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I say it over and over again, but it’s true … with facebook I almost never blog.  I saw my bffff from junior high/high school this past week.  I think it had maybe been nine years since the last time we saw each other.  Nine years is insane!  Life just does that, moves so fast that before you know it years have passed.   The last time I saw Darla was when I was pregnant with Isabelle.  The kids stayed the weekend with Gram in Tulsa and Darla was  living in a neighboring town where her husband was the pastor.  I stopped by to visit her home and see her two children.  I think we went to panera and just drove around a bit.  We probably made plans to see each other soon… Now that life has led her to Louisiana of all places!  So, her parents now attend church where we go and I took food to her last week after she had back surgery.  It’s a funny story… I called Shirley (D’s mom) to see if there was something particular she felt like she could eat and she mentioned a jello salad with cottage cheese that Darla always made that was sooooo good.  I of course texted Darla right away to get her recipe!  She called back a few moments later to tell me she had never made any jello salad! HA.  I laughed all day about that.  However, I did google the recipe and hoped it was something close to what she remembered.  Darla mentioned she was coming to town to check in on her parents so I stopped by the next day to visit.  It was so nice to see her face to face again, to meet Megan again, now a young woman not a little girl.  The great thing about a real friend is that you pick up where you left off and there is never an awkward moment.  It’s like that with Darla and I hope that we don’t go another nine years before seeing one another again, but if we do I also know we’ll still enjoy the visit.

This cracks me up everytime I read it… You don’t run the google? LOL!

I am getting ready to head to Seattle next week!  I am so super excited and nervous and …  I’ll try to blog more about that later!

So quick recap on the kiddos before I go …

Amanda is having a crazy hard semester.  Human anatomy is requiring round the clock studying and she is working her hiney off.  I’m proud of her!  She has been home the last few weekends for a bit and it’s great!

Bailey had his senior pics taken yesterday and the photographer always puts a sneak peek up on facebook.  Here’s his sneak peek…


Anyway, he is gone ALL THE TIME! In two plays this semester and busy busy busy!  He and I had lunch together after pics yesterday.

Emelia is Emelia. Ha.  She is just enjoying 8th grade… friends and sleepovers and all the things you enjoy in eighth grade.  I stopped the other day with her and Iz at the post office to mail a package.  I asked her to run it in while I stayed in the car with Iz.  I watched as an elderly woman with a cane was walking to the door and Emelia was 10 steps ahead of her with this big box.  She stopped at the first set of doors and held it for the woman to enter and then went to the next door balancing her box to hold it for the woman.  I thought how sweet… but then coming out she did the same thing, waited for this lady to finish her post office visit and then waited patiently for the woman to get through both doors.  She did it like it was just what you do and it made me proud because she is so kind.

Isabelle has been doing really great in the stander and on her bike at school.  She continues to be healthy!  She took her fancy nancy doll to school which happens to hold her money she has been rewarded with in therapy and at home.  The teachers didn’t realize it had her money but did notice when anyone touched it she let them know not to!  I love her teachers and therapists, school is like a second home for her and for me.  They really are angels on earth for her!

My blogging time is UP!  Thanks Darla for threatening encouraging me to update my blog.  🙂

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