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week in review…

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Last Sunday we went to church … came home, ate, napped, and back to church.  Izzy was noisy in evening church so she and I spent the hour in the cry room.  Funny how quiet she is when we are behind glass 🙂 …

Monday it was rainy and chilly outside.  We stayed in most of the day.  I cooked a huge pot of stew and cornbread. It was delicious.

Tuesday was Veteran’s Day.  Izzy got a little too hot in the assembly and spent her time with Camilla recuperating.  Tuesday evening was FLO at church. There were a lot of new ladies there and lots of turkeys were given out.

Wednesday Izzy had a good day at school. I found out that her kid walk had been ordered and now we are just waiting for it to arrive. They said probably about 3 more weeks!  Very exciting.

Thursday Izzy had a great day at school. Camilla and Melanie had good things to say and we are seeing progress in her feet and hips.  It’s exciting!   While Izzy was at school I met my brother at Sam’s for a little grocery shopping and ran to the beauty supply for a bottle of caramel color for Amanda’s hair.  When I brought izzy home I carried her over to the fence to see Pinky (the horse).  We pet and talked to Pinky for a while.  After dinner I put the dark and light foils in Amanda’s hair.  It turned out really really great!  Amanda mailed her transcripts to OU!

Friday I had to run to Amanda’s school to pay for her graduation announcements & cap & gown!  Yikes!  Amanda had an interview at the ATT store.  We don’t know yet if she is hired.  Me, Amanda and Emelia saw the cutest dolls made out of gloves on Martha Stewart.  Emelia and I have been gathering supplies to make them… I’ll post a finished project!  Julie suggested we start a blog with our favorite recipes.  So we did… it’s here.

Here’s Amanda mailing her transcript to OU. She’s even wearing the OU colors! (sorry Paula 🙂

Today Matt got up early to go to a men’s breakfast at church.  They ended up doing some projects and he wasn’t home until almost noon.  I took Emelia to a birthday party at the skating rink after we stopped at my brother’s house for a bit and ran to the store for a gift.  There have been a lot of good movies on the Hallmark Channel today… tonight I watched, “accidental friendship.”  It was a sweet hallmarky movie.

more about diets…

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Have you ever heard about Phentermine? It was part of the phen-fen fad several years back that caused all the lawsuits. It wasn’t actually the drug that caused the heart problems, just part of the combination of drugs that offered great weight loss results with a big price tag for many – their life! I have taken phentermine in years past. It definitely makes your hunger go away! I’m not sure it’s the BEST choice for losing weight, but for a quick fix it does work. It ranked #35 out of the Top 200 Diet Pills we reviewed. PHENTERMINE is probably the most sought after prescription diet pill on the market today. In fact it is so popular that diet pill manufactures have used just about every similiar name they could think of to market their pills. The problem is that prescription diet pills tend to not only be expensive but also very hard to get.

weekend reflection~

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Is it just me or has bloggville been super quiet this week/weekend?
I haven’t been on much either, Matt got this new thing called an internet tablet or nokia n800. Have you seen these things? It’s like a little portable computer… anyway, Bailey has been turning his dslite into a mini computer by doing something with some kind of card and they have been using my laptop for all their little experiments. I was so busy yesterday I hardly missed it, but today I finally asked to see my laptop for a minute. :o). There are other computers here! I think I did two thousand loads of laundry yesterday. Not really. It just felt like it. Maybe more like 10? Everyone’s bedding. Everyone’s clothes. UGH.

I mentioned Emelia has started playing softball. I ran down all the supplies required (bat, glove, helmet, face mask, bag, balls) and then yesterday I had to go to ‘town’ to find a certain pair of nike softball shoes. I found them! Came home, more laundry, picked Emelia up from the Kid’s conference. She met the bible man. She said he changed her life. Don’t you love kids? We ran to the ball field to meet the coach and give her $$ and the birth certificate and she wasn’t there. So we went shopping some more, the rain last week resulted in a green pool. again. I’m so sick of that pool. Seriously.

Our neighbor across the street called to wake us up this morning, she asked if we had looked outside yet this morning. We hadn’t. So we did. She got teepeed. She is 71 and on oxygen. She thinks the neighbor kids did it. I just hope it wasn’t meant for Amanda (since teenagers usually do it to each other) but Amanda assured me anyone meaning to teepee her would know our vehicles and would not make that mistake. Who teepees a 71 year old? weird.

