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eye gaze (prc)

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

imageJust a quick update about the eye gaze device… Izzy is doing so great learning to communicate on her “talker.”  She actually asked Brandy some questions!  She asked, “how old are you?” “what are your hobbies?” “do you have pets?”  Brandy asked her each question and she said I am eleven.  I go to school, I like to color and I like to cook.  She said she has many pets.  So exciting to see her communicate.  We brought it home this weekend and Brandy came over so we could do software update.  She was sleepy but kept saying something was cold.  Brandy said is your drink cold? Izzy cleared it which means yes, you understand.

The next step is to get a bar to attach to her chair so she can talk wherever she goes!