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This has been a month of appointments! Trying to get Izzy’s new foot splints ended up being more difficult than it should have been.  After fitting we had to do appt with PCP so he would authorize referral… then they denied requesting peer to peer!  Dr. Herndon wasn’t thrilled with that, but fortunately he convinced insurance company that she does, in fact, need AFO’s.  Good grief!  We also spent a few grueling hours at the pediatric dentist.  Izzy has such a strong bite reflex she almost panics when you try to force her to open her mouth.  By the end of that visit we were both wiped out.  They referred her to Children’s Hospital to another dentist in April to schedule sedative dentistry.  (insert heavy sigh).



We both paid a visit to our old massage therapist, craniosacral, myofascial friend BEAR.  I stopped our weekly visits a few years ago when she had hip and then spine surgery so it was just time to return.  That and the fact that my shoulder was in pain that was getting worse and worse!  He pointed out that my shoulder was forward three inches when he saw me and then told me my collar bone was out of socket when he started working on me.  He said if I could stand ten seconds of excruciating pain we could get it back in.  Honestly that pain wasn’t as bad as the nerve ending pressure points he did on my back… but hopefully it will help.  I know the cause and am working on a solution.  In the meantime I am hoping visiting bear will help.  He was so happy to see Izzy and worked on her.  He said her brain felt more normal than the times before that he worked on her.  He was pleased with her and said she looked like she was getting better.  Izzy likes Bear, he’s definitely a character…

We had a thundersleet storm last week all night and then lots of snow.  Emelia made a snowgirl she named Snowmelia.  It was pretty cute.  She forfeited her real hair extensions for the cause, I guess her hair has grown longer than those extensions now anyway!


I met Amanda to find a business suit for a job fair at OU.  She is getting excited about graduating in May with her Bachelor Degree!  I’m sure I’ll mention that in many blog posts to come.  Because I am a proud mom and all that. . .

We are also gearing up for the special olympics this spring.  Tracey (aka Ruth), Nathaniel’s mom has been working with her very creative, t-shirt designing son Austin to make our group some really cool shirts!  He came up with a really great design.


Izzy’s class has had fun times this month…  we had our valentine party at Poblano Grill.  Izzy enjoyed potatoes rice and cheese sauce by the spoonful.  The teachers, moms, and Camilla spent an evening having dinner to celebrate Ruth’s birthday.  We have so much fun together.

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Love all the pictures. Sorry about the dentist, I know how hard that can be.

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