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it’s a new year. 2010!

Friday, January 1st, 2010


Any resolutions?

I have a few… even though I know that it’s a joke to make and then break new year’s resolutions.  I think something about a new year, or even new week makes us want to use the fresh start to be BETTER.  Isn’t that what we all want??? to be better?  These are the areas I wish to improve on… health (which includes diet, exercise and weight), money (spend less… save more… yada yada yada), and soul (be kinder, study bible more etc.).

To be honest I am pretty happy to close the chapter titled 2009 in my book of life.  Not my best year.  I hope to make 2010 a much much better year and pray that with God’s direction and help that it will be a much better year for all of us. 

Some practical ways to achieve my above resolutions:

1.  Continue on no meat diet.  Doesn’t have to be crazy strict… a little meat is ok from time to time but after watching author of eating animals ( I am more resolute to continue not eating nasty animals 🙂 … 

2.  Stop giving in to temptations of buying non whole grain products.  Use whole wheat bread, pasta, etc.

3.  Eat less sugar. Drink less sugar. (yes, that means coke.  ugh).

4.  go to gym until weather permits to do running/walking again.

5.  continue daily beth moore study on JESUS (on day 14).

6.  read psalms monthly.

Here’s izzy in her new pj’s from cousin Jana with her new pottery barn kids soft blanket (from ginger). 

izzy new pjs

Here are the kids at Gingers having Christmas.  Amanda was the only one posing for the pic!

kids at gingers

So Tuesday Amanda wanted me to help her pack for her chi alpha camp/retreat.  Here I am helping 🙂 …

helping amanda pack

I miss Amanda.  She left Tuesday night and will be home tomorrow afternoon.  I think she’s having fun in Texas… but she said it’s cold! 

For NYE I went with Melody to eat at Johnny Carinos.  It was delish!  We went to see “IT’s Complicated” after dinner.  I didn’t get home until after midnight and everyone at my house was already asleep. graduation announcements

new years eve with mel

So … my first New Year’s gift is a broken washing machine and several loads of laundry waiting to be washed.  Why does this always happen on a holiday???  Happy New Year!!!