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Thursday, January 31st, 2013

This month has been all over the place in many ways.  The weather in Oklahoma hasn’t ceased to be a surprise almost daily.  I took Isabelle to an appointment yesterday morning to be fitted for new AFO’s (foot splints worn in standing and on bike).  It poured rain as we drove into the city and when we got to Hanger Orthotics I had no choice but to get drenched assembling her chair and running into the building.  I got a little cranky… I don’t like to get wet!  Bill Barringer is a great orthotist and worked quickly and efficiently to cast her feet and make molds for the new AFO’s.  We chose a sassy zebra print! Izzy went to school when we finished and was almost dry because I had covered her except for her wet feet!  Brandy was quick to dry her socks and get her warmed up!  I guess it was good rain therapy.

Camilla had arranged another trial for a power chair (the one she can drive with her head) and the rep had cancelled a few times due to equipment problems and sickness.  The chair he brought turned out to be too small but her is bringing another asap.  She did get to try it out a little anyway.  They said that Eric connected the hand toggle switch to move it back to the therapy room and while they were talking Izzy found it and started moving!  She’s funny.

We unfortunately haven’t been spared from germs this month either!  Bailey had to visit the dr. on campus at OSU for strep throat.  I went last week and was given the diagnosis of bronchitis and sinusitis (yuck).  Emelia has coughed her way through January and our little health nut Izzy is a little congested but overall the healthiest of the crew.

It was a year ago yesterday that Lorenzo proposed to Amanda.  I love this picture capturing the moment of the proposal (bachelor style)… I love amanda’s smile and stance.  She looks like a little girl in this picture.

proposalThey are the happiest and cutest couple!

I’m working on a surprise gift for Bailey’s birthday (feb 7).  I am hoping I get finished by then and I will post a pic.

Izzy also had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for x-rays to check her back and hips.  Everything looked good.  Dr. Herndon said we will be visiting twice a year for four years to make sure all is well.  I remember our first visit with Dr. Herndon.  I thought he was so cold and rude.  After going through two surgeries and many visits I have found him to be a very caring and kind doctor.  Best of all he is an excellent surgeon which was the reason we stuck it out!  It’s amazing how just the right people cross our path.



It’s 2013…

Monday, January 7th, 2013

We spent the day ringing in the new year with family… an unplanned dinner turned out to be really fun. Mom made the usual black eyed peas, which are not as nasty as some considering they are from the garden and frozen. She always insisted I have at least a spoon full even though we never bought in the “luck” theory. I think it was just an excuse to get me to eat them. I cooked a turkey. Amanda and Lorenzo ended up coming for dinner and all together you have an almost party!

It has been a nice Christmas break. I’ve enjoyed having Bailey around a lot. He actually left last night so he would have all day today to locate his classes. I miss him. We also got to see a lot of Amanda and Lorenzo! They stayed a couple of nights here for Christmas. I loved that. Everyone under the same roof!

Matt and I drove to Norman yesterday and had dinner with Amanda and Lorenzo. We went to Ted’s (yum)! and then drug the guys to the mall to see if anything was left at the Victoria’s Secret sale. Not much. Matt always asked why the only thing I come home with from there is more like sweat pant suits rather than the things on commercials. Ha.

New Year, new goals and plans. I do have one tiny little baby resolution I haven’t spoken out loud much. I want the option to change my mind… although I plan to start the process this week so we’ll see. If it all comes together I’ll let you in on it.

We had a really nice lunch at Tracey’s (Nathaniel’s mom) house. I took this:

red velvet cake

Tracey made steaks and pasta with alfredo…. It was a nice lunch and great to spend the afternoon with our school group!

I took Emelia to the eye dr. last week and her glasses finally arrived Friday! We spent the afternoon today getting our nails done with Christmas gift certificates to our nail place. She even had her brows waxed! Even my dad noticed! Ha.

IMG_2430 IMG_2257 IMG_2352 IMG_2353 IMG_2346 IMG_2342 IMG_2229