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I am not interested in answering this question but will to keep up the list…

How would you fill your vacation time if you did not have any screens (no computers, video games, or TV)? I found this out a couple of years ago when we had a crazy ice storm that took out all electricity for about eight days.  I realized that after the sun went down I was ready to sleep.  But if by choice it is different and more pleasant.  When I was in Seattle for the near drownings mom retreat there were televisions and computers but there was too much to do to use them.  Well, to keep it all honest I did turn on the television one evening while trying to go to sleep but only because it is hard for me to sleep away from home, but when Tiffany (my room mate) came into the room I turned it off and we chatted until we fell asleep.  So, I guess my answer would be talking (anyone with teens know this is close to impossible if they have a phone), going for walks, playing games (we played bunco in seattle and it was fun!), reading a good book or the GOOD BOOK, napping (ahhhh a nap would be wonderful), listening to music, baking (did tons of that this holiday season), cleaning… not such a fun way to spend time but it is necessary.

Stay tuned for #3 Describe in detail a person you spent a lot of time with over break.

On another note… Emelia’s room is in the stage where it feels so far from done but I know it will all come together pretty soon.  If that makes sense.  Ceiling and walls were painted today.  Her walls are now a light purple.  One wall will be painted chalkboard black paint tomorrow and darker purple stripes will be painted on the newly painted purple walls.  The wall mount came today for her tv so hopefully that will be installed when the paint dries and then assembly will begin!  This has been the longest project!  She truly does need to attend hoarders anon.


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Eager to see Emelia’s room!! My girls had a lavendar room when they were quite young will all white accents. I’m not going to do all the writing topics – just pick and choose as I like and need for ideas :o)

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