Church today was great. Me and Iz lasted the entire service without a trip to the cry room. She doesn’t cry really, just gets tired of being there so we go sit in the other room so we aren’t disruptive. She did great today and looked so cute. Jenna, I put that polka dot bow you sent on her with a hot pink sun dress today. She looked so cute and we thought of you all morning.

So this week was great, every day when I picked up Izzy from school I got good reports. I wrote about some of them here. She is doing really good and loves pre-k. All the kids love school. There have been very minimal complaints. I told ya’ll that Amanda made a 100 on her trig test. She is in an act prep class with a goal of making at least a 33 on her act. Go Amanda.

I feel like I have to explain the harpo marx comment. He was playing. But, after I looked at the pic of Harpo, he may be right :o). It’s really going to take some getting used to. Thank you all for your sweet comments about it. You are really great friends and so sweet. I’m going to straighten it next, maybe it will look cute like that? Several people asked how hard it is to fix, well… I wash it, comb it, and then put some mousse in it and scrunch it up a little and that’s it. Pretty easy. It’s just so big. Enough hair talk.

Guess what I did last night when my computer was hijacked, Izzy was asleep, laundry was done and it was too late for anything else? Worked on goodmail! I have a bag by the front door ready to take to the post office tomorrow. I love sending goodmail probably more than getting it. I had so much fun writing notes to my friends.

In the kitchen this week, I stuck with my menu all week! It all worked out great. I love making progressive meals like that. Makes me feel like susie homemaker. Today I wanted something to be ready when we got home from church and had wiped out pretty much all our food (well, not really, but a box of mac and cheese or scalloped potatoes and peas didn’t sound great) so I put an onion in the crockpot with butter, sliced a pound of mushrooms, pressed some garlic, threw in a few cans of tomatoes, some spices, some parm cheese and cooked it while we were at church. Came home and cooked some pasta and broccoli, I had pulled a loaf of ww french bread out of the freezer so I sliced it up, melted butter with a couple of cloves of garlic, a dash of italian seasonings, a pinch of crushed red pepper, and a palm of parm. Poured it down each slice and poured the cheese in the bottom across the top. Wrapped it in foil and baked at 350 for 25 min. It was a yummy- meatless meal. Even Bailey ate it. Tonight we’ll have grilled cheese and tomato soup after church and then I have no idea. I haven’t made my menu yet… Guess that will be a job for late tonight or tomorrow.

I am adding a new part to my weekend reflections. Prayer requests.
Here are some of the people I am praying for now…

  • Izzy’s healing.
  • Parker
  • Heather
  • Luke
  • Abbie
  • Kat’s travel
  • Marcia’s recent loss
  • Jenna’s cold and adjustment to school
  • Collin
  • Judi
  • Julie (joyful days), loss of her mother
  • Susan’s granddaughter Oksana, and Susan
  • Darla, one of my oldest bffs from way back who is a minister’s wife and stranded in a place she is not happy. (sorry Darla, love you too)

Praise reports…

  • Julie’s (gigi’s little blog) mom’s good test results
  • Izzy’s great week at school

If you have any prayer requests, please add them in your comments so that I can add them on. I think prayer is so important and a wonderful thing to do for each other.

God’s love
great friends
loving family
cool house
clean car
happy kids
sonic ice
big hair

weekend reflection

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Well, after my rant yesterday I feel like I’ve said enough for now…. but somehow I’ll push through and reflect on the past week…

School started last Monday. I’m happy with the way it is going this year and think it will only get better as everyone gets into their schedules and routines. Izzy goes in the afternoon this year and I’m loving that. We have all morning which I thought was going to be semi-leisurely… but turns out it takes the whole morning to feed her breakfast, lunch, bath, dress… it’s fun though and nice and quiet. Everyone seems to be enjoying teachers and classes… well, except Amanda. She says trig is hard, but I think she does enjoy a challenge. The main complaint is design I, which is a drawing class right now. She had to bring a sketch pad and has artistic differences with the teacher who wants them to sketch with a pencil. She wants to use jumbo markers and has filled up the first few pages with a picture of her chi straightening iron and an alien girl with heart antennae. I don’t think her teacher appreciates her talent (yet)… I’m sure it will all work out. We’ve been doing therapy with Izzy in the evenings and as you know she had shots on Friday morning. She did not sleep well at all Friday night. Matt went to work Friday morning at 8 a.m. and didn’t get home until this morning (saturday) at 5 a.m. He was a tired puppy. Izzy didn’t sleep so I didn’t either. I am glad that we were able to have a cat nap today and that Matt’s hard work will be reflected on his next paycheck (ching ching) :o). You know you always have to think of a thing to be glad about right. We had yummy chinese food for dinner and dad came down to eat with us. Well, we had Chinese & pizza. Bailey and Amanda hate chinese food, so we have to do both. The best part about the chinese carryout is that there is plenty for the next day too so lunch is covered after church tomorrow and can I just say I’m lovin’ looking forward to church every time! What a blessing!

