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My intention was to blog monthly more for myself to have a record or diary of what has happened.  You know life really goes by so fast it is sometimes hard to remember what happened even last week.  By keeping a blog I can look back at what was going on even a year or five ago and see what was going on in our lives.  I’m going to do a catch up recap and then hopefully I will be more diligent about keeping the blog updated. I left off in February…

The main things I remember about March were spring break and Emelia’s 16th birthday!  We celebrated her birthday at Melting Pot.  Another fun thing that happened in March was the arrival of Mr. Bates!  We rescued him from our local shelter.  He is a pug and I originally got him because it’s been Bailey’s dream to have a pug… but I fell in love with the little guy.  He is my shadow and so sweet.








April was a sad month.  Our friend Santana who also suffered a near drowning accident  passed away.  Lindsey, Santana’s mom has gone on the yearly retreats to Suncadia and we are friends.  I flew to Phoenix the week of his funeral and visited the funeral home while they discussed his clothes and hair.  I admittedly had a harder time the day of sweet Santana’s funeral.  It was a beautiful service in an all glass prayer center next to their church on a mountain.  So beautiful.  Everyone wore Superman shirts to honor this little super hero.  It’s amazing how our little non verbal angels are able to touch so many lives, and he touched MANY.   This family is fractured by the loss of their boy, keep them in prayer if you can…  I also met a fellow blogger while in Phoenix named Nancy Face.  She was a breath of fresh air and I was so anxious to meet her face to face after knowing her and her daughter Lauren through blogging for so many years.




The month of May was busy busy busy!  The last month of school is just a fun time in Izzy’s class.  We all went to Stillwater for Special Olympics.  We had a great time, such a fun group.  Iz did great in her “events” and we were all so proud of her.  The end of May we moved Amanda and Lorenzo home from Norman.  Lorenzo has a fellowship with a Senator in Denver so will be gone for six weeks.  We were so happy to have them both here.  May also marked ten years since Isabelle’s near drowning accident.  I’m not sure why milestones seem to hit like a brick sometimes.  I think it’s just realizing how much time has actually passed and also where you are vs. where you thought you would be…



The class in our team shirts! Go TEAM MELANIE!




Showing off her gold and silver medals!








Iz with Nini




Gram and John came to cheer Iz on.



Iz with Melanie, brandy and her special pillow they brought her for the day!




At the torch parade.  Iz loved the sirens!





I love this picture of Isabelle with Brandy on fifth grade graduation day.



Me and Amanda were busy instructing the guys where to put things during the move!

The highlights for the month of June were… Mom’s birthday, Matt’s Birthday, and our 25th Anniversary.  The month has been beating to a much slower tempo than the previous months.  We are enjoying days at home, walks at the park (and runs!), having all the kids home under our roof has been wonderful.  Amanda started working at JD Mccarty, Bailey is working at Clevyr doing programming and I am plugging away finishing my degree.  Won’t be long now!



Having Matt’s birthday lunch at Poblano Grill… looked down the table to see the kids glued to their phones!




Beautiful flowers for my anniversary.



Amanda was so sweet to decorate for our anniversary.



Izzy picked out this my little pony at build a bear!



Amanda had fun building a hello kitty with Lorenzo too!

Hopefully I will take time to give a full post on the happenings in July.

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The update and the pics are great! Izzy looks good and it sounds like your family is really doing well. Annie, you look great! You look so skinny! What’s your secret? I’m not sure you ever age!
I’m sure it will be fun having the kids close again – I know I miss mine being so far away.
Thanks for the update!

ann wrote on July 7, 2014 - 10:55 am

I know what you mean. I love blogging, but was AWOL for awhile. I’m finally back and enjoying it too.

I’m so glad you are too. I love reading your recap of the months you were gone too.

Big hugs,

Kat wrote on July 16, 2014 - 9:36 pm

Great updates! Glad to see that everyone is doing well. Every time I say I’m going to blog more, something comes up and takes me away. I do like keeping a record of things though. Hope the rest of the summer is good for you!

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Janeen (Chupieandjsmama) wrote on July 30, 2014 - 8:14 am
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