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Recently I posted about Izzy using her eye gaze device to say that she likes to cook… This month has been all about letting Izzy enjoy cooking.  Mom scheduled a day with her to make cupcakes for her class for Valentine’s Day.  She enjoyed it very much, especially using the electric mixer.


Brandy had the same idea and planned for izzy to make cheesecake (her favorite) for her fifth grade class.  Some of her BFF’s came to the room to help out and you can see by Izzy’s face she was really enjoying this.



Melanie sent pictures of more baking activities this week preparing for Ariana’s birthday celebration in their classroom.  Izzy got to follow all the steps to make cupcakes.





Last Monday was dress as a disney character in school.  Izzy’s friends from her fifth grade class came to her classroom at lunch and she talked about characters on her eye gaze.  She has a minnie mouse costume but made it clear that’s not the character she wanted to be.  When she was asked who she wanted to be she finally said, “Mr. Potato Head.”  At first this really didn’t make sense to me and I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t choose a princess… but then remembered Amanda calls her little tato and has a stuffed mr. potato head that she has brought around before so it made a little more sense.  Brandy was Jessie and Teresa was Woody.  Together with Ariana as Mrs. Potato head they were a toy story group!

We had to go to hobby lobby for supplies for her costume…






Izzy seems to be so much happier lately, I think it has a lot to do with having the ability to express herself on the eye gaze.  She asked for sweet tea… said she was hungry… she can choose potato head!  Things I would never think she would want.


Sweet valentine…






Monday I took Bailey to the eye doctor.  His vision is fine, but because he spends so much time at the computer he needed glasses for reading.  They are prism glasses…  We had a fun day getting glasses, lunch and groceries for him to take back to Stillwater. We went with nerd glasses.



Amanda and Lorenzo came down for the day and Amanda and I painted Izzy’s nails. It was a fun day!




Emelia has been playing with her hair color again!  This is the new Emelia…. (she will be 16 in two weeks!)





That’s what’s been going on in February, as well as celebrating Bailey’s 20th birthday!  It’s been a great (cold, but great) month.  I am hoping to meet with handicapped van dealer in the next few weeks to start that journey.  It’s not something I have looked forward to, but it is becoming increasingly necessary.   Also I finished Business Law with an A!

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I love Izzy’s Potato Head costume!

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