My menu plan didn’t stay exactly on course last week for some reason. It’s okay though. It’s good to have a plan but also remain flexible (in my opinion)… I bought a really nice ham today (on sale) and am making glazed ham Monday which is probably one of my very favorites. I bake it with brown sugar and pineapple slices (even though you know I HATE fruit) and cherries in the middle of the pineapples and mustard. So yummy. I didn’t get the beans cooked, it was just too hot ya’ll to slow cook beans last week. It was over 100 everyday. So, this week looks like it will be cooler and I’ll have a great ham bone left to cook in my beans on Tuesday so this week is shaping up nicely.

  1. good reports from doctor’s visits!

  1. health
  2. having so many people (including you btw) to join in faith with us!
  3. a husband who loves me more than anyone in the world.
  4. a husband who loves God.
  5. wonderful children.
  6. supportive blog friends who let me rant and leave sweet comments.
  7. Jesus.
  8. Air conditioning.
  9. YOU!!!

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weekend reflection

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

What a fun week I’ve had! Aren’t birthdays great? Well, until they are over and you realize you have aged a year – ugh! Oh well, I feel much younger than I am and will stick with that reality for now. I was blessed beyond measure this birthday with wonderful words, thoughts, cards, ecards, phone calls, and fun mail goodies.
Here’s how my week went…
Monday I spent much of the day with my mother. We went to eat at Chicago pizza and shopped a little. She made dinner for me Monday night along with a cake called “better than anything cake” I think it has a different name but my mom has renamed it. It is basically chocolate cake, you poke holes in and pour eagle brand milk all over it while hot then hot caramel and let it cool. After it cools you spread whipped cream all over it and then crushed heath bars. Let me tell you, it is better than just about anything!
Tuesday I went to the AG church for prayer time in the AM. There were only a few ladies there, but it was nice to get to know them a little better and I enjoyed being there for their prayer time. They are might prayer warriors.
Wednesday me and Amanda hit the mall, Penn Square Mall to be exact! It was a fun shopping trip and we got Bailey decked out for school. While there my IRL friend Melody met us at pepperoni grill and took me out for birthday lunch! We had so many bags we almost didn’t fit in the booth. I wasn’t complaining. Amanda and I split the fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken. It was yummo. Melody is a sweet friend and I really enjoyed seeing her even if it wasn’t for very long. We went to church Wednesday evening and enjoyed the first lesson in a series by the pastor titled “miracles.” After church I cut and highlighted mom’s hair (after I got Izzy to bed) Matt got called out to work so I took advantage of a late outing.
Thursday was the big birthday! It started with a call from Jenny (coachJ) We talked for over an hour. I think I could talk to her forever. She’s a sweetie! I got many phone calls from friends and family Thursday like Julie and Jana… It was a fun day. I went to lunch with my brother Mike and then had dinner at mom’s house. She made an italian cream cake and grilled burgers and hot dogs. It was delicious. Matt was just about done with all the birthday stuff by thursday evening, so I started calling him my jealous monkey :o)!!!
Friday I got a package in the mail from Jenna. It was a duplicate of something Jenny had mailed… I blogged about it here. I really got a good laugh out of that and had to call Jenna to laugh with her and thank her of course! I really enjoyed visiting with Jenna. She is such a sweetie. I can’t wait to meet her IRL. I had lunch with my friend Laura at Chilis. Her birthday is the 12th so we usually have lunch in the middle. It was nice to catch up with her! I rushed home to take bailey for a hair appointment and then Amanda to get her schedule and then Emelia to get enrolled. It was a busy day! Sweet Karen sent me a goodie package for my bday all the way from New Zealand! It was so sweet of her and lots of fun to go through! I also got the lightweight stroller from UPS that Dawn sent! I love it and it is so easy to get in and out of my suburban. Izzy fits in it perfectly and I used it Saturday & Sunday. Dawn also sent some really fun presents for me & for Izzy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Here’s bailey right after his cut, he wasn’t thrilled with the styling… can you tell?

