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I’m the mom… to Isabelle, who had  a near downing accident May 2004, a fourth grader and cutie pie; Emelia a 9th grade student diva; Bailey, a freshman at OSU majoring in Electrical Engineering; and Amanda a newlywed and senior at the University of Oklahoma.  I’m married to the “dad” Matt.

I blog to remember the silly things that happen and the milestones… like a diary but on the world wide web for anyone to see!  It’s pretty convenient when trying to remember something that happened a few years ago!

I started blogging to inform people about Isabelle’s condition while hospitalized after her accident.  I met a lot of really interesting people from all over the world through blogging.

It’s been over eight years since it all began and I am still a Christian who believes that God is the healer.  I haven’t given up or changed my mind!  I am just trying to trust Him through the good days and especially through the bad days.



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Hi Annie,

I apologize for contacting you through your comments section but I couldn’t find another way of reaching you.

Is this anything you’re interested in for your blog? Tranquileyes is a new product that has been proven to help dry eye sufferers and in fact is now available at the Mayo Clinic in MN. Tranquileyes creator Suzanne Paulson is available for interviews and/or can provide a guest blog on dry eye symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Thank you!
Kathlene Carney

Are Your Eyes Thirsty?
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Approximately 77 million Americans suffer from symptoms of dry eye and the number grows daily. For millions, dry eye is a chronic condition that can significantly impact the way they live and sleep. Many experience symptoms such as irritation, burning and itching, and don’t even realize the underlying cause is dry eye.

Causes of dry eye include contact lens use, computer use, allergies, medications, hormonal changes, medical conditions such as Sjogren’s syndrome and most commonly, normal aging. Lasik surgery can also cause dry eye, in fact recent FDA hearings revealed this side effect may be much more prevalent than previously believed.

There’s no cure for dry eye, only treatments. In the past, the standard treatment methods were limited to artificial tears, ointments or surgery. But Tranquileyes Eye Hydrating Therapy is a new, proven method for naturally relieving symptoms of dry eyes, and is found in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country including the Mayo Clinic in MN.

Tranquileyes provides immediate and long lasting relief from dry, irritated eyes. Unlike other treatments, the tranquileyes mask naturally restores moisture by increasing humidity around the eye, which prevents the evaporation of natural tears. The increased humidity also improves overall eye health by thickening the lipid layer, thereby restoring your eyes’ defense against evaporation and leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Treating eye dryness is not only important for your comfort and vision, but also for your eyes’ health. Besides lubricating the eye, the tear film helps fight infection, provides nourishment, and creates a smooth surface on the cornea, keeping your vision clear. Left untreated, the cornea can become damaged, which can lead to pain, blurred vision, and even blindness.

You can learn more about dry eye here,

Thank you,
Kathlene Carney for

Eye Eco founder Suzanne Paulson first heard about severe dry eye and Sjögren’s Syndrome directly from individuals suffering from the disease. She was so moved by their stories that she had to do something to help. Using her background of fifteen years as a pioneer in the eye care industry, Suzanne developed the tranquileyes eye hydrating method – and thus, her company was born. Eye Eco is committed to giving back to the community and donates a percentage of net sales to organizations dedicated to finding a cure for Sjögren’s and other diseases known to cause chronic dry eye conditions.

Kathlene wrote on May 19, 2008 - 4:45 pm
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