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I realize June is only about 2/3 finished, but I feel like we are on the downhill slope… having hit most major events for the month so far.

The biggest happening in June has been Izzy’s new TLSO.   Her back brace has been made, adjusted, changed, corrected and now we are working up to wearing it.  We went for the first fitting with Brandy (izzy’s para from school) and Amanda.  We made plans to eat lunch together afterwards.  Izzy was a trooper for the appt. and even more so for the mall trip.  So much so that she was rewarded with a really fun outfit and her favorite starbucks drink before we left.  We really enjoyed seeing Brandy, especially Isabelle!

After that first day with the new brace I was feeling like it may not happen, but now as it has been padded a little around the edges and trimmed several times I can see that it is helping push against the curve .  Her old TLSO didn’t seem to do anything at all in regards to correcting the curvature, only helped hold her more upright.  I even questioned whether it was making curve worse 🙁 …  We finally got it back this week and have been trying to work up to three hours a night.  Today she wore it for the three hours straight.  She wasn’t thrilled, or even relaxed wearing it, but at least she wasn’t screaming like a few nights before.

Izzy seems to really be enjoying getting into the pool this summer.  After the three hours in the tlso we took her to the pool and she was all smiles.  She really relaxes and enjoys it.  There are not a lot of things we can do as a family, meaning all six of us, where Izzy actually enjoys herself too… so it is great to have all the kids playing in the pool and enjoying the time together.

This weekend was very eventful!  Our 22nd wedding anniversary was Friday.  We cooked out and played in the water with the kids all evening.  I couldn’t imagine a better place to be or way to spend the evening.  Matt’s sister, Jane Ann, came from Dallas to stay the night and we had a “pool party” all day Saturday too.  We tentatively planned to go out to dinner Saturday night, but Matt had to work so it was another night at home.

My best friend from high school (hi Darla) had a birthday Saturday and I called her (in Louisiana!) to wish her happy birthday.  I expected to get her callnotes and just leave a “happy birthday” message, but she was home 🙂 …  She is pretty much the reason I am writing this blog post because she scolded me for slacking on updating my blog.

It was so hot all weekend, over 100!  Today I mowed the front yard and enjoyed riding the mower down to my dad’s to give him his father’s day card and gift.  The best part about the mowing was more pool time with everyone to cool off and then we finally did go to dinner to celebrate the whole 22 years thing :)…  We just went to Zio’s and ate way too much italian food, but YUM.  I actually had my entire meal boxed up to bring home because the bread, salad and starters were too much food.  Even Matt brought food home and that never happens.

The only thing I left out was Matt’s birthday last weekend, and a visit from his mom and John.  OH, and a cookout for matt and mom’s birthday we hosted that same weekend, but Matt was called to work so I got to have it anyway.

So needless to say I have a date with the gym and the park to run in the morning, but life is good… great family, friends, food and fun!  We are so blessed.

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Enjoyed the newsy update and all the happenings in your life. I’m trying to re=enter blogland on a more consistent basis. I just did not have time to read many blogs this last 9 months.

Susan – Penless Writer’s last blog post..FATHER’S DAY 2011

Susan – Penless Writer wrote on June 20, 2011 - 9:56 am
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