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happy heart day…

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Only two more days!  I’m nervous, nauseous, ready to get it over but wish she didn’t have to have the surgery.  I HATE to see her in pain and while she is in pain from the curvature, the pain following surgery is intense and I hate that for her.  I have several prayers…

  • that she does great through surgery.
  • that her pain is well managed.
  • that there are no infections or complications.
  • that she makes a super fast recovery.
  • that afterwards life is easier for her without braces and pain.
  • that there aren’t any scary incidents while at hospital like last time…

Ultimately I pray that she is OK.  I wish I could do it for her.  I would.


I saw this tonight and think these shirts are awesome…

I have so much to do the next two days to get us ready for the next couple of weeks.  I need to stop blogging and start making lists!  Can’t say I’m looking forward to a vacay at the hospital.


one more week.

Friday, February 10th, 2012

So this week we had Izzy’s pre op appointment on Wednesday.  Later that evening Bailey complained about being achy.  I thought he was sore from all his activities, but turns out he had fever.  I took him to the dr. Thursday and he was tested positive for the FLU! I know!  They prescribed tamiflu.  My first thought was, ‘oh my we cannot pass this on!”  I quarantined him immediately to his room and put nurse Emelia to work!  I’ve sprayed so much lysol and used so much bleach it is crazy but hopefully with that and answered prayers the flu will end with Bailey.

After the dr. visit I raced to get Izzy for a fun valentine/pre surgery party hosted by Nathaniel’s mom (Tracey).  She has the cutest parties and is just one of those people born to ‘host’…  We really had a fun time.  I commented on Tracey’s fb page about the party and thanking her for the roses (she sent us each home with a dozen roses of our choice … I chose my favorite color – white!) and she replied something about amazing how three special kids (izzy, nathaniel and ariona) brought us all together.  It really is a special group and I am blessed to be in the mix.

I may not have mentioned my “wreck” aka my encounter with the light pole at Braums.  Yes, I hit the pole and NO I just didn’t see it.  No, I wasn’t using my phone and yes I was looking where I was going.  After a drive through that same lot the following day (in rental vehicle) I cannot imagine how I didn’t see the pole, but I just didn’t.  It was helpful to be told that a lot of people hit the same pole.  Anyway, I am very close to getting my Suburban back and will start shopping for a new vehicle when we get past the surgery.  I am not really sure what I want at this point and want to take time to look around and decide slowly.  I think having a rental car (for now almost two weeks) is pretty stressful… always worried it’s going to be scratched etc.  I’m ready to be done with the whole “pole experience.”

Now starts the countdown to surgery for real.  The next several days are going to be very busy just doing the things to prepare and also doing the things we always do.  I think staying busy makes things easier.  We have to be at Children’s Hospital at 6:30 a.m. Friday morning (the 17th).  Her surgery will last most of the day and then she will be taken to PICU.  We are praying that the procedure goes very well, that there are no complications, that there is no infection in incision, that the pain is controlled, and that she recovers quickly.  I know that God is in control and holds her in His hand, but as a mother it is hard to see her go through this.  I dread it.

Other than that …

  • Amanda is ENGAGED!  Lorenzo proposed and she said YES.
  • Bailey was accepted to OU.  He also won first place the past two weekends at drama competitions in humorous duo category. He also turned 18 last week!!!
  • Emelia began public online school and we love it.
  • Izzy has been doing so well, smiling and happy… standing almost every day and riding her bike at school.

I’m having izzy’s blog redecorated and will try to post over there soon and after surgery.  I’ll also do fb updates re surgery…