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week in review

Monday, November 10th, 2008

week in review text


Week’s Weather  It’s cold! Well, not cold really but it was rainy and 60 ish.

Life lessons Trust God.

Favorite Meal(s) Turkey & dressing! Twice!

Treasured Moment(s)  

Simple Pleasures  Sleeping in (well, past 7 a.m.) on Saturday, Almond rocas!

Impacting News


    National  Obama won presidency.



Things I Read  Need to get a new book to read!

Movies We Watched   The Rock, The Holiday, Money Pit

Interesting Internet  yoville and scramble on fb! fun playing with stacy gail & sonya!

Places We Went  orthotist, dr. for emelia, school, church, mardels

Budget Savers/Busters  gas was 1.79 today!!!  cd and tshirt sell yesterday at mardels, all $7.99 got wow 2009!

Blessings  izzy’s school… (camilla, melanie, margaret & michelle); health & happiness! friends.

Challenges  Amanda’s sr. year!!! so expensive.

Accomplishments got izzy’s new afo’s.

Family Happenings  Emelia sick with strep throat and ear infections… Amanda sending app to OU…


(haven’t loaded them off my sd card yet)

week in review

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather Chilly and very Fall-ish!

Sunday Sermon I seem to always type these reviews on Saturday evening so I haven’t been to church yet and I usually really have to work my brain muscles to remember the scriptures from last weeks lesson… but last week we were all home with sick kids and hurt back.  Hopefully tomorrow morning we’ll be in church.

Life lessons  Nothing new really.  In  the book “the shack” another statement hit me about focusing on the present and having God in the future.  That’s been on my mind.

Favorite Meal(s)  jambalaya which is a favorite of mine right now and will be made again this week thanks to mom and dad emptying the garden of all tomatoes and green peppers…  and oven fried chicken with potato salad that became breakfast for the next two mornings.  I heart potato salad.

Treasured Moment(s) I’ll be honest.  This week has been rough.  With the back problem and sick kids… there have been treasured moments, but hopefully next week my mind will remember more of them than the other kind of moments. 

Simple Pleasures fun mail, reading comments from bloggy friends, playing and chatting on facebook, sleep!

talked with jennag (ms) on facebook which was fun… texting julie (tx)… 

Impacting News





Things I Read still trying to get through “the shack!”

Movies We Watched   baby mama (kinda funny), raising helen (love that one).

Interesting Internet  nothing really new… kari‘s been on a political roll 🙂

Places We Went  tulsa, school, affair of the heart (craft show), shopping

Budget Savers/Busters got great deals at JCPenny for Emelia and izzy. . . got emelia several tops and some bottoms and izzy some dresses for church for $1.97 each! My receipt said I saved $483.00!!!! and I got an outfit for me regularly $200 for $24.99!  Not bad, huh? OH and gas was $2.07 today! I filled up 

Blessings lower gas prices, Matt finishing burean and recieving his ministry certification… I’m now the wife of Rev. Pettigrew 🙂

Challenges  stupid back pain.  It’s better, but we spent about four hours standing today at the ordination cermony and I’m pooped.  Amanda has the stomach bug which is bad!!!  She missed her ACT this morning because she was throwing up from 4 a.m. until about noon.  She has been in bed with lights out all day miserable.  I got a power ade slush for her tonight at sonic and she was able to drink it, but no food.  Emelia’s lasted about 24 hours… hope she is better by morning.  Praying it ends here!  Also weird but everywhere I go people are falling down!  At the craft show a girl about 18 fell down and hurt her head and had a bad seizure right at my feet, today in tulsa during ceremony a man in balcony right above me had issues and ambulance was called, I ran to the store when I got home and an ambulance was pulling up because an employee was passed out in the floor.  Bailey said he was scared to be around me.Getting post done for keylogger.

Accomplishments Matt finishing his ministry certification… 




(me and matt leaving tulsa…)


week in review

Monday, October 20th, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather… beautiful!  low 80’s and sunny!

