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Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I tried to get a picture taken to show the color of my hair and haven’t really had much luck.  Here’s one from the car, it’s not a great picture, but you can kinda see the color…


wordy wednesday

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


It’s Wednesday… half way through another week. Remember being a kid in school and being so excited it was hump-day? It meant that we were on the downhill slide heading right toward two full days of no school! Yay. Yeah, well… not so exciting these days. I guess the main thing that comes to mind on hump-day is the fact that yet another week in my life is half way over. The weeks just come so fast like a pitching machine with the balls set on a speed way too high to deal with!

It’s been raining and raining here. Some flooding. I saw on the news yesterday they were taking people west of the city out of their homes in boats. Crazy. The clouds have passed for now and it should be a dryer day. I got SOAKING wet taking Izzy to school. I had the foresight to put a blanket over her. She stayed dry. But me? I was like a wet rat. I couldn’t maneuver an umbrella while carrying her out… good news though! I dry.

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? Well first… are you a sucker for an infomercial? I’m not. At all! Matt sorta is. Well one morning on a weekend there was an infomercial on for a hair product. Cleansing conditioner. I was busy doing other things and didn’t change the channel and it sounded pretty good. Matt piped in with, “I’ll buy you that.” Okay. You got me. I ordered the “wen” product that morning and it finally came yesterday. I’m pretty hooked on biolage, but this product promised it would dramatically change the structure of your hair. My hair is naturally curly and can be frizzy if not handled with lots of care, chi-ing, products, etc. I brought the box straight to my room and we got in the shower together… me and the Wen… I had to read the instructions about three times. I still need to read them again. It’s a little more than lather. rinse. repeat. Verdict? I hope that it improves with time and I don’t feel like it’s fair to judge the product when it was raining. My hair is curlier than ever and will hopefully have a chi date later this morning. We’ll see. I will let you know how it turns out. They did say they promise that your hair will be better within two weeks. But they did say that some people had dramatic results on the first try. I did not have dramatic results. Not of the good kind anyway!

So… I’m guest blogging over at CWO’s Internet Cafe today. Just click on the button to join me over there! Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts.


Well, bad news…. my shark I got for my birthday… that I really love. It won’t charge. I used it for several days. Daily. Loved it. And yesterday I had it all charged up and it wouldn’t really work. I’m going later this morning to exchange it for another one. I am really hoping I just got a bad “one.” and that a new “one” will work and for a long time!

OH! I got a pantech duo phone several months ago.

I had a blackberry.

I was excited. It has a little slider keyboard. I have absolutely hated that phone from day one. Hated it. Yesterday I found my little blackberry and got it all set up and called ATT and had them fix my plan back for it. It’s like being reunited with an old friend. I heart that phone. Pantech Duo’s are awful. Never get one! Well, maybe if you are a teen and like cool gadget stuff that isn’t practical get one… otherwise. Just don’t.

One more thing… my bloggy buddy Jodi gave me this sweet award. Thanks Jodi!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

there’s no meme to do so …

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I’m just going to write a bit of randomness. Well, there is tackle it tuesday. I do have some things I’ve tackled recently, but have not taken before or after pictures. I cleaned my closet last week. I cleaned out the snacks in the kitchen late last night… I don’t know about you, but when you buy all those big boxes of snacks it creates a lot of mess when the kids get one out and leave them there. I have three lined baskets on top of the fridge. The first one is kinda mine… the middle one is for Matt’s healthy cereal and the third one is for the kids snacks. I took things out of boxes and put them into the baskets. It looks much better!

I have last night’s episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 on now and they are doing swimming lessons. It’s making me nervous seeing so many kids in the water with not enough parental hands. It’s good that they are learning to swim though… it’s the best way to prevent a drowning.

Today is going to be full. I have no idea why I’m sitting here watching J&K and blogging when I have so much to get done! Izzy slept in this morning, so I have to get her fed now. Shower. It’s raining and raining outside so no need to straighten my hair. OH I have hair news! I got my hair done Friday and it is very very light! I need to post a picture, I can’t remember the last time I went this blond. I love it though!

Prayer is at ten. Not sure it’s going to happen this morning since a) izzy slept in and b) it’s pouring and c) i haven’t showered yet. I have made all the beds and swept… with the shark. One load of laundry to do.

Judi is working on my blog for me. It’ll be changing very soon! yay!

Izzy has school today. So, I’m going to get BUSY!



Saturday, August 9th, 2008

It’s been a wonderful birthday! I spent the day doing things I wanted to do… I went to the slip n slide at church just long enough… then went to mom & dad’s house and me and mom went to Sante Fe to have lunch. It was empty, quiet, and delicious. When the waiter asked if we wanted dessert mom said, “do you want dessert since it’s your birthday?” and I said, “no. I’m full.” So we paid and were leaving, mom stopped off at the bathroom and I stood outside to see the entire wait staff going around the corner where we were sitting singing “happy birthday.” I kinda hid behind the wall and snickered. Glad I escaped :)… but the waiter saw me afterward and wrapped up my cute little dessert for me to take home! We then went to JCPenny to check on some things, I found a lamp marked $100 and it was marked to $30. I price checked it and it was $14. I bought it. duh! It’s really pretty. Got my toenails done. (I’m hoping to have a chance to take pictures of all this stuff and add them later.)

Thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes today!


stuff I did today … before noon!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

watered flowers

watered pinky (the horse)

fed pinky and pet his soft nose for a little while. He’s so cute.

took out all the trash and trash cans. bleached cans and sprayed with hose until sparkling clean.

cleaned and swept kitchen.

did dishes.

took laundry off line and replaced with another load. (thanks Nancy for the hanger tip, it worked perfectly!)

made my bed.

cleaned kids bathroom

cleaned my bathroom

picked up back yard.

swam to cool off.

did some weed eating.

fed izzy.

put her foot braces on. took them off.


