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Friday, January 27th, 2012

I am sitting here looking at the list of writing prompts and thinking, “maybe I won’t finish these!” ūüôā … I’m such a slacker blogger!

#4. Write about something you did with your family over break…

We did a lot of things over break as a family and spent time with extended family which is great too, but the first thing that came to mind when I read this question is our Christmas Eve Eve.  Years ago we started a tradition of eating Chinese food (on the floor) for our Christmas Eve which is usually the night before Christmas Eve.  This was something we looked forward to for years, Chinese food and Christmas presents.  About five or six years ago Amanda had a bad experience with Chinese food and decided it was dead to her from that point on.

When Amanda went to OU for her first year she realized many of her friends were chinese food lovers. ¬†There is a place on campus corner called Tea Cafe that is very popular with her “crowd.” ¬† She started just enjoying the bobo(sp?) tea and then started having rice or something not very Chinese(y). ¬†This is her third year at OU and she has built up ¬†a new tolerance for Chinese to it was her idea to renew our tradition.

So for our little family night we went to the place we haven’t been in years and got lots of carryout Chinese food and it was delicious! Isn’t it fun to have quirky things you do as a family? ¬†I have to admit we not longer sit in the floor!


The time is flying by and February is looming. ¬†I know I’ll blink and it will be the 17th. ¬†I am trying to think about what to put on lists of what I need to get done before that date. ¬†I’m somewhere in the middle of avoidance and planned preparedness. ¬†Bailey is not in drama this semester but somehow he is still doing drama. ¬†He went to a competition with his duo partner last Saturday and they won 2nd and will go to regionals but he has decided he wants first at this level and the reason the judges deducted points was they started before the judge was ready so he is going again all day tomorrow for another competition. ¬†Between that and joining the academic team he is rarely home. ¬†He will turn 18 in February! ¬†Is that possible?


hello again and #3.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

I’m going to do the third writing prompt…

#3. Describe in detail a person you spent a lot of time with over break.

I spent a lot of time with Amanda over break. ¬†Amanda has been in Norman since August for her third year at the University of Oklahoma. ¬†She spends much of her free time studying which leaves little time to come home. ¬†I really enjoyed the very long break having her home! ¬†If I had to choose a word to describe Amanda, just one word… it would be sweet. ¬†She is sweet to the core. ¬†She is a little quiet around people sometimes but if she is comfortable around you she is silly and funny and will make you laugh. ¬†A lot! ¬†She is helpful and thoughtful. ¬†She loves to sleep late and stay up late reading or watching programs on her laptop (hulu). ¬†She is the most photogenic person I know and she is beautiful inside and out! ¬†She leads a chi alpha group at OU and keeps her bible beside her bed and actually reads it! ¬†She is Amazing :).


Life continues on at a very rapid pace. ¬†I started the process of ordering a sleep safe bed for Isabelle yesterday…

I watched Izzy ride the bike at school.  I went to pick her up a little early and she did GREAT!

The highlights of this week were…

  • having breakfast with mom and dad, waffles… my favorite. ¬†holding hands during prayer.
  • sitting with my friend laura after her surgery, working on this pinterest project and chatting with her…

  • ¬†brisk walk with Matt.
  • lunch at in the raw with amanda before classes started… and a quick shopping trip.


Until next time …


Saturday, January 7th, 2012

I am not interested in answering this question but will to keep up the list…

How would you fill your vacation time if you did not have any screens (no computers, video games, or TV)? I found this out a couple of years ago when we had a crazy ice storm that took out all electricity for about eight days. ¬†I realized that after the sun went down I was ready to sleep. ¬†But if by choice it is different and more pleasant. ¬†When I was in Seattle for the near drownings mom retreat there were televisions and computers but there was too much to do to use them. ¬†Well, to keep it all honest I did turn on the television one evening while trying to go to sleep but only because it is hard for me to sleep away from home, but when Tiffany (my room mate) came into the room I turned it off and we chatted until we fell asleep. ¬†So, I guess my answer would be talking (anyone with teens know this is close to impossible if they have a phone), going for walks, playing games (we played bunco in seattle and it was fun!), reading a good book or the GOOD BOOK, napping (ahhhh a nap would be wonderful), listening to music, baking (did tons of that this holiday season), cleaning… not such a fun way to spend time but it is necessary.

Stay tuned for #3 Describe in detail a person you spent a lot of time with over break.