Life lessons… yesterday is finished, tomorrow isn’t here yet. cherish today.

Favorite Meal(s)… supper with mom and dad…wasn’t so much the food (pork chops, grilled potatoes, corn, broccoli, biscuits with honey and brownies) which was delish, but just nice being home.

Treasured Moment(s)… walking with emelia, izzy, mom and dad after dinner.  feeding pinkie apples, shopping with amanda.

Simple Pleasures… evening walks, reading a magazine in bed while listening to “the heart” (xm radio love songs 🙂 …)

Impacting News




Things I Read… the shack, magazines that all came the same day (hallmark, home, star which I still have no idea where its coming from).

Movies We Watched… the love guru 

Interesting Internet… facebook.  still having fun playing scramble with gail! the crockpot blog.

Places We Went… mall with melody, shopping with amanda, hair place

Budget Savers/Busters… gas was $2.22 today!  used $10 coupon at JCPenny and got a 45 dollar shirt on sale for 20 for $10 (for matt).  Got a book (sequel to angela’s ashes and tis) for 2.97 at waldenbooks!  Got shoes bogo at payless.

Blessings… my friends, my family… 

Challenges… getting storage building emptied. Moving everything from side deck to storage building so that outdoor furniture can move to side deck…  dealing with a hurt back. :(… Izzy running fever today (saturday).

Accomplishments… got the building emptied.

Family Happenings… Fall break!

Tried Something New… nothing I can think of…



Izzy snoozing in the car in her cute outfit!


Working with sweet Camilla…



Sunday, October 12th, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather… windy and semi-warm!

Sunday Sermon…I spent my morning in the cry room with iz.  I heard bits and pieces of the lesson…

Life lessons…

Favorite Meal(s)… grilled bbq pork chops with hash browns! yum.

Treasured Moment(s)… riding the hay ride with izzy, walking with matt, driving to pv with mom.

Simple Pleasures… sleep!

Talked with… a lot of family members at the family reunion!

Impacting News

    World… world bank protecting developing nations from turmoil

    National… sick of election stuff.

    Local… nothing major


Things I Read… finished eclipse! starting on the shack…

Movies We Watched…none!

Interesting Internet…

Places We Went … family reunion!  Tons of relatives there.  

Budget Savers/Busters… gas is below 2.50 now!

Blessings… great support at izzy’s school.

Challenges… church.

Accomplishments…did all the things I needed to do this week.

Family Happenings … reunion! My mother’s family is pretty large.  They gathered Saturday for a reunion and there were a lot of faces I didn’t even know, but a lot of faces I was glad to see again.  Mom’s dad is getting older so it was good to see him and for everyone to see him.  My nieces Toni and Candace came with their kids too.

Tried Something New… rode the barrel train at the corn maze/pumpkin patch with izzy!



Me & mom at the reunion…


candace (holding gabbie),nick and joey, levi, toni with blake and mom and emelia…

They tried to take pics of all the families represented.  There were so many people there it was pretty crazy :)…


Me and izzy on the barrel train riding around the pumpkin patch.


izzy’s teacher Melanie hiding in the corn 🙂

week in review

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather Nice weather this week… in the upper 80’s most days and sunny!

Sunday Sermon I Cor. 7: 8-17

Life lessons It’s important to be there to help out your family.

Favorite Meal(s) Poblano chicken fajitas with Melody (for her birthday!)

Treasured Moment(s) Lunch with Mel, walks every evening with Matt.

Simple Pleasures Snuggling izzy, a clean house, feeding pinky.

Talked with  julie via text messages, melody during lunch, dawn.

Impacting News

   World Al-Qaida: US Economy Crisis Equals Muslim Victory

  National Congress passes & Bush signs bailout, Americans not happy with bailout



Things I Read Eclipse, Bible

Movies We Watched  none? 

Interesting Internet  facebook

Places We Went Poblano grill, orthotist (izzy)

Budget Savers/Busters gas! check it out!


