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top ten tuesday ::::::::::: my favorite green things

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day… which only means “wear green or get pinched” to me and not even that since I’m a grownup.  I do love green though.  It’s almost my favorite color.  I think it ranks about third, or fourth on the list of favorite colors.  White, Pink, Black, then GREEN.  When you finish here go visit Izzy’s blog… I added her progress report this morning! 

Here are ten of my favorite green things in no particular order…

1.  My birthstone. Peridot.

2.  Money. Duh.


3.  grass and stuff…

4.  guacomole! YUM.


5.  Matt’s eyes… (they are very pretty green with specks of brown.)


6.  broccoli!


7.  these.


8.  Although it’s not my favorite gum… it’s mom’s favorite so I’ll include it (I’m running out of green things).


9.  green lights.  (green means GO!)


10.  (finally!)  For some reason my IE has “not responded” three times while trying to post this!!! But I am persistant! I have to finish some postings like this for Argentina travel.

iced green tea at Panera Bread!



If you want to share your top ten list about anything… visit my pal OHAmanda!

top ten

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


I’m linking up with my bloggy buddy OHAmanda again this week for her top ten…  She has a list of her top ten favorite books.   If I were to do my top ten favorite books it would be very similar to her list…  except I didn’t like the third twilight book quite as much as the fourth and I could have done without hearing Jacob’s voice.  Weird how some people liked Jacob and some just didn’t.  

My list again is neither original or interesting… but necessary to propel me into the day!

Top ten things I will be doing today rather than hanging out on the world wide web… (in no particular order)

1.  work work work. ugh.

2.  make a meal plan for the week.

3.  buy food.

4.  get izzy to school.

5.  work some more.

6.  play scrabble on my blackberry.  do laundry.

7.  start dinner early.

8.  feed iz

9.  run errands

10.  try to get it ALL done!

top ten tuesday

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009


One of my best blogging buddies, Oh Amanda, has started a new “meme” called Top Ten Tuesday! I am playing along for these top ten reasons…

1. I have nothing else interesting to blog about this morning.
2. I heart Oh Amanda.  Not only does she share the name of my amanda, she even loves purple!
3. She’s even offering a giveaway incentive for participants.
4. I’m procrastinating things I should be doing.
5. Ten things on tuesday makes so much more sense than thirteen on thursday.
6. I like lists.
7. Did I already mention I have nothing interesting to blog about?
8. I’m hopeful that next Tuesday my list will be either more creative, or more helpful.
9. Mr. linky is a friend to all.
10. So you’ll visit and play along too!