Saturday we went to the AG church for a slip & slide / school supply giveaway. Matt helped all day and Bailey stayed there with him. Me and the girls came along a little later. Bailey got way too much sun and is sore from all the trips down the slide. It was a great outing though. We came home and I did tons of ironing (I felt like John Travolta’s charater in Hairspray)… and washed and vacuumed my car. It was a productive day! I got a package from Julie! I haven’t taken a pic of it yet, but it was really good candles, a neat cross bookmark, and a cute t-shirt! Thanks Julie. I went over and highlighted Niecie’s hair. It looked so good!
Today we had church with a bbq dinner immediately following. I was supposed to bring a dessert, but didn’t get to it yesterday so I made a lemon bundt cake (matt’s fav) early this morning. We had a great time at church and lots of fellowships following! It has been a great day. Amanda and I just got home from buying groceries and I already have my meals planned for the week. I’m going to run out and work on the pool a bit and then clean things up some…
I’ve had many blessings this week I can’t even count them all.

I’m thankful for…
good friends
a loving family
my sweet kiddos
izzy’s health and healing
our church

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weekend reflection

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

  • It’s been birthday central around our house this week! Izzy turned 5 on Thursday, I posted pics of her birthday here.
  • Bailey & Emelia have been spending the week riding bikes and skateboards. They are enjoying the summer … and swimming…
  • the stupid pool has had issues all Summer, from all the rain. I took the water to be analyzed and they told me to sit down. It’s a pain to deal with considering everything, but we made the choice to not ‘blame’ the pool. We had a fence put around it and now the kids swim daily. Anyway, it is back to normal and was ready for Amanda and her friends to take a late night swim after our outing.
  • Amanda’s birthday was Saturday! Matt & I took her and her friends to see “Hairspray” and then to eat at Olive Garden. It was a fun outing for all of us! The movie was so fun and the food was great too. Here are some pics … I’ll try to post more tomorrow when I have time to sort through them all…
Amanda’s hair (I fixed it for her birthday outing)

Amanda blowing out her candles!


  • I tried two new recipes this week… the first one was cheesy chicken empanadas and I learned that refrigerated pie crust is not the same as frozen… I made a batch that was disastrous and then used little pillsbury biscuits rolled out thin for the rest which were wonderful.
  • Barb posted the other recipe for a chicken spinach pasta, it was a hit! We had it a couple of times this weekend because it made a ton!!!


  • I’ve been up to my ears in siggies. It’s fun though and I just hope everyone is happy with what they get.
  • My buddy Judi send birthday presents for me, amanda, and izzy! She sent the cutest bookmark (I am going to take a pic, I just wanted to get this written but it looks like a necklace almost, beaded on both ends) and Izzy a little angel that says her name, and Amanda a cute notebook with an “A” on it. So sweet, thanks Judi!
  • I also got a goodmail postcard all the way from Arizona. Thanks Lauren!
  • I got good mail! Kayelyn sent me a sweet pack of birthday goodness! I love goodmail!
  • I won some things… something knitted and something cellophanish… I’ll post pics and links when I get them.
  • Got some fun awards from Kim & K.C.!
  • Happy birthday Jenny (on Tuesday)!!!!
  • I feel like I’m forgetting something, but I have to wrap this post up to get ready for church… oh church… I’ll post about that later.


  • finding a new church home!
  • birthday girls.
  • Matt
  • sunshine
  • fun mail
  • God’s love
  • good friends
  • YOU!

Thanks Judi for hosting WR, love wrapping up the week this way!

weekend reflection~

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

  • Bailey & Emelia spent the week at Art Camp! Bailey came home Friday with a video his class made (it was a video class). He was the star and it was really good! Emelia brought jewelry home daily from her jewelry making class. They both had a wonderful week and met lots of new friends (I know this from the increase in evening phone calls from new kids :o)
  • Amanda is still doing great helping out with Izzy’s therapy. She helped at VBS all week at church too and then spent the evenings hanging out with her friends from church. She is enjoying summer!
  • Izzy is doing great this week too. She amazes me with her good health and strength! I wrote an update today on her blog here… I also added a pic her OT emailed this morning.


  • Although my menu was a little mixed up this week, it was a good week. I didn’t really try anything new this week to report about.


Love for Parker

The dates of the love offering will be July 23 through July 27. Make a $2 donation (of course, larger donations will be accepted *smile*) during that time from the Paypal button that will be posted on Slurping Life and be entered in the drawing for all prizes.

