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august. the end.

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Only about an hour left of August 2012.  Looking back this month seems more like a year because so much has happened!   This was the second week of school for the kids and so far, so good…

I went to Izzy’s school yesterday to meet with some ladies from assistive technology.  They talked about switches and communication devices and all the technology available.  They had spent time in Izzy’s class earlier that day to access her needs and the first and biggest mistake was walking in with a stuffed winged pink pig, that I agree was sweet and funny but Izzy saw that pig and I know she thought, “these people think I’m a baby.” so she faked sleep until they left.  So Melanie subjected them to let them watch the videos of izzy taking her tests and showing off how smart she is.  I talked about my interests in the eye recognition software and they said that if we want to go in that direction we need to get her to use her gaze for choices now rather than her yes hand she usually uses.  So I tried it out this morning and after convincing her that she needed to choose between two things to take to school, she chose the nathaniel doll and even raised her yes hand when I said, “you are showing me you want to take the nathaniel doll.”

She has had two good weeks in school.  Much more comfortable having recovered from the surgery last February.  A big fourth grader!  I take her to potty each morning before school and I noticed that she was pretty much sitting on her own so I’ve been cautiously letting her sit without supporting her and she is doing great.  I sat her on the edge of the couch today and just barely offered a hand of support while she stayed up.

So we have a few things to work on… sitting up and eye gaze.  Fun challenges.

Emelia is loving high school.  First weeks progress report showed all A’s so hopefully she will keep it up!

Bailey is home for the weekend.  He is loving school at Oklahoma State University… so much so I haven’t seen him in anything but orange for the past few weeks!  He tells me school is easy and he’s loving meeting new people.  I’m happy to have him for three whole days!

Amanda is so busy with school, work and being a “newlywed.”

Now I’m excited about the retreat in Seattle only about a month away!!!  I will be gone five whole days.

miss my boy.

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Well we took Bailey (aka John) to Stillwater today.  School begins at OSU next week but the craziness begins today!  It was everything I imagined from the OU experience with Amanda moving into freshman dorms three years ago.  No parking, chaos, tired parents trying to get the kids where they need to be… The differences were huge huge piles of boxes in and around every dumpster.  There was some serious dorm shopping that happened to prepare for this huge multi move in day!  We of course parked illegally in a food service spot (well two actually) and found our way to Bailey’s new home away from home for the next 9 or 10 months.  He somehow lucked into a private room with a full bed.  The room is not big but the privacy is worth it.  He shares a bathroom in his suite with an unknown male.  He hasn’t shown up yet…  It was hard leaving him in Stillwater!  Losing Amanda last week and now Bailey… I didn’t realize how this would feel because it’s been so busy getting the wedding together and then getting everything Bailey needed to go to school.  Bailey met my cousin “Karen” who is a Trig professor at OSU and she offered to help him in anyway possible including but not limited to adopting him through their church program (she claimed him).  She’s the lucky one…  Anyway we also had pizza at the original Hideaway Pizza and then stopped at Walmart with at least half of the other freshmen for things forgotten.

Izzy’s sweet para from school kept her at her house today.  They watched 80’s movies and ate gelato out of the carton.  Fun girls day… when I picked her up they were watching hummingbirds.

So now at 1:00 a.m. I am thinking about what a busy week this is ahead and all the things I want to do and get done and how sad I am that my boy isn’t coming in to see if I’m awake so we can chat.  I’ll miss that most.


wedding pt.1

Friday, August 10th, 2012

I’ve been prompted (eh hem “darla”) to write a blog post about the wedding.  I don’t have the pictures from the “photographer” yet to include so I’ll just go with what I have…

The days leading up to the wedding were CRAZY!  I was running around like a wild woman trying to get it all done.  I ran laps around that church mistakenly in bare feet.  Yes, I dropped the shoes to gain speed.  Not a great idea and my feet are still suffering!  That is definitely not the wedding scoop though, just a side note…

The day of the wedding I ended up being more creative than I had planned and got to do some floral arranging/bouquets/etc. and all turned out great.  It’s amazing what you can do when you need to get things done!  I had an army of friends and helpers around who made the event and preparations so much easier and tons more fun.

The best best best part of the whole wedding was seeing Amanda all brided up ready to get married.  Serious beauty in that moment!  She was the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen.

So some pics…

before the wedding a few poses… this one with me in the crazy purple dress 🙂  … she is so beautiful!

Amanda with one of the sweet little girls before the wedding…

Amanda with Gram (Matt’s Mother).

The cake mom made and I decorated with flowers!

Amanda, Mom and me…

Izzy’s entourage was  there to party with her after the wedding!  Her bff and teacher, paras and PT.  This is the best group of people ever.  So thankful to Brandy (middle back row) for playing with iz during rehearsal dinner (they watched a movie and painted nails).

The wedding party posing for the photographer after the wedding.  My brother caught this preview pic!  Such a pretty group.  Bailey was the “man” of honor for Amanda and Emelia was the maid of honor.

Izzy was beautiful and happy to be pushed down the aisle by her sweet friend Nathaniel.


I’m giving the little girls instructions at the rehearsal.

A quick shot right before the wedding…

I’ll post the “real” pics when they come, or some of them anyway.  This is just a teaser :).