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Saturday, October 27th, 2012

It finally feels like Fall in Oklahoma. Summer clothes are put away and boots and sweaters are displayed in closet ready to be worn!  I love the crisp fall air. Love scarfs and boots and sweaters (oh my)!

This week Izzy tried out a power chair driven with her head. She did great job. I posted this on Facebook.

Emelia had a wonderful weekend in Dallas with Gram, jane Ann, and Jane Ellen.

This pic is after she worked hard.

I had lunch with amanda Thursday. It was really good to see her!

Bailey is home for the weekend.

He is loving OSU and isn’t he cute with his girlfriend, Faith?

I got a sad call Thursday night. My friend and tribe sister dawn lost her son Collin. He had a near drowning accident at one year of age. They took a nap and Collin did not wake up. Our group is mourning with and for dawn as Collin was her life. Hard to believe a few short weeks ago we were all together never imagined this would happen.

Washington State…

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Assimilating back to the “real world,’ after a whirlwind five days in Washington State.

I almost missed my plane because I slept past the time I need to leave for the airport.  It wasn’t a calm way to start the day.  I somehow (barely) made it to my flight and on to Seattle, Washington.  I arrived at 9:30 a.m. and headed to Pikes Market with Tiffany and Teresa.  I love the market and seeing all of the fresh produce, pretty flowers, and vendors selling all sorts of things.  We shopped until lunch and found a little diner that makes/sells tea and crumpets.  I had heard of crumpets but this was my first tasting.  Very nice.

The City Target was fun and three stories high.  Definitely different than any Target around here!  After shopping until we almost dropped it was time to head to Suncadia.  The weather was perfect, not the rain usually associated with the pacific northwest.  It was warm and sunny all five days.  Warms is an exaggeration.  It was close to 70 degrees most days which is warm for that area.  Although considering I am always cold I was never really “warm.”

We drove to Cle Elum for a few other items to make a simple dinner at the house and lots and lots of pumpkins.  After grilling some steak, roasting fresh asparagus with tons of garlic and chopping cauliflower we had a quiet dinner and evening.  Later that evening a few others arrived for the Mother’s of Near Drownings Tribe Retreat 2012!

I woke at 6ish Friday morning and was the only one awake for hours!  It was so quiet there.  A few of us drove to Leavenworth for German food and a little browsing/shopping.  Another beautiful day!  We came back to the house, dressed up a little and went to the lodge for dinner.  The Lodge overlooks beautiful mountains and the view of the sunset was breathtaking.  That evening the remainder of the tribe arrived, but only after a race to finish our pumpkin carving project.  Three carved in about 20 minutes and they were impressive.  We ran out to get them lit just in time for the caravan arrived. We played a gift exchange game and exchanged little items we brought for each other.

Saturday morning we awoke to yummy breakfast casserole made by Amy and Yoli (our tribe mascots and helpers).  Most of us went on a hike down the mountain.  So beautiful!  We came back and dressed for dinner at the winery.  I had gotten a call from my family that Isabelle was refusing to eat which put a cloud over my lunch experience.  I spent most of the time looking up earlier flights to return home.  I ordered a cup of soup and water, too anxious to actually eat… but got a message after lunch that they had gotten things worked out so I was happy again!  🙂


Saturday evening we spent a lot of time around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and smores.  We went around the circle around the fire answering questions like, “what’s the best part about being you?”  It was fun to learn so many new things about all the ladies.  Having shared such a life changing experience really does seal that bond quickly and I think they are all amazing women.

Sunday I went to the sweetest little church with Sue, dropping a couple of ladies off for Mass.  We went to this church (Calvary Chapel in Cle Elum) two years ago and It was so similar to that time I was surprised.  The lesson was interesting and long and I love the “folky” feel of their music.  Just sweet.  There was a Harvest Festival at Suncadia for the weekend so we all loaded up and enjoyed that.  I rode a mechanical bull and had roasted corn on the cob.  Tiffany and I went to the fitness center to work out after the festival and I really felt a pull in my back from the bull ride no doubt…  fortunately there is a hot tub back at the house to soak!  We played another fun game with thought provoking questions Sunday evening and then landed out by the fire pit again for some more smores!  🙂

Monday was pack up and get ready to go home day.  Four ladies had flights cancelled due to the airline being down.  Very unnerving.  Sue and I had one last brisk walk in Suncadia and then I rode to Seattle with tiffany.   We picked her son and his friend up from college and went for thai food.  I was back in the air at 4 p.m. with my plane buddy Teresa, until Salt Lake City!  Bumpiest flight ever.  We sat by a odd girl coming home from Paris.  I think we were both a little jealous of her tales of Rome and the South of France.  Blah…  but every mile closer to home was good.  I missed my family!

I haven’t unpacked yet, and am considering just living out of my suitcase pretending to still be vacationing… ya, maybe not.  It was a wonderful third retreat and I am counting the days until our next get together and feeling blessed to be a part of something so special!