Who’s Annie?

I’m the mom… to Isabelle, who had  a near downing accident May 2004, a fourth grader and cutie pie; Emelia a 9th grade student diva; Bailey, a freshman at OSU majoring in Electrical Engineering; and Amanda a newlywed and senior at the University of Oklahoma.  I’m married to the “dad” Matt.

I blog to remember the silly things that happen and the milestones… like a diary but on the world wide web for anyone to see!  It’s pretty convenient when trying to remember something that happened a few years ago!

I started blogging to inform people about Isabelle’s condition while hospitalized after her accident.  I met a lot of really interesting people from all over the world through blogging.

It’s been over eight years since it all began and I am still a Christian who believes that God is the healer.  I haven’t given up or changed my mind!  I am just trying to trust Him through the good days and especially through the bad days.