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stuff I did today … before noon!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

watered flowers

watered pinky (the horse)

fed pinky and pet his soft nose for a little while. He’s so cute.

took out all the trash and trash cans. bleached cans and sprayed with hose until sparkling clean.

cleaned and swept kitchen.

did dishes.

took laundry off line and replaced with another load. (thanks Nancy for the hanger tip, it worked perfectly!)

made my bed.

cleaned kids bathroom

cleaned my bathroom

picked up back yard.

swam to cool off.

did some weed eating.

fed izzy.

put her foot braces on. took them off.


What’d you do today?

… if you’re wondering what I did after noon?

got dressed (out of swimming suit)

hair makeup blah blah blah

took emelia to lunch. we had the veggie plate at delta. and fried pickles.

went to Mardels. bought her some t’s and a book

went to TJMaxx, bought her backpack.

Went to office to pick up CADS.

Rushed home to feed Iz again, gather clothes off line (again), wash my comforter and hang it out, put away laundry, and start supper before church!


thursday thirteen… a to do list!

Thursday, July 31st, 2008
  1. Get more space bags, put Matt’s winter comfy clothes in one and store.
  2. Look for a nightstand that is different, yet coordinates with the bedroom. Remove all the books from the bookshelf/nightstand and reorganize the two lined baskets holding Izzy’s hair stuff and lotions. Maybe an under the bed type basket or something. Put away suction machine that is on same shelf because I don’t use it for Izzy anymore and it is ugly and takes up space. Sort through books on the shelf and put into categories in other bookshelves throughout the house.
  3. Go to marshall’s and look at bedding sets/dust ruffles/bed skirts. (found bed skirt at target)
  4. Look for new hamper for bathroom in my bedroom.
  5. Look for new hamper for hall bathroom while looking anyway…
  6. Go to grocery store and get ingredients to make brocolli salad and chicken to marinate and grill (using Kim’s sticky coconut chicken recipe). (that chicken was wonderful!!!)
  7. Finish doing several loads of laundry.
  8. Put clothes on hangers into appropriate closets.
  9. Take down birthday sign!
  10. Clean my shower.
  11. Pay car payment.
  12. Do pool maintenance.
  13. Give away chest of drawers that used to be in my room.

Okay… enough talking about doing what I need to do, now I’m off to actually do it!

Have a great Thursday!