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I’m trying to get back “into” blogging.  The main reason is the same reason I have always wanted to blog and that is to have a record of time because it passes so quickly!  Just last night Amanda and I were looking at Pinterest together and I saw a picture of a valentine craft for school and remembered doing it years ago for Izzy’s class.  It was so easy to look at past blog posts from February to find it was in 2007!  Then we searched Amanda and it was like memory lane looking at the posts that included her.  I love that.  I feel like a spectator in my life a lot of the time because a) I stay pretty busy and b) I tend to compartmentalize my feelings to deal with things.

So tonight I was trying to link twitter to my blog and it was like jumping through hoop after hoop and I’m not sure it ever worked.  I’m not a big tweeter 🙂  … I just don’t have that much to say or think anyone cares where I am every second etc.  But I was reading about things that annoyed people about blogs and there was something about not being linked to twitter so I tried.  It may or may not have worked. HA.

I’m also in the process of trying to get Izzy’s blog updated a little.  A facelift I suppose.  February will be a BIG month for her with the surgery etc. so I want to have her blog going to keep updates unless I end up just using facebook…  But with her blog too which was started to update everyone who was concerned when she was in hospital/rehab for SOOOOO long and the list of emails wanting updates was getting crazy long that the blog just worked to write updates and upload pics.  It’s fun to look at her so little in the beginning. She is and was so adorable.  I doubt I could love her more if I tried 😉 .

The ENORMOUS task at hand is Emelia’s room makeover.  She requested a new room for Christmas so she did receive a lot of room associated gifts but the biggest job is getting her room empty.  I considered calling the hoarder people on her!  She does not like to throw anything away but she is learning this week that getting rid of things is happening whether she wants to or not.   She finally got a flat screen tv for her room and the plan is to turn her pink room into a purple and zebra room.  The plan is to paint the walls purple stripes and one wall chalkboard paint because she likes to have her friends sign her wall!  I saw a post on pinterest about a door headboard that was really cute.  That same day I saw a really pretty old door at my dad’s shop so that is another project for her room.  Did I mention I want to be finished with this project by Monday? UHG!  So far her room is almost ready for paint but then it should all go pretty quickly.  I hope.  I’ll post some after pics.  I can’t bear to post before’s!!!

The only other thing going on here is Matt, Amanda and Emelia are on a diet/fitness kick spurred by the new year.  I’m pretty happy they are all interested in getting fit!  I joined the gym two years ago this month and it’s been a great thing in my life! I really enjoy feeling strong and exercising.  We walked a couple of miles this afternoon at a pretty brisk rate.  I really enjoyed that and hope it continues!  Although, sadly, Amanda will return to OU next week.  It’s been so nice to have her home for the holidays!

More later…


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Yeah! Glad to hear you’re planning to return to blogging. I’ve thought of stopping sometimes, but like you I love looking back. It’s another way to remember my life…the blessings, the fun, the holidays, etc.

Izzy is having more surgery?



Kat wrote on January 5, 2012 - 12:50 am

I’m trying to get back to blogging regularly, too, Annie. I miss those early days 5 years ago when we were all into blogging and keeping up with each other like we did.

You mentioned a writers list of topics and started with The Gift, which I’m blogging today. Would you mind sending me the list. Something like that truly helps get the juices running.

I know February is fast approaching and you and Izzy are much on my mind and in my prayers. Please remind me of the date.

Susan wrote on January 5, 2012 - 7:12 am

I’m so happy that you’re renewing the blog!

Darla wrote on January 6, 2012 - 6:10 pm
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