  • Thank you Kat for giving me the blogger reflection award. Your words were so sweet and it really meant a lot to me!
  • Thanks to K.C. for the creative blogger award, and thoughtful blogger award! I will pass those on soon.
  • I am enjoying my gift from my secret mailer! I smile everytime I walk by it. Thanks again secret mailer! I love the good mail girls, and good mail rocks by tori too! Such fun stuff. I am going to be sending out some things this week.
  • I’m enjoying the igoogle and ‘my gadget’ … me & oh amanda have our own private myspace :o)…


  • God’s awesome promises!
  • Izzy’s new stroller
  • good friends
  • posts that make me lol!
  • health
  • joy
  • you!!!

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weekend reflection~

Sunday, July 8th, 2007


  • I finally updated Izzy’s blog :o).
  • We enjoyed the fourth of July!
  • Matt’s best friend from high school (& his family) showed up unannounced today and spent the afternoon visiting and catching up. They hadn’t spoken in four years… they didn’t know about Izzy’s accident.
  • We are expecting GREAT things for Izzy! EXPECTING.

…he [Jesus] was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,
and by his wounds we are healed.

Isaiah 53:5

  • We’ve been working Izzy really hard this week, lots of therapy, lots of standing, she’s a trooper! Swimming is great for her, so after our visitors left…
Bailey & Emelia
Emelia & Izzy

Izzy with Emelia

Matt helping Izzy float
Amanda (she didn’t swim with the group) she went to a work day at church…
  • I made the BEST fettucine alfredo with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and grilled chicken (and garlic) I have ever had in my life! YUM. It wasn’t diet food, but I didn’t eat a lot of it!
  • I posted my recipe for spinach dip that I made for the fourth of July here.
  • Cleaned out the new fridge today! It still looks new, yea!


  • Thank you Jenna and Karen for the blogger reflection award! You two are such an encouragement to me!
  • Thank you Dena for the rockin’ girl blogger nomination!
  • Speaking of Jenna, I got to talk to her IRL on the phone on the fourth of July!
  • I got good mail!!! Thanks Jenny for the cd, goodies & the sweetest card!
  • I also got this great soap (lemongrass) and a awesome smelling candle from an unannounced contest on Sheryl’s blog! Thanks Sheryl!
  • AND I got the recipe cards from Barb’s daughter’s wedding favors that I kinda won.
    Thanks Barb!


  • forgivness
  • sunshine
  • family
  • health
  • fun mail
  • phone calls from friends
  • YOU!

Thanks Judi for hosting weekend reflections!

weekend refection~

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

  • Izzy went to bear & school this week, she was a healthy little girl again this week. I cannot believe it is almost time for her birthday! July 26 she will turn 5 years old. I think because I am still carrying her around and doing all her care, she still is like my baby. I am going to have to change my vocabulary… Birthdays would probably make me very sad if I didn’t rely on and believe in God’s promises!
  • Amanda did a few jobs for Matt around the yard for $$$ this week, she then went to eat at Olive Garden and to get her eyebrows waxed… goodbye money :o)… at least the girl has priorities right? Oh, and the outing was supposed to be a “turn in applications for a J-O-B” and when I asked how many applications she turned in … the magic number was “zero” because no one was hiring ya’ll…
  • Me & Emelia had a fun outing Wednesday afternoon while Iz was in school. We ran errands, got her camp pictures, etc. She said, “aren’t you glad I came with you, this was a great mother daughter bonding experience.” I was glad that she felt that way! (I also had to wonder if it had anything to do with the snacks, pictures and toy I bought for her?… it doesn’t matter she deserves it!!!)
  • Bailey has his little buddy here for the weekend from out of town. They are two peas in a pod and having a blast. I tried fixing some waffles and bacon for them to wake them up (at 11 a.m.) and they didn’t stir. I guess they played that new wii game all night. Their conversations crack me up. I’m so glad Dylan’s dad is willing to let him come visit since they moved away last year.
  • I operated on Matt’s finger last night. He was doing yard work while off work yesterday and we have trumpet vines that are just crazy so he was whacking them and one went into his thumb and broke off so you couldn’t pull it out. It just got worse and worse. Finally me, my exacto knife, and my tweezerman sharp point tweezers had to do surgery. Let me tell you it wasn’t pretty. It’s out though! If I could find the camera I would take a picture of how big it was (maybe it’s better that I can’t locate the camera this morning).
  • It’s still raining!!! Last night I drove down our road and it is a river going across it. The second time I felt my car move a little. I’m still not complaining, but there is major flooding happening around here now.