Blessings family, friends, health, izzy’s teacher and therapists

Challenges getting everything done… CLA post to get done.

Accomplishments helped brother and sil move and unpacked tons of boxes! 

Family Happenings  nothing new…

Tried Something New I have a few new recipes planned for this week’s menu…

Photos  some moving pics!





week in review

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

week in review text


(The purpose of this meme is to record a weekly memoir of your life to look back on for your own personal reflection/enjoyment and for your children/grandchildren to enjoy and learn from your experiences.  Don’t you wish your parents/grandparents had left something like this for you??  I do!!  Feel free to answer all or any…whatever you want to share and record, and feel free to add any subject I may have overlooked.

Please be sure and sign Mr. Linky so we can all enjoy each other’s Week in Review posts.)                           

Week’s Weather  Nice, high 80’s low 90’s and pretty!

Sunday Sermon  ???

Life lessons “Put one foot in front of the other…”

Favorite Meal(s)  Jambalaya

Treasured Moment(s) evening walks with Matt.

Simple Pleasures  petting Pinky’s nose, reading in bed, sweet comments from bloggy friends

Impacting News

    World  Car bomb kills 17 in tightly controlled Syria 

    National  Key lawmakers report progress on financial bailout deal

    Local  Sooners make case for No. 1

    Personal Amanda took senior pics!!

Things I Read  eclipse, bible

Movies We Watched  Run Fat Boy Run (odd but funny british film on ppv), Another perfect stranger (really good!)

Interesting Internet  Other than the on-going scramble challenge on facebook with gail????

Places We Went  Penn Sq. Mall, Cowboy Hall of Fame

Budget Savers/Busters savers-gas was 3.12 today!!! got fun bargains at kirklands… cute monkey lamp for 14.99, great fall candle for $5.

Blessings  health, family…

Challenges  finding enough hours in the day to get it all done…

Accomplishments  Walked everyday with Matt almost 4 miles per day.  Lost about 5 pounds this week, highlighted katie and emelia’s hair today. 

Family Happenings  Dad’s birthday 9/23, Amanda’s sr. pics

Tried Something New made jambalaya for the first time.





week in review

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather  Really nice weather this week… Fallish in the a.m. and like Spring in the afternoons!  perfect.

Sunday Sermon  (home with izzy)

Life lessons When you shop for outfits for your 18 year old daughter without her, don’t expect everything to fit perfectly! ugh!  

Favorite Meal(s)  Grilled chicken burritos at Qdoba…

Treasured Moment(s) Dinner out with mom and dad and me!

Simple Pleasures  a bowl of captain crunchberries, cinnamon rolls for sunday breakfast, happy kids

Talked with julie, melody, miki

Impacting News

    World  China Seeks Public Trust Amid Milk Scandal, bombing in Pakistan

    National  Bush Requests $700 Billion for Bailout, Economists See Financial Bailout as Necessary

Things I Read  Eclipse

Movies We Watched  Another Perfect Stranger! Great movie… 13 going on 30.  

Interesting Internet  20 autumn pleasures (post below), post it video!

Places We Went  Qdoba, Penn Square Mall, Mardels, Bear, Sams…

Budget Savers/Busters  Gas is down to $3.19.  2 pairs of really cute jeans for Emelia from Dillards for $6 each (75% off!)… a polo shirt for bailey $10 (also 75%off).

Blessings  my family,my friends,church!

Challenges  keeping the kids rooms clean and not doing it all for them!

Accomplishments  got caught up on CADS, made appt for amanda’s senior pics (monday).

Family Happenings  Dad’s birthday is tomorrow, we’re going to Cowboy Hall of Fame for lunch… Corky’s bday (julie’s hub and my bgf) is Today!  happy birthday to Corky!  

Tried Something New Qdoba.  Hadn’t been there before.  It was pretty good!

week in review

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather Pretty days, some rain and a little Ike-ie at the end of the week.