What’d you do today?

… if you’re wondering what I did after noon?

got dressed (out of swimming suit)

hair makeup blah blah blah

took emelia to lunch. we had the veggie plate at delta. and fried pickles.

went to Mardels. bought her some t’s and a book

went to TJMaxx, bought her backpack.

Went to office to pick up CADS.

Rushed home to feed Iz again, gather clothes off line (again), wash my comforter and hang it out, put away laundry, and start supper before church!



Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

There are always ALWAYS two sides (at least) to every story.

Be careful not to assume the one you have heard is the correct one.

That is all.


it’s hot!

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

It was so hot yesterday.  I think it got up to about 107!  I swam three times.  Once before grilling our dinner so I wouldn’t be hot out there… once after grilling because I was so hot… and again after getting Isabelle down for the night just to relax.  The water was nice and cool.  I made a huge batch of the best potato salad ever and grilled burgers.  Delish!

This morning I am taking Bailey to an orthodontist appt. at 10… He has mixed feelings about it, he does need braces (I think) and he knows it but dreads it too.  He saw the orthodontist a few years ago and we were told to wait.  So we did.  I have heard more than one person (including Julie) say that they got braces too young and their teeth grew more and became crooked again.  Amanda and Emelia have really straight teeth, don’t know yet about Iz…  I hope it goes well.

I’m officially caught up with laundry!!!! Yay!!!

Amanda wants to buy her books for College this week so that’ll be another fun outing…

Have a fun Tuesday.  Stay cool.


why am i up?

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

It’s too late.

It’s bedtime!

I’m trying to wrap up laundry for the day!

I know… crazy huh?


Sunday, June 29th, 2008

We overslept this morning. Not too late to make it for class and church. I look forward to the class I teach now on Sunday mornings, those girls have me. Anyway, I have been sort of picking and choosing what to teach each week… not following the schedule set. Today I pulled out a lesson not really knowing what it was about but it seemed right for the day. One of the girls mentioned she is “dating” an 18 year old guy. She is 14. I talked to them about making good choices as long as I thought they were hearing me and then moved on. I hope she heard me. I’ve been noticing the last several Sunday’s that our class lesson flows into church perfectly. Usually the same message is preached. It’s actually pretty cool! Anyway, today when we started going over our lesson I realized how perfect it was for the day. It was about choosing your friends, and about how people influence you. Our memory verse was Joshua 24:15… “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” I took card stock in different sizes and magnet tape, lots of markers and we made magnets with our memory verse. The material suggested writing things down on a piece of paper that seem to interfere with your relationship with God. The girls all wrote their lists, mostly including television and music. (The 14 year old girl wrote the initials of the older boyfriend)… Then we all silently prayed to God that we would not let these things influence us. The next step was to tear the pages up and throw them away.

When church services started the message was identical to our class lesson. All about choosing the people we are around, and influences. The scripture brought up on the screen was Joshua 24:15. The girls turned around and smiled at me. It’s neat how God helps us out. Really neat.

After church I made a pot of chili and decided to lie down for 15 minutes. Just a cat nap. Three hours later, time for night church… I woke up! yikes! So much for the trip to Lowes, Sams, and the grocery store. I guess no pool maintenance or laundry. I didn’t need to finish up in the kitchen and brush the dog. As much as I love to sleep, I couldn’t help feeling like I wasted a lot of valuable time.

We went to church and watched the kids perform their songs from vbs. We took Izzy. She was a little cranky… We left church and hurried to Mom and Dad’s house for my SIL Terri’s birthday party. Mike cooked a delicious ham and dad grilled fresh corn. They had chocolate lush and watermelon, cherry lime aid sherbet and baked beans. It was all really good!

After I came home and got Izzy to bed, Matt ran with me to my gangsta Wal-mart. After all the craziness there it was nice to have a partner :)… We got the fruit and healthy stuff he had on his list and of course a lot of stuff we didn’t have on any list… like those crazy high priced lightbulbs he insists on buying now and a flea collar for pup-wup (I shaved him yesterday 🙂 )… lotion and ibuprophen. You know, the fun stuff?

Hopefully this week will be productive, more productive than my Sunday spent sleeping… I have big plans for this week, including a major redo of Emelia’s room that I have put off and put off. Oh I dread it. Anyway, that’s all. Goodnight.



Friday, June 20th, 2008

Amanda gave me a makeover. Well, she straightened my hair and did my makeup. Here’s the finished product! LOL


All us “girls” went to Edmond … went to Old Navy, Jason’s Deli, picked up CADS, and other errands. It was a fun outing!

Also I mentioned the lamp and that I had rearranged Izzy’s therapy room. There is a loveseat in there and also all her therapy stuff (table walker ball etc.). Here’s a pic of the lamp, and one of the side of the room without the therapy stuff.


See the cute little believe book? Kari sent it to me!


Last thing for the day… I got this in an email from Melody earlier and it cracked me up. I read it out loud to one of my family members who declared it, “LAME.” But I loved it.

Color IS GOOD!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my yearly physical.
My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high,
I’d gained some weight, and I didn’t feel so hot.
My doctor said eating right doesn’t have to
be complicated and it would solve my physical
problems. He said just think in colors…

Fill your plate with bright colors… greens,
yellows, reds, etc.
I went right home and ate an
entire bowl of :


And sure enough, I felt better immediately.
I never knew eating right could be so easy!