  • I got a day off this week because I made the tacos and had lots of taco meat left over so the next night I took tortillas and refried (fat free) beans and rolled them up with a little cheddar and then put sauce over it and cheese and baked it… and while I was at the mall buying a birthday present, I poked my head in El Chico and ordered a set up (cheese sauce, hot sauce, chips, tortillas for only 2.99) and we had mexican food again. It all turned out very good…
  • So the next night (last night) I made the pork chops, but because the first time I used the grill I forgot to turn off the gas, I now have to go have the propane tank refilled so we had pork chop potatoes in the crockpot and I couldn’t find the recipe so I improvised and they were yummy!!!
  • I am still watching it in the food area. Still enjoying the morning coffee…
  • I posted some fourth of July recipes for favorite ingredient Friday here.


  • Kat & Ohamanda gave me the rocker girl blogger award !!! So sweet, thank you thank you thankyou!!!
  • Me & Marcia were finally able to visit on her chat room! It was so much fun talking to her, I just wish I could hear her accent. Judi’s was so much fun to ‘hear’ on the phone.
  • I won Barb’s recipe party favor (well, I was one of 30… but still!)
  • I took this quiz on Nan’s page and found out I am only 60% addicted to blogging, don’t know if that is good or bad???
  • Jenna is a killer! (well, it was a pregnant snake but still :o)…
  • I mailed out those devo books to all of you who sent me your addresses. Hope they come today… I mailed them Wednesday afternoon (when me & emelia were out playing).
  • Lolly posted about pool safety! Thanks Lolly!!!
  • I got good mail!!! Thanks PJ, when I find the camera I will take a pic of the fun good mail you sent and how did you know I love strawberry licorice?
  • Happy Anniversary to Sheryl & Jenna!!! (No, not the two of them … with their hubbies for goodness sakes)


  • sunshine
  • daddies… mine on earth (love him) and mine in heaven (love HIM!)
  • health
  • God’s promises, they keep me moving, one step after another! Praise Him.
  • my friends… the ones I know IRL, and the ones I will know IRL someday!
  • YOU!!!

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weekend reflection~

Sunday, June 24th, 2007


  • Amanda is home! She had a wonderful trip and took lots of pictures… you can see a few of them here.
  • It’s been a good week, everyone is healthy & happy!
  • Izzy had bear on Monday and summer school on Wednesday.
  • I enjoyed our visit with Matt’s mom and aunt this weekend. They spent the night Friday night.
  • I have been planning to get in Emelia’s room and really organize it … we made some headway this week which is wonderful and have plans to organize some little things this week. It feels great to have this almost finished.
  • Izzy continues to use the potty for #2, I know tmi, but it is big news and it is two weeks now!


  • I stuck to my menu this week. The chicken spaghetti worked well for our guests Friday night. Have I mentioned lately that I love my crockpot?
  • I made the breakfast casserole for breakfast Saturday morning. It is great for company too. I use jalapeño cheese bread from the bakery at walmart and canadian bacon. It literally takes five minutes to put together the night before and then you just pop it in the oven and voila… breakfast!
  • Mom also surprised me by making a big batch of cinnamon rolls, she has been given many awards for her cinnamon rolls. Matt’s family jokingly suggest that she puts some kind of drug in them because they are too good to pass up. (Mom would never drug her rolls btw)…
  • Dad brought me a bucket full of new potatoes from his garden that we have really been enjoying. I love little new potatoes!


  • Debi and I are trying to figure out how to have a bloggy baby shower for Carrie
  • I got to talk to Judi on the phone, that girl is a southern girl for sure… it was so much fun to visit with her!
  • I got some goodmail off again. It’s fun to send things out.
  • I also found more diet devo books. Kahri, Jenileigh, Kim and Jenny (coachj) I have a book for each of you!


  • The blessing of walking in divine health.
  • bubble yum
  • uplifting spiritual teachings
  • izzy’s toothless grin
  • family
  • friends
  • I sit here typing this list… and I have to pause and say that Izzy has been pretty high maintenance today. With company here, running around trying to keep everything in order etc. she let me know all day that my attention was needed by her and her alone. I got a little frustrated by this evening. I just glanced over at her… sitting right beside me, she has drifted to sleep. She is so precious and beautiful and all those feelings of frustration are instantly washed away and I’m left with deep thanksgiving for her life and love for her. We came so close to losing her forever just three short years ago, God gave us another chance with her and I thank God for her precious life.
  • prayers of faith
  • YOU!

My southern belle friend Judi is our host for weekend reflections, you can visit her to participate and to see others…

On another note… any suggestions for ttt?