On another note… Emelia’s room is in the stage where it feels so far from done but I know it will all come together pretty soon. ¬†If that makes sense. ¬†Ceiling and walls were painted today. ¬†Her walls are now a light purple. ¬†One wall will be painted chalkboard black paint tomorrow and darker purple stripes will be painted on the newly painted purple walls. ¬†The wall mount came today for her tv so hopefully that will be installed when the paint dries and then assembly will begin! ¬†This has been the longest project! ¬†She truly does need to attend hoarders anon.



Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

I’m trying to get back “into” blogging. ¬†The main reason is the same reason I have always wanted to blog and that is to have a record of time because it passes so quickly! ¬†Just last night Amanda and I were looking at Pinterest together and I saw a picture of a valentine craft for school and remembered doing it years ago for Izzy’s class. ¬†It was so easy to look at past blog posts from February to find it was in 2007! ¬†Then we searched Amanda and it was like memory lane looking at the posts that included her. ¬†I love that. ¬†I feel like a spectator in my life a lot of the time because a) I stay pretty busy and b) I tend to compartmentalize my feelings to deal with things.

So tonight I was trying to link twitter to my blog and it was like jumping through hoop after hoop and I’m not sure it ever worked. ¬†I’m not a big tweeter ūüôā ¬†… I just don’t have that much to say or think anyone cares where I am every second etc. ¬†But I was reading about things that annoyed people about blogs and there was something about not being linked to twitter so I tried. ¬†It may or may not have worked. HA.

I’m also in the process of trying to get Izzy’s blog updated a little. ¬†A facelift I suppose. ¬†February will be a BIG month for her with the surgery etc. so I want to have her blog going to keep updates unless I end up just using facebook… ¬†But with her blog too which was started to update everyone who was concerned when she was in hospital/rehab for SOOOOO long and the list of emails wanting updates was getting crazy long that the blog just worked to write updates and upload pics. ¬†It’s fun to look at her so little in the beginning. She is and was so adorable. ¬†I doubt I could love her more if I tried ūüėČ .

The ENORMOUS task at hand is Emelia’s room makeover. ¬†She requested a new room for Christmas so she did receive a lot of room associated gifts but the biggest job is getting her room empty. ¬†I considered calling the hoarder people on her! ¬†She does not like to throw anything away but she is learning this week that getting rid of things is happening whether she wants to or not. ¬† She finally got a flat screen tv for her room and the plan is to turn her pink room into a purple and zebra room. ¬†The plan is to paint the walls purple stripes and one wall chalkboard paint because she likes to have her friends sign her wall! ¬†I saw a post on pinterest about a door headboard that was really cute. ¬†That same day I saw a really pretty old door at my dad’s shop so that is another project for her room. ¬†Did I mention I want to be finished with this project by Monday? UHG! ¬†So far her room is almost ready for paint but then it should all go pretty quickly. ¬†I hope. ¬†I’ll post some after pics. ¬†I can’t bear to post before’s!!!

The only other thing going on here is Matt, Amanda and Emelia are on a diet/fitness kick spurred by the new year. ¬†I’m pretty happy they are all interested in getting fit! ¬†I joined the gym two years ago this month and it’s been a great thing in my life! I really enjoy feeling strong and exercising. ¬†We walked a couple of miles this afternoon at a pretty brisk rate. ¬†I really enjoyed that and hope it continues! ¬†Although, sadly, Amanda will return to OU next week. ¬†It’s been so nice to have her home for the holidays!

More later…


writing challenge… oh and happy new year!

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Found this writing challenge or list of writing prompts for the New Year! ¬†Decided to give it a whirl…

1.  Write about the best gift you gave to someone else. What made it so special?

Most of the gifts I gave this Christmas were purchased online from a specific list. ¬†But there were a few exceptions. ¬†I always have these grand ideas of what usually turn out to be labor intensive tasks I regret half way through finishing. ¬†One of the things I decided to do was to make goodie baskets. ¬† When I mentioned this to my mother she loved the idea and wanted in. ¬†We made lists of what we would be making/baking etc. and started the preliminary work of shopping for cute bags, boxes, baskets, ribbons, etc. ¬†I realized ¬†at this point we were way in monetarily so no turning back, and I also thought to myself, “you could buy a nice gift for the price these baskets will cost.” ¬†But we pushed through and ended up making a basket I was proud to give as a gift. ¬†Some of the things I made were chocolate almond toffee, peanut butter fudge, cinnamon white chocolate pretzels, nutella no bake cookies, and chex mix. ¬†It was fun when it all came together and we worked assembling out cute baskets full of what I knew were all delicious snacks. ¬†I must admit I enjoyed sampling¬†EVERYTHING! ¬†This gift was special because a lot of love went in to making it and it was doubled because I worked on it with my mother.