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my monday…

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Today I had lunch with my brother (Mike) and my parents. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday!

This was the view as we entered the Cowboy Hall of Fame…


This was my plate!!!


This picture was taken by my mean brother … he took my camera and snapped several bad pics of me…


Revenge is sweet 🙂


A tour guide took this for us as we were leaving.


After lunch I raced home… fed izzy… took her to school just in time to go with amanda to have her senior pictures taken… I took a few with my camera behind the photographer.  I didn’t do that while we were inside the studio… I think they are going to be great pictures! (yes. lorenzo came with her.  the studio pictures were of her alone.)



Tonight I made jambalaya for dinner.  It was so good!!!

Matt and I took a walk before and after dinner!  Two walks in one day!

After our second walk we had a family devo.

It’s been a good day!