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cat in the hat

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Isabelle’s teacher (Melanie) spends her mornings with this cute little guy at another school in our area.  He is blind.  What a character this little guy is!  He loves Izzy and calls her the “girl.”  We spent the afternoon at his school today because Cat in the Hat aka the principal flew in on a helicopter to surprise the students, read them a story, and give them each a book.  Here is N pushing Izzy outside to watch for the helicopter.

The helicopter is landing.  They are listening (it was so loud) and looking at the helicopter.


There is the Cat/principal… (her hub was the helicopter pilot).  They landed just beside the school.


We all came into the gym for a book read by the CAT.


Izzy liked the Cat and enjoyed the story. They gave her an extra special book and she really looked at the pictures!  They gave N a brail book and he was so proud of it.  His para said the first thing he does when he gets a book now is rub the cover to see if it is in brail. 


It was a nice warm day here… I finished the tier 2 stuff finally at 1 a.m. this morning.  I woke up about six with a headache, but thank goodness I feel fine and got a lot done today including this fun field trip! 

Some things about the day to remember … the little first graders in N’s class filed in one by one introducing themselves to Isabelle.  They each commented about something they liked… like her bow or bracelet.  Their teacher had shown them her video riding the bike so many told her they liked her bike.  Then they took turns telling knock-knock jokes!  So cute!  … I was able to sit and have a sandwich with mom and dad before I went to the school.  Today is their actual fiftieth anniversary! Now all I have to do is finish some posts like this for keyman insurance.

fall grades… fave 5!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Well, Emelia got all A’s for the fall semester.  Amanda got all A’s too, even in her college concurrent classes (College Algebra & English Comp I).  Bailey didn’t quite do his BEST… but he is working harder this semester and we have set up some guidelines.  We just want them to do their very best.  That’s all.

They sent Izzy’s report card home yesterday.  This letter from her teacher and vision therapist, Melanie, was attached.

Kindergarten Progress Report

January 8, 2009

Izzy is demonstrating improvement on a regular basis in several areas since our last progress report.

Izzy is using her eye gaze on a more consistent basis to choose activities and when making her preference known from a choice of two things.  She is becoming more vocal both with her likes and dislikes!

In the general education classroom she sits very attentively during group time on the carpet and has started responding vocally when the other students are interacting with her.

Izzy’s new chair is allowing her to be more on the same physical level as her peers in the classroom.  The students love to sit beside her or stand by her chair and help her with her work.  Izzy shows she enjoys this as well by looking at them and trying to do what is asked.

In Physical Therapy Izzy is showing major improvements.  She always pushes with her legs when asked to stand and seems to be developing more head control.

My goal for Izzy is that we continue to provide her with many opportunities to communicate her wants and needs to friends and teachers and give her many opportunities to communicate what she is learning.  We will continue to try to make school fun, interesting, challenging and a place where she can make many good friends.

Izzy is precious and a delight to work with!


1.  I Melanie.  She always expects a lot from Isabelle and I give God the glory for each and every improvement, but expecting things from Isabelle is wonderful because she meets those expectations.

After school yesterday Melanie mentioned she had a good day with Camilla.  When we got home Camilla had emailed this:


Sorry I had to leave today before I got to talk to you.  Izzy did a fantastic
job in P.T. today.  Her standing looked incredible - feet flat on the floor (she
had her braces on), working really hard to keep her knees straight, keeping her
head up.  I was really encouraged today and I am so excited for that Kidwalk to
come in. Izzy seemed pleased, as well, and smiled several times. It was a great
day.  I told her she brought joy to my heart!!! Hope you all have a great

2.  I Camilla!  She has always pushed Isabelle with love!

3.  I Michelle, Izzy’s paraprofessional.  She is a mom away from mom and is always cheering Izzy on!

4.  I Margaret, Izzy’s speech therapist.  She is one of the biggest backers of izzy’s understanding!

5.  I You!  For always keeping her in your prayers.