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happy monday and other stuff…

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

I didn’t do a menu today. It’s Monday. I still don’t have a menu for this week. Shocking!
Matt informed me he wants to eat low carb. I don’t get that at ALL. I love carbs. They are my favorite food group actually. So, for dinner I made him some herb crusted sauteed chicken breasts with salad and beans… I had a baked potato and some broccoli. Did I mention I’m on a diet? I am. I have lost about 17ish pounds. I am hoping for at least that many more before Christmas. Before you start saying, “You don’t look like you need to lose that much …” remember I am over six feet tall and so I really do. Anywho. The holidays are great motivation for me to lose weight.
I took Izzy to see Bear today. He showed me a few new exercises for her hips. We did therapy early this afternoon and I tried them out on my own. He is better at it. That’s why he is the specialist I suppose. Oh well.
I’ve got about one more post to wrap up the vacation. I hope your not getting sick of seeing all the pics. It’s seriously as much for me to have it written out as anything else. It was so much fun. I keep waking up every morning wishing I was still there. Really.
Amanda and Bailey went to a youth conference this weekend with church. They had a really good time. There have been several confirmations of our church choice being the right choice this weekend. I am so thankful that God has led us to this place. It is a blessing.
The sermon yesterday was about the paralytic that was lowered through the roof by his friends to see Jesus. These four friends knew the power of Jesus. They had faith. Otherwise they would not have gone through so much trouble to get this friend to see Him. I think we are to surround ourselves with friends like that. Full of faith. It was a very uplifting sermon.
It is 48 degrees here and raining. It’s cold ya’ll. Welcome Fall.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Come back and describe the most serious accident or illness you have had. (sounds fun huh?)

thursday stuff~

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Had lunch with my friend Melody today… I told her we should take a pic for the ‘blog’ but we forgot until she was getting out of my car and into hers… she suggested we could take time to do it… but it was an ‘ugly’ day for me so I decided to skip it this time. We ate at panera (don’t worry Jenny… I had a cup of broccoli soup and a sour dough roll). It was fun to visit with her and my whole point in driving to town was that I needed to run to the bank. I drove away from eating and got several miles towards home only to realize I didn’t go to the bank!!! I turned around and went back, and they were slower than usual. I had to be home by 1p.m. so Amanda could leave for an outing to White water… Anyway, I made it.

I got the coolest thing in the mail today!!! It was from my secret mailer! This is one of the groups that have branched off of the good mail girls. I love good mail. I got some cool pop rocks from Chele. Me and Amanda shared them! I haven’t had pop rocks in so long! I also recieved the cutest stickers and sweet card from a bloggy friend “Tori.” Thanks Tori! Linda (Ribbon Rock Star) mailed me a couple of the sweetest clips ever, I put one in izzy’s hair as soon as I opened them. Thanks Linda! and Melissa sent me a great recipe too! But today I found this on my front porch!:

Isn’t this just so cute? Thanks secret mailer, you’re awesome!

I’ve mentioned the huge amount of rain and that my ivy is finally growing up the tree like I’ve always wanted so I took a pic today before Amanda ran off with her camera (mine is broken and I’m getting another soon… hopefully).

And finally Izzy’s new stroller came. It is huge, too big in my opinion but it came nonetheless… We always say we will use it until Izzy doesn’t need it and pass it along to another somebody… I guess that other somebody will be a big girl who needs a big pink stroller :o)… Here is the pic as it looks now. We got this thinking it would be lighter getting it in and out of my suburban, but it has to be disassembled to transport and that metal part is quite heavy. A blessing was that my fellow ND parent buddy Dawn from Colorado has a light stroller that her son can’t use now so she is shipping it to me. Yeah Dawn!!! for those quick trips in the store you know? We’ll be set!

Here’s how it looks on the website (these things are like $6K, crazy huh???) You can see Izzy’s is raspberry rather than the red shown…That’s all I have today, well all I have time for. Gotta get Izzy fed and then hit my list! Have a great Thursday!!! I’ll leave you with a pic I found while downloading these pics off the camera (amanda’s camera) it is her with her new friend T…

Happy Monday~

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Good morning blogville!

I was out of town this weekend, so I didn’t get to post a weekend reflection (sorry Judi). I did take the laptop to Dallas, but I was using dial up and it was so slow I couldn’t even really do much but check email and then turn it off. I guess high speed internet is another thing to add impatience. Funny, I never prayed for patience. I guess I knew that to get patience you would have to have a circumstance in which you would develop patience. I am a fast moving, get it done fast kinda gal. This situation with Izzy has built my patience in a whole new way. Not only my patience, but my faith has grown by leaps and bounds. It is so strange to find yourself in a situation that not one person can make better. Only God. I began to rely on God. I always thought I had in the past, but it was nothing compared to how I seek Him now. I know that God is the only One who can heal my little Iz. I know that God is in control of everything.

