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What a crazy last couple of weeks.  I’ll start with last week… I had a doctor appointment that ended up being an all day event with more bloodwork, wind and a broken shoe.  I must say that I felt a little pride recalling my walk out of the blood lab bare foot when I was told it was Tom’s “one day without shoes,” day.  So in a weird way I was a part of that.  The real truth is I had no choice but to hobble out without shoes because walking in I tripped when the crazy wind blew my hair into my eyes and I missed a step.  My shoe basically fell apart to the point I could not even fake wearing it.  UGH.  Considering I am a huge germaphobe all I could think about was soaking my feet in bleach when I got home!  Ew.  The other bad part about that was they were my very favorite sandals.  Oh well.

The next day was Izzy’s (dreaded) orthopedic surgeon appt.   Have you ever scheduled an appointment at an earlier than realistic time thinking you would deal with it later and then when later comes you think, “what in the world was I thinking?”  This was day two of early morning rushing.  We actually made it to the hospital on time and I decided to make the most of the waiting room time by calling a pcp as directed by receptionist to get proper referral.  (The referral that was in place for a year had to be updated with newly assigned pcp from insurance which was a fun surprise for us 🙂 )  I stayed on my phone throughout the waiting room, into the private waiting room, even when they came to take her for x-rays I was being told I could not get this referral back dated without having brought her in.  UGH.  So, I refused to take her to x-ray until referral was secured.  It wasn’t like we were in the ER or something with an emergency and I knew we could reschedule if we needed to.  It was all just a big complicated mess which ended up working out and the referral was made.  X-rays were taken, Doctor was pleasant (which was a small miracle), and current back brace adjusted for comfort.  We ended up spending about fourish hours all over children’s hospital getting things taken care of including a crazy walk to the basement to pick up a cd of the x-rays for the orthotist off campus.  The results were as expected, I have eyes.  Her curvature has gotten greater, and Dr. H and I concurred the back brace is not doing it’s job.  UGH.

Thursday was Special Olympics in the city.  Day three of earlier than usual departures for us slowpoke girls.  Some mornings just don’t go like we plan and getting everything done takes a little longer.  Isabelle maybe slept 30 minutes the entire night.  I wasn’t sure if she was nervous about the special olympics or if she was nervous about the visit with the dr earlier that day.  Nevertheless, Izzy was a trooper and we made it with time to spare.  The Putnam City High School gymnasium was easy to find with the posters cheering on Izzy, Nathaniel and Ariona.  So cute.  I almost didn’t take her considering she was tired and thought maybe too cranky to enjoy the day.  She competed in two events, one was basically pushing a ball off the tray on her chair and the other was picking up blocks.  These were motor activities.  She was given a 1st place ribbon, a 2nd place ribbon, and a special olympics medal.  Our group had lunch together (Iz enjoyed coke and mashed potatoes with gravy).  We have a really fun and wonderful group of teachers, paras and parents.

Friday when Izzy was in OT with Barbara they took off her medal and ribbons (she wore to school as requested for show and tell in her 2nd grade class)… and she cried when they took them off.  They put them back on her and she stopped.  So I was once again glad we went and realized it did mean something to her to participate and receive awards.  Yay Izzy!

Fast forward past the weekend that was almost uneventful except for a short visit/hair day for Amanda and a trip to see Matt’s boss in the hospital …

Tuesday was FLO day at church which means I decorate, also did the books for the past month and had Izzy’s IEP on my schedule for the end of the day.  Something happened to my brain somewhere before 2 p.m. and I completely forgot the IEP.  I guess all that hard thinking to balance out the books just wiped my mental hard drive.  UGH.  I knew when I saw I had a text from Melanie that I had forgotten the IEP.  It’s not like a small thing to forget either, the entire team that works with Iz attends (teachers, therapists, principal, etc.)  I felt so incredibly stupid for missing this appointment.  Fortunately Isabelle’s teacher, Melanie, is  so kind that she assured me the next afternoon would be fine.  I still while typing this cannot believe I forgot that!  Anyway, I picked Iz up, ran back for more decorating, came home cooked dinner, fed iz and went back for flo until bedtime.  Whew… long day!

Wednesday we had an appointment with the orthotist who originally ordered the first back brace, Bill Barringer.  He is such a nice man.  You know dealing with doctors often you notice the ones who talk to you and listen to your questions, the ones who don’t rush you but encourage you to take your time to address any concerns.  It is refreshing.  Anyway, he agreed that the back brace wasn’t doing it’s job and that we were going to go a little more aggressive with the new one.  Praying that Isabelle will tolerate that well.  It should take a couple of weeks to get it made.  After that appointment Isabelle and I went for a little retail therapy before heading back.  I got a text from melanie about noon saying, “see you in 2 hours.”  I replied, “oh, was that today?” LOL!  Not like I’d forget the IEP again, right?

I used to dread IEP days.  It is generally a lot of information about what isn’t happening etc. but because we have such a positive group of people working with Isabelle it’s like  a brag session on how smart they all think she is!  It’s a time to look at goals set and achieved.  It was really nice to think back to last year’s IEP.  My brain knew we were preparing for the hip surgery so our main goals for this year were about getting up on the feet in the stander etc.  Using those new hips!  Isabelle has done that, thanks to Camilla’s diligence, and has really had a good year.  We have lists of books that she has been tested on for points, and have a general grade level of reading comprehension from these tests (2.1-3.1).  She will go to ESY (summer school) one day a week this summer for pt, ot and st.  Last year Summer was a capital S for SPICA cast!  So glad that cast is just a memory.

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday.  Me and my parents took him to lunch and then to the mall for a bit.  He acts like a 12 year old when we are all together, but I think overall he had a great time.

Amanda is doing well, she is at a retreat tonight so she’s not coming home.  She took a big government test today and thinks she did well.  She enrolled this week for next semester and is taking 17 hours including Anatomy.  She is going to be a busy girl!

Bailey has been going to play practice every night for the spring play.  He got a lead role and has tons of lines to learn in just a few short weeks.  He likes his character and the play a lot.  I’m excited to see it!   He took the ACT last weekend and we are waiting for the results, hope they are great!  We call him Mr. Science because of his computer skills … last week he made an internet radio with a router and a sound card that he controls with his cell phone.

Emelia just finished a quilt in home ec.  A real twin sized quilt!  I remember making an apron in home ec in 7th grade but never anything as ambitious as a quilt!  I give kudos to that teacher for attempting that with so many 12-13 year olds!  She brought the quilt home today and is very proud of it!

Tomorrow is the day for Mom’s sister lunch that she has been planning for months and months!  It is for her sisters and their daughters only.  She has planned it down to every tiny detail including each mother is wearing matching shirts with their daughters.  Mom and I went a couple of weeks ago to pick out our matching tops.  Our tastes are pretty different but we settled on a shirt we both liked well enough.  I’ll try to post a pic of us matching next week.  Emelia and Matt are on Izzy duty tomorrow so it should be a fun day for everyone!

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I just found your blog and I am just amazed, inspired and in awe of your story.
I also would like to comment that I had to laugh when I read “Have you ever scheduled an appointment at an earlier than realistic time thinking you would deal with it later and then when later comes you think, “what in the world was I thinking?”

I do the same, thinking if I get it over early in the day the better. I should really know better by now 🙂

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Shelley wrote on April 26, 2011 - 11:40 pm

Whoa ! What a hectic sched .. You’re a super mom ! Just enjoy your everyday routine especially with izzy .. Thank you for sharing your diary , very inspirational to a mum like me . Godbless to your family .

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Ursola wrote on October 5, 2011 - 7:44 am
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