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I am sitting here looking at the list of writing prompts and thinking, “maybe I won’t finish these!” ūüôā … I’m such a slacker blogger!

#4. Write about something you did with your family over break…

We did a lot of things over break as a family and spent time with extended family which is great too, but the first thing that came to mind when I read this question is our Christmas Eve Eve.  Years ago we started a tradition of eating Chinese food (on the floor) for our Christmas Eve which is usually the night before Christmas Eve.  This was something we looked forward to for years, Chinese food and Christmas presents.  About five or six years ago Amanda had a bad experience with Chinese food and decided it was dead to her from that point on.

When Amanda went to OU for her first year she realized many of her friends were chinese food lovers. ¬†There is a place on campus corner called Tea Cafe that is very popular with her “crowd.” ¬† She started just enjoying the bobo(sp?) tea and then started having rice or something not very Chinese(y). ¬†This is her third year at OU and she has built up ¬†a new tolerance for Chinese to it was her idea to renew our tradition.

So for our little family night we went to the place we haven’t been in years and got lots of carryout Chinese food and it was delicious! Isn’t it fun to have quirky things you do as a family? ¬†I have to admit we not longer sit in the floor!


The time is flying by and February is looming. ¬†I know I’ll blink and it will be the 17th. ¬†I am trying to think about what to put on lists of what I need to get done before that date. ¬†I’m somewhere in the middle of avoidance and planned preparedness. ¬†Bailey is not in drama this semester but somehow he is still doing drama. ¬†He went to a competition with his duo partner last Saturday and they won 2nd and will go to regionals but he has decided he wants first at this level and the reason the judges deducted points was they started before the judge was ready so he is going again all day tomorrow for another competition. ¬†Between that and joining the academic team he is rarely home. ¬†He will turn 18 in February! ¬†Is that possible?


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