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happy birthday izzy!

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Just a quick post to remember what we did this week… a big week in the Pettigrew home.  Izzy turned 9 today, and Amanda will be 21 thursday!  I am not liking it one bit that my kids are getting so OLD.

We spent the weekend home with Matt’s family (technically they are now my family too by marriage – ha!), we had a pretty relaxing day, eating and swimming a bit.

Today I have been singing and saying, “happy birthday,” to Isabelle repeatedly… I imagine she will be relieved to wake up tomorrow and not have to listen to me 🙂 .  I decided to make this  It was delicious, but took almost the entire day to make.

Brandy, Izzy’s school para, came by to bring izzy a gift and visit on her birthday.  Mom and dad visited tonight to wish Iz a happy birthday.

Emelia and I took her for a long birthday swim in her new birthday swimming suit.  (there’s a theme here, huh?)

Overall a really nice day filled with lots of birthday wishes via phone, text, and facebook!  I read each to Isabelle as they arrived and I know she enjoyed them all.

The good news is we get to do it all again Thursday for Amanda!  Birthdays are FUN.