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Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

I ordered these rectangle cookie cutters in november after seeing Pioneer Woman make these!

So I made and refrigerated the dough which emelia said wasn’t good. After dinner I baked them and amanda and faith helped decorate them.

It was fun! I also made chocolate dipped marshmallows. They make a great breakfast. Just saying.


Almost Christmas.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

I haven’t blogged since October (I was sent a text reminder  – thanks Darla)…

Last time I blogged I mentioned the death of Collin, the following week another near drowning child, Madison (10 years old) died unexpectedly in her sleep.  Two others passed away this week.  It’s been a strange time including the murders in Connecticut.

Izzy has been having trials of eye gaze software communication devices.  It is pretty amazing where technology is going!  She said several sentences today using eye gaze.  We had a fun class field trip Monday to see Junie B. Jones at the Children’s Theatre.  We ate lunch in bricktown and then visited the cutest Santa ever at Bass Pro Shop (or the weapon store as I like to describe it).  It was a bitter cold day, but lots of fun.  The group in her class are just the best.  Iz has been working in the stander and standing from sitting position with Camilla, and also riding her bike.  She is a hard worker!   The video I am linking to shows individuals using this system to communicate.

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday.  We all went to Tulsa on Thanksgiving Day and then celebrated here on Friday, after hard core black friday shopping of course.  I was officially finished shopping for Christmas around the first of December but have had a lot of little last minute things since.  Not sure if being ahead of the game is such a great thing!  I love love love picking out gifts and giving them.  That’s my favorite part of Christmas!

I expect Bailey home tonight for his Christmas break and look forward to a few weeks with him.  Amanda finished up too so hopefully we’ll see her a little more.  I did spend the day with her Wednesday, she met me at a conference on the communication device.

The last week has been a blur of activity and the upcoming week is promising the same busy-ness.  I love this time of year!

If I don’t blog before Christmas… MERRY CHRISTMAS!   (love ya.)