We spent the weekend in Dallas, I think I mentioned that already… but, we went to attend a healing school. We also went last month, they are held monthly on the second Saturday of the month. We arrived at about 12:30 for the teaching that began at 1 p.m. and I think we left around 7:00 pm, so it was a long afternoon… especially for Izzy. It was again great information about things that interfere with life and cause sickness and disease. Thurman ( focused on wives and husbands quite a bit on Saturday. It was interesting. There was a woman who hated her husband, I mean hated him… and her children were sick, she was having repeated miscarriages etc. when she heard Thurman speak on this issue and her child was healed. It is an interesting testimony you can read here
I think Matt and I walk in a love relationship for each other, we may need some fine tuning though.

We drove home Sunday afternoon, another long drive which I have decided I hate driving long trips… Matt offered to drive, but I hate riding more than I hate driving. So, I drove and it was fine. I am not complaining. I was blessed with great comfortable transportation. An interesting note about the drive… I usually fill up with gas before leaving town and then again somewhere in Texas on the way home. This one tank of gas lasted the whole trip! It was a supernatural gas experience for sure. So, praise God for good gas mileage, especially since it is $3.15 now! and what is up with that? It is eye opening to pay $100 to fill up your car.

I hope everyone had a good mother’s day. I did I suppose. You read earlier that I had shopped for my Matt gift so it was kinda a normal day. When I got home Amanda has stayed here with my mom Friday night and then her friends stayed with her on Saturday night. She had cleaned the house and left a candle and note pads on the table for me. Very sweet. Bailey gave me some white furry flip flops and at our home congregation they passed out corsages for moms and he got one and brought it home for me. I thought that was pretty thoughtful for a 13 year old boy who had an out of town friend over for the weekend! Sweet kids. I am very blessed.

I don’t have my menu ready for MPM, but I have to get me & Iz out the door in a bit to go to Bear and so it will wait until later… I am hoping to have a minute this afternoon to visit everyone and say hello. I have to go to target (did I just say I have to go to target?) … anyway, I left Izzy’s bullet blender that I make her smoothies in that I special ordered in Dallas (ARGGG)! So, I ran out last night to find target closed so I grabbed something at walmart which broke on the first use… I have also been given notice that if I don’t start pulling my weight on the pool maintenance my hub is going on strike. So, I’m going to do some skimming and chemicals this afternoon along with the miles of laundry left here from a weekend away.

I’m looking for balance. I want to seek God with all my heart. I have a lot of jobs to get done, I have catching up to do. I just need to inhale, exhale… and then keep going. Thanks for all the sweet comments on that picture. I almost didn’t post it because, well, you know we are all our own worst critics. But, it wasn’t too bad and it was fun to see Carrie’s pic of a real preggy girl. She looked so cute. Oh, I also got to hold baby Will this weekend. Julie lives in that area so she dropped by Saturday morning. I did her highlights and held Will. He is so tiny and cute. Izzy was pretty interested in him too. It was fun to see them!

We will be traveling to 18 years old tomorrow, Coach Jenny and Karen both thought that would be a good age to visit. I think it was a special year for them. Hopefully I’ll have my menu up sometime and then TTT up tomorrow, so come back and play along, please.


Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Today was a good day. I took Izzy to school. We were only late enough that the doors had just been locked, but one of the sweet teacher’s assistants came to let us in so it was all good… I saw the chance to run by panera and then to target and I took it!
Panera was out of souffles (artichoke & spinach) double rats! But, I got a cinnamon crunch bagel and some hazelnut cream cheese and kept going… to Target! I thought I would just walk through the clothes to see if any tops or anything ‘jumped’ out at me. Usually when I am in the mood to find a perfect something it just doesn’t happen so expectations were fairly low. The opposite happened I was grabbing shirts left and right! Then capris, then t’s… I thought well, I’ll go try them on and that will end this. It didn’t. They were all pretty cute. I have hesitated to buy the high waisted tops in the past because I don’t want anyone to ask if I’m pregnant and be embarrassed and as a result embarrass them so I just didn’t… but, there were cute ones today so I couldn’t resist. Like this one…over a white little t of course, but what do you think? (also remember I am over six feet tall so it’s not quite that long on me…)

I got a brown top and another green top and a white t and khaki capris and jean capris and then it was like common sense set in and I’m like, “hello, you have a basket full of stuff! What are you doing?” So, I called Matt (at work) and said something like this…”hey matt, how much money were you planning to spend on me for mother’s day?” and he said something like this, “why?” and I said, “well, I’m kinda at target and have several things that are cute and was trying to decide what to get…” to which the love of my life replied, “get them all.” with a delayed, “how many things are you getting? oh well, it doesn’t matter… get them all.” I did. Thanks honey.

So, I wore the one you see above over the little white t, with the cuffed denim capris that looked oh so cute in the mirror at target and I just didn’t feel so cute in it. I realize this post is completely trivial, but anyway, now I’m wondering if I made a bad decision going with the high waisted almost maternity type tops? I love them on other people, I just don’t know if they are me… I will say that Emelia and her little friend who went to church with us both said how cute the top was which either means it looked cute, or I was in a top made for a 9 year old girl. (or both?)

So, I want honest opinions. No sugar coating.

Church was good tonight. The songs were awesome, the message was great. I came home and watched Lakeesha go home from American Idol and then sent all the kids to bed. It doesn’t get any better than this right?