Sunday Sermon Tabernacle.

Life lessons Trust God to supply the blessings.

Favorite Meal(s) lunch at cheesecake factory… baja chicken tacos! yummy!

Treasured Moment(s) lunch with miki, quiet time over the weekend with matt.

Simple Pleasures  looking forward to diving back into a book, good reports when picking izzy up from school.

Impacting News


    National  Ike pounds Texas, Los Angeles Commuter Rail Crash Death Toll Rises

    Personal  Updated Izzy’s blog

Things I Read  new moon, bible, devos

Movies We Watched Perfect Stranger

Interesting Internet facebook… 

Places We Went  mardels, cheesecake factory, kohls, marshalls, walmart, sams.

Budget Savers/Busters savers… found some comfy clothes for izzy at kohls; buster… still gas.

Blessings  good health, matt’s neck is well, bailey’s poison ivy is well.

Challenges getting all these cads done!

Accomplishments making a dent in them…

Family Happenings my brother and sil bought a new house… nothing really happening new here… just the usual school etc.

Tried Something New put jalapenos in my cowboy stew… it was yummy.


Mike & Terri’s new house!


Amanda, Antoinette (Lo’s sis), Edna (her friend), Melissa (Lo’s other sister) at FLO.


Another FLO group pic…


week in review

Monday, September 8th, 2008

week in review text


Week’s Weather  We had a dose of Fall this week… some rain, some cool mornings and warm afternoons.  It was a nice week!

Sunday Sermon  was about the tabernacle being unattractive on the outside, and smelling bad from the burning of meats, but the inside was beautiful… and about how church can draw a crowd just like a sports event, but it’s about more than a head count… it’s about ministering to needs.

Life lessons perseverance pays off!

Favorite Meal(s) frito chili pie!

Treasured Moment(s) family devo time in the evenings… reading scripture and discussing things with the kids.

Simple Pleasures cooler temperatures, hugs, and snuggling while sleeping.

Talked with a lot of people being certified as ministers in the AG. Some headed to Africa to be missionaries, some heading to Mexico, some in the area.

Impacting News

    World  Ike Blasts Turks and Caicos as Category 4 Storm

   National  John McCain’s convention speech, Palin’s convention speech

    Personal  Matt got certified!!!

Things I Read  Almost finished with Twilight! Bible, studied class material

Places We Went Penn Square Mall, District AG headquarters, school, church

Budget Savers/Busters  buster – gas!  100 to fill up last night!  savers – found some great deals at Dillards on kid’s clothes yesterday.

Blessings home, family, forgiveness, church

Challenges  life.

Accomplishments  finished a batch of CAD’s on time.

Family Happenings  school pics

Tried Something New  got new girls in class today… lost a few older girls.



week in review

Monday, September 1st, 2008

week in review text


Week’s Weather … it was hot… with some rain. In the 90’s all week.

Sunday Sermon  bible reading essential to spiritual growth

Life lessons Always take a photo id if you go to an urgent care center.

Favorite Meal(s) grilled steaks with baked potatoes …

Simple Pleasures coke with sonic ice, candles and kissing izzy’s soft cheeks.

Talked with julie, mendy, laura

Impacting News

    World  Vatican Warns of Rising Persecution of Christians , Georgia says Russia Troops Blocking Refugee Return

    National  McCain Picks Palin for Running Mate,Hurricane Gustav approaching.

   Personal Matt has a 9cm x 9cm growth on his neck.

Things I Read A few pages of Twilight while at dr. with matt… bible, class material…

Interesting Internet Facebook!

Places We Went  Old germany with Laura, dr. with matt

Budget Savers/Busters buster: gas up again!

Blessings  air conditioning!, long holiday weekend, izzy’s teachers/therapists (camilla, melanie & michelle)

Challenges getting it all done in a day!

Accomplishments making it through another week 🙂

Family Happenings  bailey has poison ivy.  again.  matt’s neck issue.