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thursday 13 (even though ohamanda says it’s cancelled)

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I saw this idea for tt over at Tina’s blog and since I’ve had a case of the blah’s or blue’s this week… I thought focusing on these positives would be a good exercise of the mind for me!

Thirteen Things that make me happy inside…(It’s always been the little things that mean the most)


1.  A good day for Izzy, or good report from school…

2.  Testimonies of God’s healing power.

3.  fudgie wudgie. (sad but true)

4.  anything clean. hands, car, house, all things clean…

5.  singing at church… or along with the radio in the car

6.  coke with sonic ice. (duh)

7.  seeing a lower number on the scale…

8.  Jeans that are long enough.

9.  helping people.

10.  presents.  I don’t know which is more fun… giving them or getting them!  I got a fun one from my secret sis for valentine’s day!

11.  bloggy comments…

12.  time with friends.

13.  Watching my kids make good decisions and knowing they are such good kids!!!

13 thursday… random stuff

Thursday, October 9th, 2008
  1. Friday we are going on a field trip… Izzy and me with her teacher and para and one other student and his mom and para… to a corn field maze and pumpkin patch.  We’re having a picnic and stopping for ice cream.  Oh! a hayride too.  I need to remember to charge my camera battery AND I’m hoping it’s cool enough for izzy’s new outfit!
  2. Izzy has been doing so well in school.  She is really showing everyone that she knows what’s going on.  I am not surprised by anything that girl does…. she is a superstar :)…
  3. I’m enjoying catching up with some old bloggers on facebook… they’ve moved on from blogging and it’s nice to “see” them again!
  4. I am on the last “twilight” book.  I just want to be finished.
  5. Matt and I are still walking nightly and I am feeling great!  My clothes are getting looser too which is a bonus!
  6. I’m thinking about making something like this for Izzy’s stroller for trunk or treat…
  7. Jillian is scary this season on Biggest Loser…
  8. Amanda is taking the ACT (again) on the 25th. I told her to “think 30!”
  9. That’s the same day of matt’s ordination…
  10. I’m going to read “The Shack,” as soon as I finish this book.
  11. Every night when Matt and I walk Pinky (the horse) comes to the fence to be petted.  He likes me best! 🙂  I can walk out to check the mail or get the paper and say, “pinky,” and he looks up at me trying to see if I’m going to walk over to pet him or not.  He’s a smart horse!
  12. Little Wyatt (family friend who is 2) got his heart transplant and is doing super!
  13. Mickey (Susan’s husband) needs prayers tomorrow.  He is having double by-pass heart surgery.

random 13 on thursday…

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
  1. Izzy woke up at 2ish (am) last night.  We rocked for about two hours. I’m not sure what the problem was, but was happy to get back to bed at 4ish.
  2. My head hurts.
  3. Matt and I walked again last night after we got home from helping Mike hang his flat screen over the fireplace at the new house…  We walked three laps which is about an hour, but we also stopped into mom and dad’s house and visited for a minute and so we were walking over an hour and a half… but the night walks are so nice.  I probably say, “Matt look at the stars.” at least five times a walk!
  4. I am caught up on laundry.  Until I go pick up Emelia’s room! UGH.  Overall the house is tidy which is nice.  I even cleaned the kitchen faucets
  5. .

  6. Matt took off again to help my brother.
  7. My head still hurts.  Probably from lack of sleep!
  8. I am not sure what I’ll do while Iz is at school this afternoon.  Probably run by and check on the movers and then go to the store.
  9. I’ve been a lousy blogger lately.
  10. My highlights need to be touched up and my bangs need a trim.
  11. Matt loves the new walking shoes I bought for him!
  12. Izzy’s teacher wants to do a field trip next Friday to a corn maze/pumpkin patch.  Sounds fun.
  13. I need to find some cute and comfy black mary janes for izzy for fall.
  14. I am burning three candles right now and they all smell so good.  (maybe not helping the headache though).

13 thursday… things I need to do today!

Friday, August 29th, 2008
  1. Go to Sam’s!  My list so far:  dishwashing liquid (love the huge bottles that last for weeks), baby spinach, box of personal pizzas (for bailey), kashi cereal (for matt).
  2. Run by credit union.
  3. Stop at Kohl’s and return a pair of pants I bought for Emelia that didn’t fit.
  4. Go to the beauty supply and buy bleach, developer, some colors, and more foil… and a few combs since Antoinette (Lorenzo’s sister) melted two of mine straightening her hair! Oh! and the biolage stuff Niecie asked me to get!
  5. Run in Rue 21. Just for a sec.
  6. Stop by Ulta and buy the makeup case with the coupon and put away for Christmas for Emelia (amanda bought one herselft this weekend and Emelia loved it.)
  7. Return Mendy’s call.  I haven’t talked to her in forever!
  8. Climb in the attic and get the Fall boxes down because the door wreath I want to put up is in one of those boxes!
  9. Sort through the lavendar totes and get rid of clothes that I never used and Izzy has outgrown (mostly little jeans she never wore).
  10. Use emptied tote to pack up some things in a box in the pantry and add to holiday section of attic.
  11. Find a place to put the pasta maker I just got… anyone want it?  Really.
  12. Do CADs!  I have a stack to finish and I’m not “into” it.  I have to pick up 35 more tomorrow!  YIKES.
  13. Finish this post so I can get started (gotta get izzy dressed and ready for school!)…

Happy Thursday!