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Saturday, June 28th, 2008

I have to say, this week my faith lift has been going to vbs. Helping in the craft room, enjoying the friends at church. It really is a family and a family of faith. Last night was the second night. I was in the craft room again. There were about double the kids and it was a little more chaotic. Instead of spending a lot of time crafting and taking pictures, I spent a lot of time doing what I was probably intended to do in the first place, assist with crafts and help the kids. There was a lot of laughing and silliness too which is always good.

The previous night I sat in the bible lesson at the end of the night. Kasey was talking to the kids about making choices about what music they listen to. She gave examples of different instrumental music, asking them what feelings they created. She asked them if given the choice between music that have questionable lyrics and songs that have good messages which would they choose? The girls side immediately said, “Jesus.” The boy side said, “Rock music.” and then said, “okay. Jesus.” Matt and I had to laugh at their honesty and reluctance to give up their “music.” You know, that really applies to adults too, more specifically to me. I pretty much listen to klove, which is contemporary Christian music, but what about what’s on television? etc.? I think paying close attention to the things going in is worth some consideration. What we listen to becomes part of us somehow. The message that night resonated with me, to be more aware of what goes into my heart. It’s important.

I almost didn’t go to vbs last night. I spent the afternoon tromping around oil sites. I have mentioned I’m doing CAD’s and they thought it would be beneficial to see what I am CADing. It was hot and I ended up being out longer than I had expected. I also hadn’t eaten anything. I got the kids lunch, fed Iz and headed to Edmond. I assumed the meeting would be quick and I’d grab a chicfila or something on the way home. I ended up racing home at five to get dinner finished and everything going to be out the door at 6:15. The pool was reserved for the church from 8:30-10:30. I brought Iz home and put her to bed. Matt stayed home with her and we went to the pool. I almost didn’t swim, the water was cool and the air seemed cooler than normal. But, I saw my friends swimming so I jumped in too. I ended up going down the big slide many times with Miki and Ronna, and Bailey insisted I go down different ways… “go head first this time.” “Now go upside down backwards, head first.” Okay Bailey! It was fun and I even got my hair wet :).

I thought this picture of me and Miki was kinda funny, that is her son Preston wrestling with my Bailey in the background…


Here’s one of me checking out the oil site (trying to look a)interested and b)like I know what I’m looking at?)… (sidenote: don’t wear wedge/heel sandals when you plan to explore oil sites, not good)oil.jpg

Have a great Friday! To share something (anything) that has lifted your faith, visit Sheryl at Taking the Challenge!

i heart vbs.

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Tonight was the first night of vacation bible schoolsical. It was so much fun! The night started with some karaoke. Here’s Emelia along with a few others singing…


Then we went to our classrooms… I was in ART. (We did crafts)

The craft for tonight was a tambourine. I had to make one! So I made a girl tambourine… or maybe an “annie” tambourine. I was sitting by my friend Ronna’s little girl Olivia (she’s four) and asked her to help me. I said, “What should I put on mine?” and she said, “first put eyes. then a nose. then ears.” So I did! (notice my yellow feather hair!)


So, then Alfred walked in and asked me to make a tambourine of him. I did.


I later added his mustache. It looked just like him!

Here we are… making music!


And finally… a pic of the craft team!


The lunchroom was serving apple wedges with caramel (ick)… so I skipped lunch :).

It was a fun first night at VBS!