It finally feels like Fall in Oklahoma. Summer clothes are put away and boots and sweaters are displayed in closet ready to be worn!  I love the crisp fall air. Love scarfs and boots and sweaters (oh my)!

This week Izzy tried out a power chair driven with her head. She did great job. I posted this on Facebook.

Emelia had a wonderful weekend in Dallas with Gram, jane Ann, and Jane Ellen.

This pic is after she worked hard.

I had lunch with amanda Thursday. It was really good to see her!

Bailey is home for the weekend.

He is loving OSU and isn’t he cute with his girlfriend, Faith?

I got a sad call Thursday night. My friend and tribe sister dawn lost her son Collin. He had a near drowning accident at one year of age. They took a nap and Collin did not wake up. Our group is mourning with and for dawn as Collin was her life. Hard to believe a few short weeks ago we were all together never imagined this would happen.

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