my sweet friend Jenny sent!
Thanks Jenny!!!
Very sweet e-card from Susan & JennieBoo!

birthday phone calls!

birthday lunches with Melody, my brother Mike & my mom!

Adorable home made card by Amanda

All the birthday wishes from you all!!!

I am so blessed. Not by just the stuff, but by all the wonderful people who spread so much love!!!