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It’s july 5th, 11:20 p.m. and fireworks are still booming outside my window.  Matt and I met on the fourth of July, 1985.  I was fifteen.  We met at a fourth of july picnic at a church camp.  Wow, that seems like so long ago!  We had our 23rd wedding anniversary last month.  Our fifteenth anniversary was spent at Dallas Children’s Hospital after Izzy’s surgery.  It’s strange how certain memories stain your brain. I remember looking at him at probably the lowest point in my life and realizing it was our anniversary.  I said, “happy anniversary,” and thought about things we had planned for that time and how those things didn’t matter at all anymore.

On a brighter note… wedding planning is going well. We are checking things off the list everyday!  Amanda is getting her lists all ready to start addressing invitations.  It is only a month away now.  It really has been fun planning and running around finding things for the wedding.  We have such a happy family.  I noticed the other day each of the kids always say I love you to each other and to us any time they leave or end a phone conversation.  Even Bailey to Emelia when they have been arguing.  I love that.  It makes me happy to see them all so good, kind and considerate.  I’m not a bit partial!

Next Monday Bailey and I will spend the day at OU getting his schedule worked out, taking tours, lunch at the honors college, and meetings.  Amanda and I spent a day at OU before her freshman year too, it will be fun to do it again with Bailey.

Amanda and Emelia have really been enjoying each other this Summer.  They have been doing lots of girlie things like nails and hair and makeup, oh my.  Emelia is pretty talented at nail design and hair.  Amanda is the makeup girl.

Tomorrow izzy’s bff is hosting a pool party!  We are super excited!

a few of my favorite things right now are…

  • those little chocolate ice cream cups from braums.  the individual sized ones with just enough ice cream…  it just tastes better.
  • these hangers… trying to convert to only this type.  love them.
  • songza app on ipad/iphone.
  • long fast walks in the evening with Matt.  great for relieving stress and get an extra workout in a day.
  • brighton laugh perfume.  i was out and finally got some last week.  i missed it.  my favorite.


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Hi sweet friend!

I’ve been MIA for a few months due to our move, but I’m finally back to blogging and loving it.

Lots of excitement around your house. It’s only been 2-1/2 years since I planned Bree’s wedding so I know what you’re going through. Enjoy every minute. It goes so fast.

Give Izzy a hug for me.


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Kat wrote on July 8, 2012 - 4:52 pm
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