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I was looking over the lists I posted about a month ago and am happy that I did all but one thing on that list!

Isabelle has been back in school full days now and is doing great since her surgery!  I am amazed at how she breezed through such a huge surgery.  I know I’ve said that so many times, but it just doesn’t stop amazing me!

I posted this before surgery and am amazed at how every one of these prayers were answered completely.  So thankful!

I have several prayers…

  • that she does great through surgery.
  • that her pain is well managed.
  • that there are no infections or complications.
  • that she makes a super fast recovery.
  • that afterwards life is easier for her without braces and pain.
  • that there aren’t any scary incidents while at hospital like last time…

The best part is that she has been so stinking happy!  Smiles are coming more and more, this is huge for me because she really hadn’t smiled in about a year.  It’s tough when your child is just miserable for such a long time.

We went to the local special olympics and she won two blue ribbons …

We are looking forward to an overnight stay at the statewide special olympics next month.  Isabelle was the star of the week in her third grade class this week and Brandy (izzy’s para) said that she loved the attention and the kids asked her tons of questions and she used her sounds and yes hand to answer them all.

Emelia had 8th grade state testing this week at the Oklahoma City Community College.  It was a juggle to figure out logistics, but thanks to mom taking her in the morning I was able to get there for the break and for second test.  Today Amanda met us for lunch (we had Ted’s… yum).  It was a fun afternoon with the girls.

Bailey performed Tuesday night, showing off his humorous duo that won fourth in state.  It was so good.  I taped it with my phone but it’s hard to see and hear it.  I am hoping they video’d it at the school.  He is so ready for graduation and summer and college etc.  I tell him constantly to just enjoy every day because this is the last tiny bit of this chapter of his life!  I can’t even wrap my brain around him moving to a dorm… I may have to go with him!

We are marking things off the wedding and graduation list little by little.  The wedding dress is ordered, the bridesmaids dresses are chosen… Emelia’s is ordered.  Engagement pics are next weekend, She is choosing music…

I ordered Bailey’s grad pics.  So cute!  His announcements are in and he has his cap and gown… somewhere.

Oh… one more thing!

I saw this on my friend Jill’s post on FB and it was a link to another friend Sandra’s blog about making laundry detergent.  I have never had an interest in doing this BUT after reading about a) how well this works and cleans the clothes, b) how good it smells, and c) how for $20 you make enough for almost a year of laundry… I am definitely heading to find the ingredients this weekend and I’ll let you know how it works for me!

Here’s the link:

Laundry detergent!

And in the spirit of do it yourself-ness… I’ll share two of my favorite tips:

1. I keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the bathroom pantry.  Each morning when I change the hand towel I give it a good splash of alcohol and wipe the mirror, sink, door handles, light switch, and anything else touched.  It shines and degerms!

2.  About once a week I sleep with olive oil in my hair.  During the past year of freakishly low iron and protein levels my hair has suffered and I really read up on ways to help.  There were many posts about olive oil and it does work.  Emelia uses it too.  It doesn’t take much and you can just leave it in 30-1 hr. and then shampoo and condition like normal.  It doesn’t make your hair greasy, but it does give it a good conditioning treatment.

Horaayy..there are 3 comment(s) for me so far ;)


You definitely have to be a multi-tasker to be accomplishing all the things you are handling right now. The best part of it is I know you are enjoying every one of these moments and that is what is so wonderful. They are certainly those life “land marks”!

I saw the post on fb about Izzy’s list before reading this and just said simply “I do” because I know the power of prayer!!! And I knew you’d know what I meant.

Have a great day, friend, we were in OKC Thurs at VA again. This morning we are heading out to Applebee’s for a fund raising

Susan – Penless Writer’s last blog post..The Christian Atheist – Book #6

Susan – Penless Writer wrote on April 21, 2012 - 7:31 am

Izzy looks great and the smile on her face is beautiful! So glad you’re kiddos are all doing so well. I love seeing the “grown-ups” my children have become!

Ann’s last blog post..I Had My Blog Reviewed!

Ann wrote on April 23, 2012 - 9:17 am

Another great remedy for hair is putting coconut oil on it, it’s supposed to repenish the needed oils in the hair, it’s also healthy to use it as your oil in cooking. I use it all the time now and my family especially loves it my popcorn.

Your list sounds just about as busy as mine, with Amy’s wedding in August, along with my neices wedding in August and two grandbabies coming in July my summer is going to be full of showers and major wonderful events.

I still haven’t seen your name on the list of those that are for sure coming to the mom’s retreat in October, I’m hoping that you are planning to come, it just wouldn’t be the same without you my friend.


Sue Searles’s last blog post..Blessed Beyond Belief – God is Good ALL the time, On the Days that seem impossible to get through and on the days that are full of amazing blessings.

Sue Searles wrote on April 29, 2012 - 4:19 am
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